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  1. Yeah, Fishers (in the background) had to suspend ferry service that day, which is pretty rare for that quiet 3 miles of sheltered sound.
  2. It's a nice idea, but I can't help but wonder what the energy cost is of mining, refining, packaging, shipping, installing and disposing of a gigantic battery. How much solar would you need to be reap to offset both your personal usage and all the fossil fuels spent to produce and dispose of it? I don't know the answer, but I suspect the payback period would be substantial.
  3. Yeah, if it were cost effective PCG would've buried their lines in Cali to avoid wildfire liability.
  4. When does FEMA get here? Acorns to thy knickers.
  5. Stormsurge gonna have a fun night. Wish I was out on the island.
  6. Man, it is dumping. Wish I was saying this two months from now.
  7. There's pretty siggy lift on some of the guidance. Someone's gonna get smoked in the rainfall dept at the least. Maybe lollis to 4-5"
  8. Maybe for the specific date? Dunno, would have to think Sandy will hold that record indefinitely.
  9. Yeah Oct '17 went up the HV in the 960s and had a little embedded meso low that ripped up over the Cape and brought the 90-100 mph gusts. That was the ideal setup as far as wind events go. This looks solid for the immediate coast, as usual, but I'm more interested in the rain aspect than the wind IMBY.