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  1. It's the Custom CWOP/APRS Stations from AllisonHouse
  2. Anyone seeing anything from the junk near HGR? Would appreciate some obs (if possible)
  3. 15 and 97 both had a similar decline, so really not sure what's the culprit here
  4. 12z Canadian ensembles as well
  5. And now the HRRR is absolutely nuts as well. Ton of divergence aloft with convection rolling in from the coast
  6. EPS is absolutely JUICED for Friday now, with high probs of >2" and even some 4"+! Rather concerning uptick
  7. 12z HREF shows some pretty impressive totals already for Friday morning. FFG is really low from this weekend so I'm starting to get a little concerned for at least some pockets of poor drainage and perhaps stream/creek flooding.
  8. I was mainly referring to the track and speed when it was near the area, but yes. You are right!
  9. End of the HRRR was gearing up for a pretty decent flooding event across the NYC metro on Friday. Kind of like a Norlun...but with 1.6" PWATS
  10. 38th anniversary of Gloria Extremely similar track to Irene back in 2011
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