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  1. T & L in Brightwaters. Absolutely pouring
  2. 4 slightly used(~ 4 minutes) eclipse glasses for sale. Best offers only
  3. Also here in brightwaters
  4. Swarm of locusts in brightwaters
  5. Snowing nicely, but the death band seemingly sliding under most of LI. 2” at most is likely
  6. It went great with a little gravy. Total mashed potatoes
  7. Ok I misunderstood your post. I thought you were saying that you got 16” on Tuesday.
  8. Aren’t you on north shore? 16” is crazy , considering I had maybe 5” here in Brightwaters. Maybe I read it wrong
  9. This could be a better event for the south shore than Tuesday. Maybe not total accum, but much better ratios. Won’t waste qpf to rain either
  10. In jest, I’ll kick off the next stage radar looks like crap bust feel free to add
  11. You start to believe that the dynamics are legit when Upton mentions thunder in their forecast
  12. When should Upton put up a warning or a WAA for the island?
  13. Awful visual. Think I just threw up a little in my mouth
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