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  1. Even some pingers mixing in down here. Pretty impressive on April 19th.
  2. Nah, since he was calling a dud for this winter, he never took the A/C out last fall.
  3. I really pity the runners today. Just awful.
  4. Perhaps the nicest day of the year so far on tap here. But man do I feel for the marathoners Monday. Yowch.
  5. Snow Blitz - Napril 6

    I'm told Kevin made quite the splash in his white gloves at the Tolland "Rites of Spring" debutante ball. His "coming out," as it's traditionally known, made all the papers.
  6. Just raw today with clouds and a light breeze. Feels like April to me. Quite the juxtaposition with the beautiful verdure down at Augusta. That livestream has been a huge tease the last few days.
  7. We snow. Light coating.
  8. 9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    I eagerly await pics from Kevin's yard that look like Amen Corner in a month.
  9. APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    Speaking of, anyone else gonna be streaming the Masters at the office today?
  10. APRIL 7-8 SNOW-fizzle

    That one looked pretty solid on the Canadian.
  11. Yeah, that date in October '12 was a similarly anomalous storm of the tropical hybrid variety.
  12. It's amazing how fast this is vaporizing. 6" at noon, now the trees are bare with a green apron beneath, and the snow has compressed to about an inch or two at best. Since I've had close to 2 feet since March 1 and have a bit more distance from the busts, I'm prepared to up my grade for the winter to C+. If February had done anything, this could've been a solid A- type season.
  13. 5". Roads are a mess. Got attacked by territorial pack of turkeys to make the commute more interesting.
  14. Eyeballing 3"+ with moderate rates. Pretty solid for April.
  15. Get it out of here. If my mother-in-law has her flight cancelled tomorrow, I'm gonna lose it.