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  1. That's awesome. Is there any advantage to that method?
  2. We've had a fair amount of home brew this year, so worth keeping an eye on it, I suppose.
  3. Broke out the flannel and made chowder this morning, then split wood and stacked it like a boss. Also stocked up on cider and assorted brown liquors. Yup, it's fall up in this bitch.
  4. Anyone think Teddy makes a run at cat 5?
  5. Lol, I totally remember this melt! I was panicking myself that the dry slot was going to get me. It did for a half hour, but still managed like 27".
  6. Here's what we'll do. As it no longer snows in southern CT, I will enter into a snow futures contract with you. You ship me X cubic meters of snow each month on dry ice. Your total snow removal cost drops to nothing. I, in turn, will spread the snow and glaciate it with my hose, thereby making it a marvel of the CT River Valley. I will sell tickets to all and sundry to sled at a buck a run. I'll even have Ryan bring in "Snow Monster" for a cameo. I'll also enter into a snowfall credit default swap of sorts, in case your winter turns out like 2016. Deutsche will underwrite just about anything.
  7. I'm psyched for the waves at Schoodic Point. Other than that, meh.
  8. I wouldn't consider Sandy a NE hurricane, given that it made landfall in southern Jersey.
  9. Looking at the 0z Euro now, the SW trend of the cutoff definitely stopped and reversed a bit. Not what those in search of a devastating blow want to see.
  10. Teddy just doesn't want to be seen near Chappaquiddick.
  11. It did, but this doesn't have a ridonculous block like Sandy did to assist with the hook. We're relying on the strength of the cutoff for the tug. I suppose the cutoff could keep digging southwest in future runs. That's sort of been a theme this summer. But then the Euro being wrong has also been a theme this summer.
  12. I was being facetious. I have very little faith in the GFS, given its historical performance. It also kept finding weaknesses and sending Sandy out to sea when most other guidance was locked in for days. That said, I have no expectation as far as the final outcome. A quick exit to sea is an entirely reasonable outcome.