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  1. This was at 45 mph this time yesterday. Insane.
  2. And now we're up 60 knots since 8am yesterday...
  3. Heck of a burst in the southern eyewall
  4. Recon is finally departing. Looks like we'll have a fix in a few hours.
  5. Convection really exploding in the northern portion of the circulation. Banding has improved considerably as well.
  6. They may be overestimating the amount of shear coming from Gamma. It's really hard to see this not blowing up.
  7. Delta is really starting to get that "look" to it this morning. Will be interesting to see if it can take advantage of the favorable conditions ahead..
  8. Recon now reports that the eye is closed and only 6nm wide
  9. VDM has 994mb with no eye available. This is why its not appropriate to run around saying this is rapidly intensifying.
  10. Pressure up a bit on the latest pass with winds in the 55-60 knot range. Would be nice to get a decent NE quad pass to see if this is actually a hurricane.
  11. Last VDM had the eye down to 4nm but still open to the SW We'll see how long Marco can hold up against the shear and dry air to it's west.
  12. Recon not finding any impressive pressure readings so far. Still might be an open wave at this point.
  13. Looks like the GFS wants to bring down another TUTT ahead of the system behind 97L and shear/land interaction eventually kill the system off. Pretty notable changes with regards to TCG in general, but we're still a long ways out from knowing is this has a shot at surviving past the islands. 97L should have a pretty decent environment in the Western Caribbean later this week, but we'll see it if it can slow down to take advantage of it.
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