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  1. Gil Simmons just gave you a shoutout dude. Kudos for running in this garbage weather.
  2. Nice little flurry with wind here. Last flakes of the season?
  3. Oh was that the reason? I saw that and thought maybe tent caterpillars. Edit, I see I was answered above.
  4. After 50" and change this winter, roughly double climo down here, I'm contented to let it go. This sort of weather, with earthy scents and trilling birds, sets a man thinking of salt breezes and full sails, of tee times and tiki torches, of Pimms cups and blazing hot sand. So say I, call forth summer! And may you see many sunshine days.
  5. Hey man, with pressure that high you might bulge a disc to two! Chiropractors rejoice.
  6. Just north of the Great Lakes. Highest I can remember seeing in this part of the country.
  7. Forgetting the storm for a moment, wow at the 1056mb high on the Euro at 216.
  8. We'd take the tucky tucky NAM 3k.
  9. Literally a bald peak then?
  10. Congrats eastern NE on the NAM. Lol.
  11. Some of these would do much to mollify the folks that got rained on on Tuesday.
  12. One of my favorite ever winter events in CT. That was a wild afternoon, and followed up by the monster blizzard four days later.
  13. Friend has a season pass up there, but he's going to Alta this weekend. I said, why bother!
  14. Secrets gratefully accepted. Not bad. Hope it's not on crack.