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  1. It was like Y2K for the site. Just couldn't handle it.
  2. Hoth

    Fall Foliage 2018

    Actually getting some decent yellow and orange in the crowns of a few maples in the yard. My birch is already dropping its leaves. Gutters ftl.
  3. Or at least give us a heads up first. Thought the place had gone kaput.
  4. Oh thank God. Was worried we were facing another Eastern situation. The withdrawal was getting bad. Spiders on the ceiling, shakes, sweats etc.
  5. Hoth

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    Perhaps a repeat something akin to that windy nor'easter last October with the upcoming pattern? Draw up some quasi-tropical entity out of the Gulf and fling it into James' back yard.
  6. Hoth

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    Waiting for that late October/early November crippling 100"+ lake effect event. Lakes are quite warm this year.
  7. Hoth

    Hurricane Florence

    More trees in CT now than in the '30s as agriculture shifted away from the state. I shudder to think what a contemporary beast of that magnitude would do. Think about how long it took to restore power in the hard hit towns after the May 15 tornado/macroburst. Imagine that on a regional scale.
  8. Hoth

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    Congrats Hazey at the end of the run.
  9. Pretty much a dud down here. Nice breezy day though.
  10. Hoth

    Hurricane Florence

    Let's save this output for January...although DIT, Berg and I would probably have a melt if the QPF distribution actually looked like that.
  11. Y'all should check out @jenzhuscott on Twitter. She's been posting some wild video from Manghut. Blown out high-rise office buildings, tornados, untethered yachts, just wild stuff.
  12. Hoth

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    Seeing a few blue pixels and that 540 thickness line slung across CNE at the end of the GFS run just puts a smile on my face.
  13. Hoth

    Hurricane Florence

    Mike Seidel skips leg day.