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Hurricane Ian


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11 minutes ago, StormChaser4Life said:

I feel like Cuba may disrupt Ian more than NHC is anticipating esp since it still seems to be trying to get fully organized. It's pretty close but that topography can really disrupt an inner core and Ian's has really been one that took a long time to come together. I could be wrong but just a hunch. 

Wouldn’t this cause the wind field to expand even larger? Loss of a little speed while increasing the eye size? 

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2 minutes ago, Floydbuster said:

I'd rather it become a Cat 4 now and weaken rather than take two days and peak right before landfall. That's what happened with Hurricane Michael. He screwed around so much taking his sweet old time being sheared that by the time he intensified, it was too late to weaken before landfall.

And peaking just before landfall seems to be an unfortunate theme the last few years for some odd reason.

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