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  1. 2 feet of flood waters in a house isn’t as photo worthy for the media
  2. Think the gauge is broken. Quit updating
  3. Could be a gauge malfunction. the one in Naples stopped reporting about 1PM today.
  4. Worse for Ft Myers south also. Bonita Springs, Naples, Marco, Pelican Bay.
  5. Katrina, Sandy, Harvey in that order. This may fall as #4.
  6. Is it just me or is it heading just west of north? It has been a long day and I may be seeing things. may be just directly north over the entire radar presentation.
  7. Wasn’t out of the realm of possibility especially given the 0Z GFS. Landfall looks closer to Manasota Key now than Punta Gorda.
  8. Eyeball replacement cycle occurred and you are worried about 5 knots when the storm surge just rose 2-4 feet in Marco Island? The IKE has increased and will continue to do so until landfall. I don’t think 7MPH means much now.
  9. HWRF and HMON always seem to overdo pressure drops.
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