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  1. That approach worked like a charm in Charlestown, MA. A lot of multi-millionaire townies cashing out over there in the last decade.
  2. So lush and green out there. We really do droughts differently here in SNE.
  3. Can anyone explain to me why Bill Hwang is still a free man? You would think defrauding a half dozen banks to the tune of billions would be enough to warrant a warrant, but apparently not.
  4. Tornado ravaged Hamden, CT is still relatively cheap, mainly because our town finances and property taxes are a disaster.
  5. I did work for a PE shop that involved delisted companies a long time ago. I had lunch with our counsel one day in my first week and I still remember something he said about the Pink Sheets we targeted, but which could just as easily be ascribed to Wall Street generally. He said, "We operate in a pretty dark corner of the market. You need to think about these target companies the way Obi Wan thought about Mos Eisley: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."
  6. Interest rates pegged close to zero for over a decade breaks a lot of things.
  7. Every house in my neighborhood that goes on the market gets snapped up quickly, renovated and flipped. It's like we're back in the 2005-6 days when this is considered a sure fire way to get rich.
  8. Lots of people may sadly end up leveraged and underwater at some point in the coming years. ...Or maybe we go full Wiemar and their two bedroom makes them paper trillionaires...
  9. It is crazy. And the Fed/Treasury know this, but have clearly backed themselves into a corner. Note how quickly Yellen reversed her comments about raising rates to combat inflation when the market dropped a measly 2% yesterday. The stock/credit/real estate markets have become so bubbly, and so much individual savings/wealth has been thrown into them and other nonsense like shitcoins, that they are now a significant risk to the economy if they falter. The Fed has no choice but to promise zero rates and more emergency QE even though the economy is growing at an almost unheard of rate and showing signs of overheating.
  10. Pretty much. I wonder how many little guys get overexcited and dump their savings into one of these coins, only to get wrecked. I'd bet it's a surprising number.
  11. He's just pumping like Gene Simmons and Marc Cuban so someone else can hold their bags.
  12. Buy Guy Fieri says it's going to the moon!
  13. Lol, the only thing mooning there is their float!
  14. The price you pay for earning power is still ultimately the most important determinant in your long run return. People who chased the market in 1929 didn't recover their losses (if they actually resisted selling during a nearly 90% decline) until the 1960s. Buyers in 2000 took 16 years to break even. Most people are not that patient. If, on the other hand, you have the fortitude to buy in the midst of a significant crisis and can stomach being in the hole for a while, the market can do great things for you over the long run. You could have picked up Apple or Amazon for a couple bucks a share in 2002 or 2003. A relatively minor sum in either company then would've netted you a multi-hundred bagger.