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  1. 88/72 at IJD, SNC and GON. Nice trio. 90/73 at HFD and 90/72 at BDL. Toasty. Love it.
  2. The CT and RI rain shield holding strong today.
  3. That must be the one headed into Waterford right now... pulsed just south of my house. 0.0" so far. Small line behind it looks like it's dying. Awesome photo.
  4. I can hear the cell going through northern New London county. Alas the other little cells that popped up south of it have dried up...
  5. What is this wet stuff falling from the sky??
  6. One of those very rare days where KGON is the hottest station in New England.
  7. Lucked out with .30" last night. Just over an inch on the month, but only 1.28" for June - July combo.
  8. Don't know about driest July here as we had .70" on one day, but definitely the driest June - July combo I've ever seen. .95" total for the two months combined.
  9. While I love the coc....getting poked with the dry shaft is no fun, let me tell ya.
  10. Grounding applies to departures from ZTL ZJX ZMA - click on "View Details"
  11. It's pretty dry everywhere, but locally it's been exceptional. Almost all the convective rain has missed north or south since June 1st. Less than an inch of rain total since June 1st. June 1st trace June 2nd trace June 17th .10" June 22nd .10" July 14th trace July 16th trace July 19th .70" July 25th trace
  12. 9 days of 95+ with 7 at 100+...yeah, that would have to be an all-timer if it actually occurred.
  13. Swamp and brook behind the house are completely devoid of water. Just mud. Never seen it like that in 13 years of living here. Nearby, the 8 Mile river is getting very, very low. Soon to be just stretches of pools of water rather than anything flowing. Stein lives!!
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