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  1. Yeah I see this being a big issue in the last couple of cycles on some of the guidance. I thought the s/w looked better through about hr 60 or so on the Euro vs 0z (haven't seen 6z) but there's a bit more confluence to the NE as well as that system slamming into the PAC NW which wasn't there a couple of days ago. Combined, they lead to it getting stretched an then damped out pretty quick afterwards.
  2. I just moved to Southern California for work and while the weather is amazing here, it's still fun to track storms back east. Hopefully one of these late season storms work out.
  3. Thanks, ironically I'm flying to MSP and they're getting the storm tonight and into tomorrow morning so I'm weighing that. I'd think they're pretty good at clearing snowing there but obviously safety is tops.
  4. I have a flight at Logan at 2:20 PM tomorrow. Do we think that's still a go or should I try to move it up?
  5. Nice, I was waiting for an update. Someone on NWS reported 13.4" but that seemed low, looks like we'll make 20" here. I suppose sitting under this band for 5 hours didn't hurt.
  6. Yeah I'm on the edge here but we're doing pretty well. Brief lull earlier but going strong now.
  7. Sticking to the pavement now, saw a big difference driving from work in Marlborough to Shrewsbury once I went up the hill on route 9. Surprised that a bit SE of here was mixing but it shouldn't last long.
  8. Thanks, might be worth riding the line. Definitely would've been toast at my old place in Brookline no question there.
  9. I'm wondering if I'm ok out here even. I have an extra 100' but didn't see this much of tick west this close in coming. At least I'll see snow this time, last storm was definitely humbling.
  10. Heard the same thing on the news on a couple of stations here, fast mover. Not saying it lasts forever but this is not in and out in 9 hours.
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