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August Discussion/Obs


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1 hour ago, STILL N OF PIKE said:

This weather is plain dangerous if you work outside In direct sunlight  . My friend who does tree work got moderate heat exhaustion last week . These guys drink  12 bottles of water by 130pm and still got chills , puked and could barely stay awake to get home to take a cold bath 


97 ASH H.I 106

It’s only fun if you’re submerged neck deep in water. Nobody sane enjoys working outside in this. 

The great news is prolonged coc returns later in the week. Even Wed we step down to more manageable dews.

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1 hour ago, OceanStWx said:

It raced through Casco Bay but looks like it's getting hung up on Lava Rock. Almost like the Tolland Massif, it has to bend around rather than go over.

Looks like it’s “catching up” now…maybe coming in a little faster a hair aloft? 

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5 hours ago, tamarack said:

For most of NNE, Irene is the only impactful TC since Floyd.  We got 4" from Irene but little wind, while Floyd dumped nearly 6" and had gusts into the 40s here, our most recent siggy wind from a TC.
Our white birch is beginning to shed, as is usual by early August.  Can't recall the black birch in NNJ dropping leaves early and we're north of its range here.

A pic from my woods. It's definitely early for the black Birch. A few are actually dying from the drought. No canopy anymore because of all the dead oaks. If we get winter moths or gypsy moths next spring it could get ugly.


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19 minutes ago, Damage In Tolland said:

Lol. Where are you seeing this? It’s humid until Friday and comes back next week . AC’s on sleeves off 

Dews straddling 60 wed into thur like your nights out at the dilf bar. Nice step step down before the full fledge coc penetrates your swamped fanny on Friday removing the built up toilet paper. 

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