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  1. Getting some solid rumbles now. Looks like LI is getting the goods.
  2. This guy is putting out some awesome content. For @weatherwiz delectation, the May 31, 1998 episode:
  3. Where did you end up hunkering down?
  4. Beaver Island east of Halifax with hurricane force wind reported from the north at 121 km, gusting 141 km/hr.
  5. Just based on what I'm seeing on Twitter, the show seems to be starting. More people reporting power out, "noisy" and "scary" wind, tree down on deck--that sort of thing. I'd imagine with a storm booking this fast, it will go from pedestrian to gnarly in a hurry.
  6. Wow, guess the models weren't hitting the peyote after all! How are the conditions? Looks like the core is moving towards you guys quickly.
  7. Impressive. Not ‘38, but still can’t be that many storms in the annals moving that fast in the basin.
  8. Fiona is really starting to haul ass. Anyone know what the forward motion is presently?
  9. Good point. Dealing with large-scale features is probably easier to peg down.
  10. Amazing how zeroed in they’ve been on that landfall location as well. Very little variation in days.
  11. Yes! Pretty rare to have a cat 4 this far north, too. Fascinating evolution under way.
  12. Fiona is taking on that hybrid look. It still has that hurricane core, but now complemented with a big baroclinic leaf peeling off to the north. Fun to watch the evolution on satellite.
  13. Just bribe 'em with a six of Labatt and you're golden.
  14. Awesome. Good luck! I'm sure it's going to be memorable.
  15. Where you gonna set up for your chase? Louisbourg area?
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