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  1. Power has flickered 3 times in the past hour. Internet is out (Comcast Business). #Damage
  2. I don't know if you can call about a minute of light sleet before pouring rain a trace, but good enough. Thanks for the maps (past and future)!
  3. A dusting of slush? Is that a slushting?
  4. Looking forward to my "Cold November Rain".
  5. Picked about a bushel of assorted chili peppers today. Some red, some still green. Last harvest from the garden. Everything that'll winter over comes inside for good tomorrow. Which is good as I'm tired of dragging the 150lb Kaffir Lime tree in and out of the house for it to enjoy these past few weeks of warmth. Still 60 here at 5:35pm on November 12th. Torch!
  6. Power went out at 5:30ish when that heavy band of rain pushed through. Tree down across the road down the street. #Damage .
  7. 1st frost of the year on some grass and low surfaces (sheets over the Thai chillies). Tomatoes look unscathed, but they're about 6' tall. Now to put all the sensitive plants back outside for another week or so. Kaffir Lime, lemon grass, etc....
  8. Impressed with dews. 73/69 IMBY. moist.
  9. And the sun is out. Beautiful blue skies. Gonna be a great day.
  10. Pouring and breezy right now as this last line moves through.
  11. Ridiculous amount of lightning and thunder from this storm crashing through Old Lyme right now.
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