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  1. Looks like the center may be bouncing around based on recon and radar. There is a little convective burst over the center, so we'll see how this pans out.
  2. Agreed. Outflow still looks respectable on the southern side of the circulation this morning, so it's really going to come down to home much core convection can develop.
  3. Certainly going to be interesting to see if she can form a coherent core tonight.
  4. Oh I know. Just trying to find the best product to illustrate the surge threat and I certainly didn't want to post the max wave height product with its ludicrous 70 foot wave output
  5. Surge threat appears to be pretty substantial given the "broad" nature of the system
  6. Not too shocked, but very helpful information
  7. Extrapolated pressures down to 998mb with peak SFMR winds around 48 knots just west of the 18z position.
  8. Looks like we might get an actual center fix from recon soon if this doesn't move inland
  9. Radar supports visible sat as well