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  1. Then Next Kamu and I will tell you the sleet line is racing north and northwest through much of Delaware County! Game On!!! Right after the Strong Feb Sun comes out today and temps down here cruise through the 50's to near 60.
  2. Media Delaware County 34 sleet to moderate snow now car topper expectations exceeded.
  3. I remember quite well! This storm would fit in nicely with this winter snow and sleet deep into the south in Alabama Georgia etc. Oh and a massive squall line of thunderstorms ripped through much of Florida causing a 3-4 foot storm surge on the west coast with many tornadoes too. We got 16” of snow in southern Pa followed by 2” of sleet then .25 of rain sun at 6:25 pm and a rainbow! I graduated high school three months later.
  4. I was in southern Delaware county where I was in Darby barely 1” before it flipped back and forth between snow and rain. Meanwhile in Media 7.4 miles WNW call it 3.2” in my part and almost 4” in Newtown Square 7 miles NW of Media. Elevation Elevation at work here along with the increasing sun angle.
  5. Why not a trademark of this winter!
  6. Oh look it's the February 7th 2021 storm we know how that worked out. That southeast ridge is going to push this northwest one more time. I remember Al Roker the Wednesday before Sunday February 7th say, "We have nothing to worry about this one is going out to sea".
  7. Looks like second wave is further east if you look at the radar it just missed good thing too because it would have likely all been freezing rain. It's bad enough with the freezing drizzle all night. We have crept up to 28 here with a dew point of 27. It is an absolute skating rink here in Media. Even my driveway where I threw down a generous supply of salt is very icy.
  8. Looks like a nasty little icing event for SE PA on the GFS. I mean right here in Media it never stopped we have light freezing rain everything is encased at 27 degrees.
  9. A couple of observations from Media. 27 very very fine light pixie dust flakes still guess freezing drizzle but there is a light white frosting on the cars were I cleared off. Is that ocean effect snow moving NE to SW across New Jersey from the north central coast down through Burlington County. The radar is starting to show our next wave down south of Washington towards Knoxville TN. See where that goes. See to our south winds have switched around to the NE again.
  10. Media 27 pixe dust flakes fine light slivers of snow frosting the cars white total snow and ice here 5.6” or so snow sleet beat down on paved 3.5”
  11. Media 26 sleet freezing rain sun trying to plow through the clouds.
  12. Media Delaware County we went up to 25 we have a 70% sleet 30% pure liquid now so freezing rain zero flakes what the hey hey!! Rain drops splashing against the windows freezing on contact immediately.
  13. True True definitely some big differences due to colder temps with ratios banding and sleet issues all combined to cause wild fluctuations in snow depth location to location down to the mile lol
  14. Media Delco heavy sleet 24 lost all the flakes sleet chunks ripping holes into the snow pack 5” about
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