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  1. Don't get me started on being an idiot. Screenshot is from when I sold all my Doge. I'll let you guys do the math for the current price...
  2. Young (~12 year old/40' tall) Tulip tree in the back yard had actual leaves popping out yesterday. I expect by the end of this week it'll be nice and green. Lot's of flowers on all the maples too.
  3. And yet it's snowing down here in Salem. Weird.
  4. Up to .25" on grass and elevated surfaces. My guess is we won't get much more accumulation with the sun coming up now. Unless the rates really pick up.
  5. Snowing here since 4:30am. Light coating on the grass. Nice band pivoting overhead.
  6. Was 73 in West Hartford when I was there earlier today. 67 for a high at home in Salem. LOL at KGON - 55 for a high temp today. People driving from inland to the shore at Bluff Point State Park saying "WTF?" when they get there.
  7. 46 at GON and 44 at the mouth of the CT River. Mid 40's to low 50's all along the CT shoreline. Currently 67 at work here in Norwich.
  8. Thawed, warmed and have been seeing night crawlers for over a week now (although not last night).
  9. Hey....someone want to fire up a 2021 Tropical thread to discuss whatever that is spinning over the Gulfstream south of Hatteras? Bit early; I'm sure, for true tropical development but fairly interesting structure none the less.
  10. Was 55 when down at the beach at Bluff Point (next to KGON) around noon time. 62 back home in Salem. What a beautiful day
  11. Light coating of snow on top of the cars but nothing else. Ready for spring. Vacation all next week. Thousands of branches to clean up around the yard from the dead oaks. Sad.
  12. Got about 0.3" overnight. Everything is white again (at least for the next couple of hours).