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  1. This is really cool. A scientist who can grow snowflakes to whatever specification he wants:
  2. '13 was a lot of fun in Boston, but I knew I was missing something historic when that band pivoted over CT. My folks were stranded for days until backhoes dug them out.
  3. I was in Boston then. I don't think Hamden got much, maybe 8-10".
  4. Ha, I still remember waking up after the first sloppy storm and seeing the overnight Euro had come around and absolutely mauled us. Soon after, everything else fell into place. That was special.
  5. Or the first one can set up the 50/50 for the second a la Jan '15.
  6. If I have no pack to protect, it can cut to Milwaukee for all I care.
  7. My forecast of heavy, heavy disappointment looks like it was bang on the money.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hopefully we're seeing a classic mid-range fumble by the modeling, only to have it roar back in a few days.
  9. You're in a much better spot than I am. I feel you've got a decent shot.
  10. I will take a few wet flakes and run. Hell, I still need to mow my lawn!
  11. Leaf cleanup is more or less complete. I'll run the mower over the lawn one more time next weekend until the gas runs out, then it's time to wait for snow.
  12. This will be solid preseason practice. No need to be invested yet; feels like a Mitch trouncer to me.
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