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  1. Yea but wouldn’t have been covered locally anyway except for directv. Would be fun to be in Buffalo tonight. I miss those big LES events.
  2. Someone from CBS was on WFAN this morning and said they could have a problem getting their trucks in for the game. They can't postpone because the Bills play Thanksgiving.
  3. Houses, basements, windows and doors weren't built so tight back then. We worked on a house a couple of years ago that had tested at 6.1 and cracking a sliding basement window about a 1/4" dropped it to 2.4 in a couple of days. Newer houses are like thermos bottles compared to dirt floor era.
  4. This from a week ago. The leaves are coming down fast now with the rain.
  5. Giants best start in 13 years and vs Ravens this Sunday is not on local TV. WTF
  6. 1.26" Wife said she saw a snake in the basement
  7. Great late summer beach day out at Watch Hill.
  8. Earlier today down near New London. Visibility about as good as it gets.
  9. 2.55" for the day so far 3.29" two day total
  10. We're up on the hill behind the town hall. Been training over us the last few hours. Getting some thunder.
  11. Just went over an inch in the stratus. Pouring
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