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  1. Yes, also looking at the ICU numbers is a good barometer of where they are. Makes sense, they were about 2-3 weeks ahead of us so hopefully they'll be a good barometer of how loosening restrictions works out.
  2. Spain generally reports about 2-3x a day during the week, I think they release their final numbers at the end of the day EDT but I agree that they should still be lower than yesterday. They definitely are past their peak which was about 7000 cases/900 deaths daily.
  3. Rough day for the UK, illustrates what we're talking about in that they changed their minds too late it looks like.
  4. Spain posted their final numbers of the day, 7846 cases / 913 deaths. Although not their highest case numbers, that was their highest death toll so far. Makes sense as their curve had been running a bit behind Italy so hoping that things will get better their later this week.
  5. Italy reported 4050 cases / 812 deaths. That's their best day for new cases since March 17th so that may be more definitive now that it's been coming down the last three days. Deaths will likely remain elevated for a bit as their intensive care numbers continue to increase but that should hopefully start coming down later this week.
  6. One thing I keep watching is their serious/critical cases. It's a bit over 3700 now, it keeps increasing about 100-150 each day. Obviously exact level of testing is unknown at this point but watching that number can give some hint on potential fatalities. I think until that starts coming down they will be at high risk.
  7. I think I read something that they were concerned about it spreading to the South where the facilities aren't as robust, guess we'll have to see how they do this week.
  8. Italy: 4789 new cases, 601 new deaths so that's two days in a row in the right direction although still high. Looks like Spain is heading for peak right now in the next day or so if it wasn't today.
  9. Yeah, I was just taking deaths/cases. Obviously this will change as we progress but they are such an outlier that you can't help noticing. Spain coming up too, I believe they're over 6% now. Hopefully we never get anywhere near those numbers but obviously ~1% at our population will be noteworthy.
  10. Yes, will be interesting to see next few days. Their current mortality rate is 9.25% which is crazy, hopefully that will come down if they don't have to triage so much.
  11. WA State up to 148 cases and 9 deaths from today so not sure that they're over it. Sometimes there's a decent day sandwiched in the upward trend, hopefully more of those will start to occur.
  12. I just moved to Southern California for work and while the weather is amazing here, it's still fun to track storms back east. Hopefully one of these late season storms work out.
  13. Thanks, ironically I'm flying to MSP and they're getting the storm tonight and into tomorrow morning so I'm weighing that. I'd think they're pretty good at clearing snowing there but obviously safety is tops.
  14. I have a flight at Logan at 2:20 PM tomorrow. Do we think that's still a go or should I try to move it up?
  15. Nice, I was waiting for an update. Someone on NWS reported 13.4" but that seemed low, looks like we'll make 20" here. I suppose sitting under this band for 5 hours didn't hurt.