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  1. First center fix has weak winds on the western side of the center and an extrapolated pressure of 991.6mb Definitely has some work to do today
  2. Could be looking at a 60 knot storm at 11pm
  3. Should slow down a bit tomorrow. Fast storm motion could be a detriment if it keeps up.
  4. Those wind gust maps have been known to be a little too over zealous. Still impressive though
  5. Certainly unusual, but I guess things have changed recently. Sounds like they both have clearance according to the twitters.
  6. Agreed. There are some pretty tall towers going up right now so hopefully we can capture what kind of shape the core is in. Additionally, I *think* we may have data from the tail mounted doppler radar being processed for the 00z HWRF.
  7. Definitely sucks, but hopefully they'll still be in once the center moves back over water. Real interesting recon missions start tomorrow morning.
  8. Dropsonde data is ingested into the model but there has not been a pass through the center in quite some time. The GFS appears to be too excited with intensity considering it has the storm in the 980's by tomorrow morning.
  9. I'm sorry, but do you even know what you're talking about? They haven't completed a center fix in several hours.
  10. Not expected to become a hurricane until tomorrow night per the 5pm discussion
  11. Radar in Cuba just went down. Have to wait until recon gets in for a good fix.
  12. Might have some slight issues with dry air still on the western side. 5pm discussion will be interesting to read
  13. Hard to tell. Cayman and Cuban radars are hard to access due to all the new traffic
  14. Also, we've had a C5 cane every season since 2016. I think we can skip this one.
  15. The only way that it survived was because it was "sloppy" If this was small and compact when it hit the islands we wouldn't be talking about it right now. I highly, highly doubt this reaches that intensity, but it doesn't need to cause extreme impacts along the coast.
  16. Some dry air noted on the western side of the circulation from the GOES RGB airmass product
  17. Upper-level environment looks excellent on the GFS by 48 hours. Dual-outflow channel and crazy instability via 31C waters...