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  1. Not a meteorologist here but models do not take into account historical data even though forecasters do. If models did so, few would have gotten Hurricane Sandy right 10 years ago. The problem is that weather pattern are changing and what once was a 1 in 100 year storm could be down to 1 in 25 year occurrence. Tampa has dodged many storms so risk is always there.
  2. Any thoughts on East Coast DC-NYC experiencing tropical remnants?
  3. Isn’t that the truth. 80s roll thru most of September now. Back when I was growing up in NOVA in the 1980s, we cooled off into the 60s and 70s around September 10-15. Summer will probably last thru October in the not too distant future.
  4. Summer seems to be lasting well into October these days.
  5. David Tolleris, a meteorologist from Richmond, Virginia who runs wxrisk.com. He used to post regularly on these boards.
  6. DT just went bonkers for hurricane season based on Euro seasonal forecast. Actually said get vacation insurance late July-September rentals. It’s all on his Facebook page.
  7. Superstorm 1993 also happened on a Saturday. 13 inches out here in Clifton, Virginia. I doubt we get close to that but 6 would be special storm.
  8. Are you the same PT from the January 1996 blizzard? If so, a pleasure to see you post on this board. That was the first true storm of Internet era.
  9. Well this franchise doesn’t deserve to be called Redskins anymore. Save that for the 3 time Super Bowl champs of ‘82, ‘87, ‘91.
  10. Has Chicago ever had a lake effect enhanced snowstorm a la Cleveland or Buffalo? I went to school up at Northwestern and remember the 20+ inch storm in January 1999 but no real lake effect machine up in Evanston.
  11. Having been in high school when two ice storms hit DC area in January 1994, I can tell you I want no part of that again. Snowstorm or bust!
  12. Damn right we loved snow growing up. Double Whammy January 1987 snowstorms and March 93 Superstorm got me into the hobby. The Internet allowed us to live our hobby in real time starting with tracking January 1996 blizzard.
  13. I’m fearful we’re going to pitch a near shutout. The only time things started this slowly and recovered in a big way was Feb. 11-12, 2006. One inch of snow in daytime followed by long lull, thunder snow breaking out midnight, wake up to find a foot of snow on ground and tree down on driveway.
  14. So jealous I will miss out since I left northern NJ four years ago. Boxing Day Blizzard 12/26/2010 was my all time favorite storm to track and here’s hoping this one exceeds it and approaches February 1978 levels.
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