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  1. COC. What a fantastic stretch.
  2. Or you could read a book...
  3. Watching the remains of that hailer move up the Ct coast. She's a beaut, Clark.
  4. Thank goodness the Badwater 135 isn't this week.
  5. I vividly remember him ragging on Ryan and Wiz for hyping a "typical cold front" the day before 6/1/11, despite all the evidence of an abnormal setup. Of course, he eventually flipped the other way and called for 10-20 tors.
  6. Now if we could just get an EML in here to go with the shear. Some 8 degree lapse rates would make a nice atmospheric pressure cooker.
  7. Was going to say, can't remember seeing a Day 3 enhanced before in this neck of the woods. A slight at that range is usually the best we can ask.
  8. Long Island Sound is our AC. We never install. We sea breeze.
  9. Pouring on Fishers. Paddleboarding canceled.
  10. To whomever recommended Two Juicy, many thanks. Finally got my hands on some and it was delish.
  11. Beautiful house. The porch/deck combo is clutch.
  12. Interesting clouds down here near that boundary. Almost lenticular looking in places. Feel like something's gonna pop soon.
  13. A nice severe look with a 990 low going up toward Montreal, but disappeared with 00z.