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  1. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    So you're thinking this isn't going to be another voodoo block? Feel we've been burned so many times on this since 2010.
  2. Man, that sunrise is a hall of famer. Absolutely gorgeous orange and pink lighting up the white tracery on the trees.
  3. Glad someone picked up on it. Also, Scott's been getting into the Bissell Bros...
  4. I'd say heaviest of the event coming in now. Huge flakes that will stack fast.
  5. Ten report in Jersey in the NYC forum. Great snow growth here too.
  6. Pasting everything. It's beautiful.
  7. 2.7", most since Jan 4th. That is sad.
  8. Up at the low end of Ryan's forecast already here. Hopeful we bust high. It's really dumping.
  9. Is that snow down there? That's a sick band. I just assumed they were sleet.
  10. Thumping nicely here now. Looks like a bit over an inch.
  11. Hope so. Been away all day. Euro looked juiced up and frankly the radar seems to corroborate.
  12. We snow. Ryan thinks I flip to rain tonight. Would be in keeping with the general tenor of this season so far.
  13. Sunday the 18th ... storm idea/early thoughts...

    I'd have to look back through the obs thread to be certain, but I'd swear there were several reports from the Blue Hills/Milton area of 30" before it shut off. That was a special event...as was the blizzard...and the SWFE on roids...and mid-level magic...