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  1. Solid soaking. Everything has greened up and the maples are primed to burst with a few days of seventy. I hope I am correct in thinking this wet weather should mitigate the gypsy moth threat. Ticks and mosquitoes, on the other hand...
  2. Had my first house wren of the season. Love their song. Such great little birds.
  3. Wow, that thing was a wizened old fella when Washington was chasing off the Redcoats. To think that tree was around before Columbus showed up blows my mind.
  4. Good to be back in Beantown.
  5. Be sure to hit Montmartre if you haven't done so. Beautiful part of town.
  6. Tamarack, thanks for the tip on the oatmeal. I will give that a try!
  7. As far as healthy foods, I like steel cut oatmeal (though instant is fine too) with cinnamon and blueberries, Greek yogurt, eggs or bran for breakfast. Lean meat like turkey or chicken for lunch or dinner, brown rice, spinach, arugula, black beans (or refried), sweet potatoes, broccoli, salmon, edamami, etc. Baked sweet potato fries with Old Bay are the bomb. I also make smoothies with a handful of spinach, mango, frozen peach slices, pineapple and banana. If you exercise regularly, carbs are not the enemy. Drink tons of water. If weight loss is part of your goal, I had great results last year making a spreadsheet and tracking my daily calories and exercise. I found my maintenance calories online (what I need just to run my metabolic processes) and ate that amount. Then I tried to be active every day; even if too tired for strenuous exercise, I always made a point of walking a few miles. That way I maintained a calorie deficit. In brief, I lost almost 40 pounds in 4 months, despite habitually making poor eating choices. I didn't deny myself booze or occasional junk, which made it pretty easy. The key was just being active every day and staying focused on total calorie intake. Got down to 182 pounds and my fitness improved vastly. I went from a 38 minute five mile run the first week to holding sub 6 minute pace at the end. Max pull-ups went from 7 to 18. Good luck with it all and don't feel you have to deny yourself.
  8. Kaboom! Absolutely pouring.
  9. Anyone in here watching the Masters this week and wishing their landscaping looked like that?
  10. That's awesome. Cousin of mine owns Fishers Island Oysters. It's a fascinating business.
  11. May I ask where you're sourcing your seed from?
  12. Man you're bringing back some sweet memories. I have a farm on the Chester River and I remember setting pots when I was a boy and bringing home bushels of blues, to be steamed up with plenty of Old Bay and consumed messily on the picnic table in the back yard. Miss those days. Can't catch much down there now. Farm runoff for the loss.
  13. 36 and pouring rain. Just miserable.
  14. We drizzle. Good luck up north!