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  1. Just digging the vibe this summer. Hot days breaking with storms in the evening is totally my jam. Just need a little tropical intrigue in a month to top it off.
  2. Wiz gets stoked about dews and swass but poopoos a legit severe outbreak? What is going on? Too many 40s?
  3. My first weather memory is the '89 Hamden F4. Tingles.
  4. Yeah we’ve been socked in the clouds out here, which has helped keep things cool. Still dripping after mowing the lawn though. Wiz would be proud.
  5. The Sound is warming up quickly. Was too chilly to swim comfortably when I got to the island on Sunday. It's beautiful now. Couple of attractive girls sunbathing topless on a neighbor's dock doesn't hurt either. God I love summer. Happy 4th everyone.
  6. Hurricane season is coming.
  7. Kevin is doing meat spins on his deck right now. Gotta be stoked.
  8. Well that was fun. Best thunderstorm since the 2020 tornado here.
  9. Yeehaw!!! It's fooking roaring babY!
  10. Definitely hail pinging with this cell out in front of the line.
  11. This is going to be fun.
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