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  1. Which would also be the 100 year anniversary of the Knickerbocker Storm of 1922 which blew roof off DC Theater killing dozens of people.
  2. It’s supposedly the largest documented storm to hit DC and Virginia. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson claimed in their diaries that snow reached a depth of 3 feet region wide. Hard to verify this though.
  3. The Boxing Day Blizzard. I was living in northern New Jersey at the time, and if I remember correctly it was the 12z GFS on 12/24 which provided a miracle after many had given up. Awesome storm 20 inches of snow!
  4. I am already at 15 inches on the season here in Fairfax. Hell I didn’t even think I would see 15 flakes this winter which was written off by many.
  5. Yes it was the second snowstorm to hit in three days in DC-Double Whammy. I was in third grade and we missed two weeks of school. Don’t remember Feb.’83 so this was my first snowstorm of memory.
  6. I’m in that band in southwestern Fairfax County approaching 3 inches.
  7. Hey it got Feb. 11-12, 2006 correct before other models caught on.
  8. In many ways, the angst and anticipation is the excitement to the event. That infamous storm from 21 years ago still makes us bitter, but the ebbs and flows of the experience make this hobby worthwhile to us weenies.
  9. The only legit ice storms I remember in DC proper were January 1994.
  10. March 1993 was a 13 inch snowstorm western DC ‘burbs Fairfax to Dulles. I believe National was around 7 inches before mix and changeover. That storm was certainly a classic Nor’easter up and down the coast.
  11. No just a guy lurking on the boards for 20 years through Midwest and Northeast winters.
  12. 12 inches of snow here on the season right outside DC in a winter where many of us were expecting a ‘97-98 redux. Enjoy it and let the angst go.
  13. 1996 blizzard was the first real Internet storm. The old AOL dial up forecasts from SNONUT and PTRAVEL. I was a senior in high school and could not believe the 18-24 inches forecast but they certainly verified.
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