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  1. Is it May or January? Big time thunder in brightwaters
  2. Zero was my call for NYC Metro back when the predict snowfall totals thread was created. Based solely on stirring the pot, which it did. Back to back wins
  3. I’d take a hard frost(TWSS) at this point. The media would be in hysterics. Once in a lifetime frost!
  4. Oh look it’s raining
  5. No problem outperforming the models when it’s liquid.
  6. Pouring, and 52 in brightwaters. Yay winter!
  7. I had zeroes across the board for most of the area! I can’t wait for my free dinner.
  8. Rain has commenced in Brightwaters. Temp 47. Light breeze
  9. Yup. Yawn. Don’t forget never ending muddy paw prints
  10. Hard to call it winter with such warmth and liquid precipitation
  11. Break out the shorts! Well maybe not, but it’s not going to feel like winter, still
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