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  1. I'd hedge a guess that the window for significant intensification is closing for Ian. The EWRC will likely continue through tonight and shear will likely be on a sharp increase by that time. Obviously, the surge and rainfall threats remain rather high.
  2. That's going to be a rather large eye IF it's able to successfully complete the cycle.
  3. GRLevel2. The lightning is from a placefile.
  4. Agreed. I think we may also be witnessesing the first stages of an attempted EWRC.
  5. Stupid amount of lightning in the northern eyewall
  6. Pressure down to 955 and winds up to 120 as of 2 PM
  7. Not great to see the eye already on the right side of the track
  8. Could be winds from coming down from the mountains on the backside.
  9. The overall presentation remains rather incredible.
  10. ADT is an algorithm. We literally have recon in the storm right now. Stop.
  11. Pretty substantial amount of lightning continues within the core of the storm.
  12. (Just in case anyone else is reading this) Please, do NOT consult this thread (or any) to make decisions whether or not to evacuate. I'm begging you guys to listen to your county/local emergency management officials for all storm related information.
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