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  1. That was cool. All hard surfaces are covered in white.
  2. Leaves are dropping fast. Hopefully it cools off a bit before we lose all our shade.
  3. I'm having someone excavate for a detached garage foundation next week. My fear is it's going to fill with water. Might have to run a trench out to grade to drain it off but that would screw up our driveway.
  4. Why does Albany to Saratoga Springs seem to constantly get interesting weather?
  5. Looks like some towns in MA base certain permit costs on square footage. That takes the guess work (low balling) out of it.
  6. Building permits in MA are based on estimated job cost, same in CT. Usually $10-$20 per thousand depending on the town. There may be a $50 minimum.
  7. A pool deck is something that you’d likely want to have permitted for liability reasons. Same with projects involving wiring or major structural. It’s good to have that inspection sign off for insurance and piece of mind.
  8. There's been a few in Glastonbury too.
  9. Beautiful windy morning in Waterford
  10. Big white pine across someone's driveway about 1/4 mile north of where that one crossed on rt 31
  11. Maybe it finally blew that guys deck awning out of the tree that's been there since the last one.
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