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  1. .5" everything white again....for a day or so.
  2. Changed to snow around 7:50ish. Nice light snow now, everything coated. School delayed 2 hours so bus should be arriving soon.....now that the roads are covered.
  3. Got about 3/4" down here this evening. Just under 2" total for the whole storm.
  4. Interesting given the trajectory of the storm that KGON is at it's lowest pressure (as of the 1pm ob.) of the storm. Down to 984.7mb
  5. Roaring wind for the past hour. Raining cats and dogs. Had about an inch of snow before change over, even heard the town plow around 3am
  6. 27/19 here. KGON already up to 31. Looking forward to my .5" and then rain. Maybe we can get enough wind to bring down some of the dead oaks in the woods around my house.
  7. That was one heck of a belch. Must have been the IPA's.
  8. These maps are always terrible. 7" inches in shown for "3 WSW Franklin" in SE CT was reported at 6:26am during the heaviest snow. It snowed for another 3+ hours in that location. I finished at 8.9" - 15 miles due south of there.
  9. Driveway cleared. Dog walked. Beautiful with the sun on the snow now. Compacting FAST under the sun. Took a few measurements around the yard earlier… 8.9” average is my final. .
  10. 3.75" so far. Nice moderate snow coming down now.
  11. It's snowing!!!! (haven't gone out to measure yet)
  12. That's exactly what my sky looks like right now. Zero snow flakes so far. Not expecting anything other than; perhaps, some flurries later today.
  13. Will be interesting to see if what's left of the garden (some chinese lettuce and cilantro) can survive all day in the upper 20's tomorrow. Still going strong so far this year.
  14. I'm thinkin' flurries. We'll see if it can push the precip north a bit.
  15. My thoughts exactly. Hard to have a thaw if you haven't been frozen yet.
  16. Beautiful afternoon. Up to 47 now. Nice sunny and warm walk with the doggo.
  17. Change over soon...giant parachutes coming down now. Everything white for the time being somewhere between a tenth and quarter of an inch...
  18. 1.1" down here in Salem. Nice to everything white again. Merry Christmas to everyone!!
  19. BIG Bang and a long rumble in this latest cell zooming overhead...love this kind of atmosphere even in December.
  20. 1.1" total. .1 early in the day, 1" during last night.
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