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  1. Some thundah reports out in PA with this slug of cold rain. These dreary days are the absolute worst.
  2. On every run of the ECMWF weeklies in the extended range
  3. At least we won't have dead brush spontaneously combusting like last year
  4. RGEM isn't far off from another soaker too. Really, really not a fan of these Thursday - Saturday rain events over the last few weeks.
  5. HRRR was god awful with the northern extent...how much do you think you have OTG now?
  6. Any obs from around West Milford or Greenwood Lake? I've heard rumors of coatings to basically nothing. Some clarity would be nice lol
  7. Anyone seeing any freezing drizzle this AM?
  8. It's the Custom CWOP/APRS Stations from AllisonHouse
  9. Anyone seeing anything from the junk near HGR? Would appreciate some obs (if possible)
  10. 15 and 97 both had a similar decline, so really not sure what's the culprit here
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