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  1. One match and my neighborhood will go up like an ammonium nitrate cache in Beirut. So damn dry.
  2. Cool old reels of '38 damage. Not labeled but I think the footage around 13-14 minutes is the Thimble Islands area.
  3. I wish James was still around. He'd probably be going nuts talking about the Gulf Stream and explosive deepening and Harwich, MA seeing major hurricane conditions.
  4. Need some homebrew to break this pattern. My hydrangeas are toast.
  5. I found a giant wasp nest about 18” from the ground yesterday. Big winter incoming?
  6. This was a superb video about the freakish event that was the 5/31/85 outbreak.
  7. Haven't seen a drop down here either. Cell missed north by less than a mile yesterday, but that was as close as we've been. Bone dry.
  8. Same. Just missed north. Ditto for the storms last night. Infuriating!
  9. Goddamit, gonna get Steined again. Storms going just north.
  10. Brother had a great storm in Berlin, Ma. Power out.
  11. Long live summer! Neighbor has a great band jamming on his dock. 25 boats anchored, probably 100+ on the beach. Highlight so far was “Downeaster Alexa”.
  12. I’m seeing that CB from the south. Whole bunch of stuff pancaking against the tropopause.
  13. Guessing 81-83 on Fishers with a fresh wind out of the SW. Gorgeous day.
  14. Looked like fun from a distance.
  15. Some nice little cells popping across the water.
  16. Overcast with periodic drizzle on Fishers. Even a little chilly with the east breeze today.
  17. Good! I'm told the monarchs are going back on the endangered list sadly.
  18. Looks like wild grape vines? That stuff is everywhere down here, along with Virginia Creeper. Grows so fast and a pain to get rid of. Good luck!
  19. Silly question, but what's generating the swells? I don't see any significant storms in the basin.
  20. Just can't squeeze a drop out these days. And I'm not talking about an inflamed prostate.
  21. The Severe Thunderstorm Enervation and Inhibition Node in CT is holding strong once again.
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