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  1. Lol, thanks Mike. I hope to shovel fantasy snow by the yard all winter.
  2. Nice. I loved Congress and Melcher, haven't tried the others yet. Enjoy!
  3. Lol, plenty of those in recent years.
  4. Nice. What'd you pick up? I'm gonna have my brother make a Trillium/Tree House run before he comes down for Xmas.
  5. I've had grass for three days. You hill folk live a privileged life.
  6. Ha, I used to work over at 60 State and would do the same thing with various landmarks around Logan.
  7. Can this count for our Grinch storm please?
  8. Sign me up for this look any day.
  9. There should be a forum wide rule at the very least that you can't bitch about the pattern within X days of receiving a foot of snow. Automatic weenie tag or something.
  10. I wonder what they would've measured in 1888 using that approach.
  11. I'm actually kind of amazed no one out near Albany put up 30"+. Thought for sure someone had a 3 foot tally out there.
  12. Man, what a beast up there. Congrats everyone. Hell of a way to kick off winter.
  13. Nope, sorry. I only bother to measure if we're looking at 6+ lol.
  14. Yes, clobbered the Berkshires up into VT.