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  1. Millennial kid of April Fools obs and pics

    Snowing here too
  2. Jan 23/24 2016 obs/nowcast - the fight for the North

    Surprisingly solid snowfall so far, probably moderate. Getting a decent coating, we'll see what happens but I'm figuring 3" would be nice.
  3. Yes, it appears the one takeaway from today's runs is a sharpening of the gradient on the northern edge. Looks like anyone 30-50 miles or so south of the gradient is going to get hammered overnight into tomorrow morning.
  4. Super Snow Sunday 2/15-Party Like it's 1717

    I'm guessing he's talking about yesterday's because there's no way it's out to 96 yet for today.
  5. January 26-28 Blizzard Observations/Nowcast

    Yeah, believe so. The band was very impressive earlier overnight and this morning.
  6. January 26-28 Blizzard Observations/Nowcast

    Much better intensity out here the last 20 minutes or so, be interesting to see if ORH gets close to their record. Certainly think given the band from earlier this morning that we'll end up in that area in Shrewsbury.
  7. January 26-28 Blizzard Observations/Nowcast

    I live there, I haven't measured but we've been sitting under that band for hours so not shocked.
  8. Wednesday/Night Storm Obs

    Just flipped in Shrewsbury, snow's relatively light but expect it to pick up.
  9. Thanksgiving Week Storm (Wed/Wed night)

    Was originally going 8-12 in Shrewsbury but that's probably too high with the sleet, thinking maybe 6-10. I'll still say we get 9 but it's going to have to do it quickly.
  10. 11/26-27/2014 Coastal Storm Banter

    I feel pretty good in Shrewsbury, probably ping a bit towards the end. I'm going 8-12 and am just enjoying having a storm in late November.
  11. Jan 21/22 winter storm Obs

    Yeah, agree. I'm on route 9 near the Northborough line and it's been coming down pretty nicely.
  12. December 14/15 winter storm threat part II

    I still feel pretty good about 6-10 in my area, surprised by the amount of mid-level warming that is forecast to occur overnight but that happens with a secondary track the way it is in December. I doubt I'll see any plain rain but ZR/IP for a few hours looks like a good bet.
  13. December 14/15 winter storm threat part II

    I'm fairly satisfied with my location, certainly couldn't complain last year. I'd probably say 6-10 here although it could be higher, we'll just have to see if/when the pingers arrive.
  14. March 6th-8th Ocean Storm Obs

    Just saw the latest PNS showing 20" in Shrewsbury, seems pretty accurate here. Might make a run at 2', I thought we'd be lucky if we hit 10" but looks like I was wrong, definitely not complaining it's been a very tough forecast.
  15. Feb 8-9th Blizzard Thread

    I don't know where that thing comes from but I like it. 47.8" for Shrewsbury, obviously overdone but I see us in the 20-30" range.