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  1. Wow! Seems like you’re rising super fast!
  2. You’ll probably be spot on here in the torrington area. We have about 1.5 otg and probably another 1.5 or so to go before the changeover.
  3. Are those areas of sleet moving up the river valleys? That’s kind of cool if that’s the case. I see it with the ct and Naugatuck/hoosy valleys in particular.
  4. Do snow maps take into account elevation at all? The maps in nwct make no sense. It shows Torrington getting the same/more then place like north goshen and colebrook that are way higher up then here.
  5. temp is rising here 2 degrees in about 45 mins
  6. Just based off of events in the past I think Winsted will be about the line with this one. Seems like all these mixed bag events really start falling off south of there. The oct storm sticks out to me the most. Winsted got a foot+ and torrington only got around 4-6 inches depending on where in town u were. We got a bit more here in the hilltop.
  7. Owner of a small company unfortunately. I have a couple guys but they don’t really plow. They just shovel.
  8. Yeah I’m only truly worried about my commercial account. Which is a 22 house homeowners association. I do the driveways and the road. It’s a 65 and older community and they have all the time in the world to complain so I have to make sure they are all happy all the time haha.
  9. It a rare day when I don't want it to snow but being a plow driver with covid right now really has me rooting for rain. All my accounts are in the torrington area. Can anyone tell me if you think all the snow that falls will be washed away at least on paved surfaces? I dont think i can even sit in a plow truck for 30 mins right now never mind my full route that takes about 8 hours.
  10. Light to mod snow in Torrington. Heavy coating.
  11. Seems like you’re about to get into a pretty good band. It’s early right? So is this bonus snow or maybe the storm will be early in and early out?
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