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  1. Hope this rain pans out. Been bone dry the last few months.
  2. WTF, James is calling for winter of '11-'12 repeat? What, did he sell the movie rights to "Dawn Awakening", repackage it as "Geostorm" and thereby exorcise his inner weenie?
  3. One of Walken's great moments.
  4. We spoiled.
  5. Tuesday evening into the overnight might be fun. Some 50-60 gusts on the Euro. Heaviest wind out in central PA and upstate NY. Few gusts to 70 out there.
  6. I thought this was a well edited before/after video of Irma on St. John.
  7. Ditto. Had the windows open this afternoon and quickly had to shut 'em around dinner. Temp dropped like a rock.
  8. First frost of the season here. Chilly run this morning.
  9. I do remember him claiming something like that, though I have stronger memories of some hyperbolic ABC News special claiming NYC would be flooding regularly by 2015 from sea level rise.
  10. Actually just found this old series of stills from after the storm a mile or so from my hood. Winter wonderland.
  11. Great post. Thanks for the rehash.
  12. New Haven area. Picked up a quick 15 or 16 on top of the already robust pack, but had blinding thundersnow for a few hours overnight. Probably more memorable because the models failed so badly and were projecting 4-8 sloppy inches.
  13. This was a fun one. Big positive bust and some of the heaviest snow I've ever seen. Jan '11 was great. Never thought I'd see it exceeded, especially not just four years later.
  14. Better hope things shape up better for us this winter or there will be melts, lots of melts.