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  1. Looking NNW yesterday from Norwichtown, CT around 2:50pm.
  2. Yep, that's what I use at work...but it's just not the same as weatherTAP.
  3. Hmm....no one talking about that warned storm south of Worcester? It had a hail core and now looks to have a hook echo and is turning right. I only have crappy radar here at work so if anyone has any good radar screens of it...
  4. Yep, little tiny gypsy moth caterpillars everywhere so far. Most trees are fully leafed out down here with the exception of the Oaks. I they're struggling since they all got stripped last year. Unfortunately about to get stripped again.
  5. Have a ton of tomato seedlings (seeds from tomatoes that the birds ate last year) that popped up during the warm spell 2 weeks ago...hoping they make it through this cool spell and aren't too stunted. Low temp so far during this period has been 41. So far so good.
  6. Wow, 23 hours since the last post in this thread. Time to unpin this baby until October.
  7. Heh...maybe it was hacked by Kevin, dreaming of HHH summer dews mornings.
  8. Wow, I'll have to check my sensor when I get back home. Something is definitely wrong. Saw my car said only 58 on the drive to work and a quick check of temps in the surrounding area show nothing close to 69 degrees yet.
  9. 69.9 already here @ 7:08am. Toasty.
  10. Nice rumbler blasting through right now.
  11. Single rumble of thunder as this heavy shower passes through.
  12. 40.4 degrees and now we have big wet flakes mixing in. Nice rain event for us down here.
  13. Looks good. No excuse for them to put down more salt or sand in SE CT. Just keep washing it all away with the rain.
  14. Glad we don't live there. 57.9 degrees here today as I type this. Looks like a couple days this coming week will be in the 50's to near 60 as well.
  15. Probably not pollen. There has been a wicked a sinus infection/cold going around. My wife had, then I had it. Finally clearing my sinuses now after almost 3 weeks.