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  1. Had a place on the Eastern Shore when I was a kid. Old Bay is indispensible. Beyond crabs/seafood, I sprinkle it on my bloody marys and fried eggs, use it as a rub on ribs and chicken. So damn good.
  2. Stein getting curbstomped once again. Pouring out.
  3. You'll get your fair share of those, along with a shiteton of upslope goodies. And I will live vicariously through you as the daffodils come up in early January lol
  4. Sweet. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  5. Huh, this place is like a mile up the road from me and I've never heard of it. Is it good?
  6. Those threads have gotten me through some pretty dreary stretches the last few winters.
  7. Hey guys, remember that time it snowed for 18 of 23 days in Boston? That was fun.
  8. Like a miniature version of what happened to New Haven's Christmas tree.
  9. lol, have you considered being a securities analyst on Wall Street? Flogging stuff to the masses you wouldn't touch yourself is central to the job, and you can make a solid seven figures.
  10. A few terrific gusts with the line, now all quiet.
  11. Power flash somewhere to my southwest.
  12. A few pretty vicious gusts mixing in amid the general roar. Glad my leaves are down.
  13. It's roaring out. Thankfully most of the leaves are down, so not too worried about power.
  14. Glad you fared well in round one. Best of luck on Wednesday, Steve!