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  1. 95L. Has a vigorous mid level low but low level and mid level lows pretty far apart maybe it can get to the islands and pull an Isaias and relocate its centers. You can clearly see the mid level circulation tuck under the thunderstorms at sun down out there.
  2. Chester Creek this morning way up still trees vegetation flattened and a lot of mud!!
  3. Looks like yes and the baroclinic zone that Isaias rode up was left behind #1 and #2 trough cold air aloft just to our west and #3 mesoscale lows running by.
  4. Chester Creek Delaware County to crest at 18.2 feet flood stage is at 7.5 feet. Chester Creek went basically at 3-4 feet to 18.2 feet in 5 hours. Wow!!
  5. 6.40” 6 miles to my southwest in 2.5 hours and an 89 mph wind gust reported at or near Wilmington Delaware serious flooding along Chester Creek in Delaware County Pa. looked like another mesoscale low 2nd in 2 days.
  6. .40” here in Media this morning a very loud bang of thunder lightning moderate rain some briefly heavy 73 right now dew point 67
  7. Thanks we got smacked here in Media 7.57” peak gusts 53 or so.
  8. Do we have final rain totals and wind peak wind gusts from the National Weather Service yet?
  9. 7.57” of rain in Media Delaware County center just passed over top. Highest wind gusts so far 45 or so. Winds were zero picking up again NW.
  10. Tremendous rains here 2.76” so far in Media Delaware County.
  11. Yep trough showing up nicely on radar in western Virginia that will move east after Isaias moves north that band coming through DC outer edges of Isaias and now transitioning to overrunning up here in Pennsylvania we’ve had dew points in the lower to mid 60s all day with cobalt blue skies dew point was 62 at 8 am now it’s 67 and climbing totally cloudy here now with a light south wind which was NW.
  12. Overrunning the frontal boundary from yesterday is pushing westbound opening the door for Isaias.
  13. Berks County up here in Pa picked up 6.61” of rain in 4 hours yesterday early morning watch out there!!
  14. This is its last chance to develop also may be feeling the trough now too.