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  1. Just a parade of shortwaves diving out of Canada in the long range. We graciously accept. Nice -EPO.
  2. Sounds like my childhood. Litchfield county for the win then.
  3. He's as cuddly as a cactus, he's as slippery as an eel...
  4. Ditto. There was a solid melt layer on the drive/sidewalks. Compressed down to about 3 there.
  5. Having shoveled, and thereby removing the weenie goggles, I revise my earlier estimate down to 5".
  6. Well this was fun. About 6" accompanied by a gorgeous pink sunrise through a break in the deck. Let's do it again! Mount up!
  7. Think there were some 2" per reports up there earlier.
  8. Getting heavier here. Radar looks great!
  9. You've been calling it for years and it finally came through! Congrats!
  10. Beer in hand, lights on the tree, Army/Navy game on, snowing moderately outside. Doesn't get much better.
  11. Hoping I can pull that heavy band out towards Waterbury towards me. Riding the line between it and that slot.
  12. Look like a little over 2" now. Flake size increasing significantly. We stack.
  13. How's our sampling data where this thing is now?