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Record heat potential  to start astronomical fall next week. The Euro, GFS, and GEM agree that low to mid 90s will be possible. It would be the most impressive late season heat since 2019.

Newark Area, NJ
Period of record: 1931-01-01 through 2022-09-12

9/20 92 in 1983 88 in 1946 87 in 1985
9/21 90 in 1940 88 in 1998 88 in 1980
9/22 94 in 1970 93 in 1931 92 in 1980
9/23 94 in 1970 93 in 2019 93 in 1959
9/24 92 in 2017 92 in 1959 89 in 1970
9/25 91 in 1970 90 in 2017 90 in 2010+
9/26 90 in 2007 90 in 1958 88 in 1970
9/27 91 in 1998 89 in 1933 88 in 2017
9/28 87 in 2014 86 in 2019 85 in 1954+
9/29 89 in 1945 83 in 1959 82 in 2015+
9/30 89 in 1986 85 in 1954 82 in 1960+
10/1 85 in 1986 85 in 1950 84 in 2019+
10/2 96 in 2019 86 in 2013 86 in 2002+





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Morning thoughts…

It will be variably cloudy. Showers and thundershowers are possible.  High temperatures will reach the lower and middle 80s in most of the region. Likely high temperatures around the region include:

New York City (Central Park): 82°

Newark: 84°

Philadelphia: 84°

Much cooler air will arrive late in the week.


New York City: 30-Year: 77.4°; 15-Year: 77.8°

Newark: 30-Year: 78.8°; 15-Year: 79.5°

Philadelphia: 30-Year: 80.0°; 15-Year: 80.5°

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Only rained heavy for about 10 minutes here on the South Shore of Nassau County but it was the heaviest rain in a couple months.
Same here in SW Suffolk... a real downpour for 5 minutes... Probably approaching .4" for the evening...

By far the wettest day in months...

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Will update either at 830A or 5P... but drought alleviating rains have further occurred excepting parts of LI... you may want to  stay tuned on LI as well for this afternoon. There is more to come today after the early morning batch ends.  



after another probably drier than normal spell of weather over the next 6-10 days 14th to possibly24th, I think we'll be looking at tropical moisture advancing north or northeastward (GMEX-east coast the last 5-6 days of the month).  How that plays still tbd..., but drought monitor almost certainly has to show improvement when it posts Thursday. 

BDR monthly CLI may  become interesting to review after we wrap up today. 

Have a day.

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1 minute ago, jm1220 said:

At this point you just have to laugh. Probably 1” here maybe a little under. Way more about 20 mins west of me. 

Only .16 since Monday at the Wantagh mesonet.

6 hours: 0.16″
1 day: 0.16″


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There was a TORNADO WARNING till 5am.       Anyone note anything?     CI was mentioned, but I slept through whatever it was.

The next 8 days are averaging  75degs.(67/84) or +6.

Month to date is  73.8[+1.5].      Should be 74.3[+3.3] by the 21st.

HW from the 18-26?       Little new rains after today for the duration.      EURO loaded up with 90's too.      What's Up?    The T....You Idiot.



Reached 84 here yesterday.

Today:   77-83, wind w., clearing late, 65 tomorrow.

72*(95%RH) here at 7am.     76* at 9am.      78* at 10am.       79* at Noon.      80* at 1pm.      82*(78%RH) at 3pm, feels like 88*.       85*(74%RH) at 5pm,  feels like 94*.        Reached 86*(62%RH) at 5:30pm, feels like 92*.       75*(45%RH) at 9pm.


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Only .16 since Monday at the Wantagh mesonet.
6 hours: 0.16″
1 day: 0.16″

Good for wantagh at least they got something.
Here in Lynbrook, not even a drop.
Heading into another extend dry period. I guess we will be adding to the dead tree count around here. Good thing i watered my plants last night, as I had a feeling this repeating pattern would continue

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25 minutes ago, s2sailorlis said:

I was shocked to see my rain gauge at 1.5" here in Fairfield. 5" toatal since last week.  Hopefully Aquarion reservoirs are filling up.  

Are you down by the beach area? I'm on the Easton line Looked like a bit less there but still impressive...

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72 / 71 0.81 in the bucket since Sun (9/11).  Humid with more pop up stroms later today before the front clears later tonight and overnight.  Drier / cooler Wed (9/14) - Fri (9/16).   Ridge begins to develop into the Eastern US by the weekend.  Warmer Sat (9/17) with late season strong warm up and heat for the area between Sun (9/18) and into the following week Fri (9/23).  90s to perhaps mid 90s for the warmer spots.  Overall warm last 10 days of the month beyond 9/21, there is some tropical activity returning on the latest forecasts by the way beyond into 9/26 period.  Overall warm and a chance to rack up some late season 90s for the area.

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4 minutes ago, Brian5671 said:

Are you down by the beach area? I'm on the Easton line Looked like a bit less there but still impressive...

Off Fairfield Woods Road and Morehouse HWY.  I have a cheapie $10 Accurite funnel gauge, so not sure how accurate...  plus it's probably not placed in most optimal area.

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