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  1. Hoth

    March Disco

    I swear people were saying a few days ago it would be a shame to waste the cold air this week. Now there's no cold around if we get a storm?
  2. Hoth

    March Disco

    Yeah, given a choice between the two, I'll take the early morning jogs every time.
  3. Hoth

    March Disco

    Congrats Steve, well deserved.
  4. SE NE picking up right where it left off last October.
  5. Hoth

    March Disco

    If the north Atlantic wasn't so putrid, I'd be a little more excited for next week.
  6. Hoth

    NNE Winter Thread

    The much feared EML strikes again. Better alert Ekster and Banacos to update their paper.
  7. Hoth

    March Disco

    If you know some better brewers I am all ears.
  8. Hoth

    March Disco

    That and Hill Farmstead.
  9. I've got them too. Seeing some forsythia blooms too.
  10. C-. Bookend winters blow, even if I got within an inch or two of climo. For a while there I think my winter rainfall exceeded my snow. Still, we pulled off an epic squall, a strong November event, a frigid Thanksgiving, a double digit snow last week and the first significant ice storm in a long time in January. We damaged trees. If not for the positive bust last week, this would've been a straight F. If we can pull off a sneaky event next week during the PNA spike, maybe this can pull a gentlemanly C.
  11. Hoth

    Heavy heavy lawn thread 2019

    Giddy up.
  12. Hoth

    March Disco

    At least nobody's posting those damn MJO diagrams anymore.