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  1. You're killing it dude. I'm still trying to get to double digits.
  2. Reversion to the mean working in our favor when the bar is so low.
  3. This year has been rough, but I think I've passed through the stages of grief. Acceptance feels good. Time to move on and get ready for spring. Get those mowers ready.
  4. Well that is interesting. Thanks for digging that up, Steve. I can honestly say I've never noticed them prior to late March/early April. As I mentioned, our first sighting is our cue that it's time go out to Fishers and do our post-winter cleanup. Pick up fallen branches, see if mice have gotten into the house, see if storms left any sand on our beach etc.
  5. Walking in Hamden this afternoon. Half dozen or so of them up in a maple. I've never seen them this early.
  6. The red-wing blackbirds are back. I can't believe it. Never seen them here this early. Usually when they show in April it's our signal to open up the summer house.
  7. The disparity in recollection is hilarious here. Kevin v. Ryan in his own mind: Kevin per Ray:
  8. March '18 had that -PNA, -NAO combo if I recall rightly. Cold air was a little hard to come by, but it certainly worked out for plenty of folks here.
  9. In a parallel universe water freezes at 100 degrees. Epic snows year round.
  10. At this point, I say:
  11. Yeah, this winter is worse than '11-'12 for me, but panic and dismay have passed on to numb acceptance and the eager anticipation of spring. Anyway, since we're in a panic thread, I'd like to make a suggestion regarding COVID-19 for anyone who takes critical medication manufactured in China (or via a manufacturer who sources chemicals from China). I'd recommend looking into getting an extra prescription now, as supply disruptions may well be in the offing. These Chinese lockdowns show no sign of abating and there is little likelihood of China getting control over coronavirus and returning to work in the coming month or two. You might also consider gradually stocking up on extra essentials, canned food, rice etc., as social isolation may well be coming to the U.S. in the coming months. The military has already initiated their pandemic plan and if the data concerning the bug's virality are close to correct, there is little chance of preventing this from spreading globally.
  12. Wasn't there a freak winter tornado somewhere in Mass a few years back?