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  1. Glad we don't live there. 57.9 degrees here today as I type this. Looks like a couple days this coming week will be in the 50's to near 60 as well.
  2. Probably not pollen. There has been a wicked a sinus infection/cold going around. My wife had, then I had it. Finally clearing my sinuses now after almost 3 weeks.
  3. Nice blast of snow and wind on the drive to work. Temp went from 38 down to 33 and back up to 36 again after the shower past.
  4. How about a nice rainer along the CT shore to wash away all the salt and sand on the roads?
  5. A few mangled snow grains coming down here. 35 degrees currently.
  6. The NAM playing Lucy to our Charlie Brown here.
  7. Yeah, just feeling greedy today. Want to add something decent on top of 2" of cement left over from the "blizzard".
  8. Now shift that west about 30 miles. If it's got to be cold in Morch, I want to see some decent snow.
  9. Ahh...yes, Tip's favorite April weather.
  10. Too funny Tip. You've got a great way with words and I agree with your sentiment 100%. As much as love snow and tracking storms, I'm definitely ready for some warmth. If we have to 'put up' with a storm this weekend, I hope it's at least a decent one. Might as well pad the totals if we're stuck with cold and storminess for the rest of the month.
  11. 4" Salem, CT (right on the border of East Lyme and Montville)
  12. Definitely unexpected to make it over 40 today. 40.2 was the high. Back down to 39.9 now. ~1.5" of liquid today.
  13. Just finished slush blowing the driveway. About 4" final with 1/2" of that being sleet. Just rain for the past hour. 37.4 degrees.
  14. And now back to 95% sleet again. Crazy storm. Some really impressive wind gusts so far.
  15. Had changed over to 100% heavy sleet for a while, but now back to 50/50 snow and sleet. Up to 33 degrees now.