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  1. This was at 45 mph this time yesterday. Insane.
  2. And now we're up 60 knots since 8am yesterday...
  3. Heck of a burst in the southern eyewall
  4. Recon is finally departing. Looks like we'll have a fix in a few hours.
  5. Convection really exploding in the northern portion of the circulation. Banding has improved considerably as well.
  6. They may be overestimating the amount of shear coming from Gamma. It's really hard to see this not blowing up.
  7. Delta is really starting to get that "look" to it this morning. Will be interesting to see if it can take advantage of the favorable conditions ahead..
  8. Bunch of unflagged hurricane force winds now. Pressure has also tanked
  9. With 3"/hr rain rates? Those are contaminated.
  10. Yeah, these low-level bands are getting interesting.
  11. Down to 990mb per the latest dropsonde Big drop from this AM
  12. Recon now reports that the eye is closed and only 6nm wide