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  1. 5.5" here. 2.5 - 3" on the driveway, 6+" on the roof of the car and a little over 5" on the lawn, so calling it 5.5"
  2. Snow started about 15 minutes ago here. Still 34.1 so not sticking yet.
  3. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    Obviously not scientific but over the past 2 weeks I've seen some interesting signs that the animals think winter is over. 9 days ago - Great Blue Heron sighting. 7 days ago - possum poking around kitchen scraps in my garden. 6 days ago - fat ass raccoon waddling up my front walk. Multiple dead squirrels in the road over the past week and finally today a flock of 20 geese heading north during my drive to work. Never seen so much activity this early in the year.
  4. Super Soaker Sunday (& Monday)

    2.15" and now I have a wet basement.
  5. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    Interesting....I'm at 380' and had 1.25". Work, up on the hill in Norwichtown, only had 0.25".
  6. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    1.25" at my house. Surprised when I drove up to work in Norwich and they only had a 0.25".
  7. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    Yeah, definitely an unusual season in that aspect.
  8. Feb 1-2 Anafront wave disco

    And I was almost caught up to you for my season total....this will put your snow total out of reach. lol.
  9. January 29/30 snow event

    6.4" final, Salem CT
  10. January 29/30 snow event

    6" on the button and still snowing lightly here. Sweet return to winter.
  11. January 29/30 snow event

    Wow! Huge positive surprise this morning. Easily 4+" outside and still coming down. Over achiever indeed!
  12. January 29/30 snow event

    Snowing in East Lyme/Salem area of SE CT since 6pm. Very light at first but better now. No accumulation since it was still 35 but temps have dropped now.
  13. Obs Thread 1/15-17

    Snowing since I woke up @ 5:45am. About an inch so far. 34.5 degrees.
  14. January 12-14 Kitchen Sink Storm Discussion

    Yeah, that's what I'm afraid. The ground is frozen deep, no where for the water to go but fill up my basement.
  15. Long lasting intense Cold for New England

    Heh...30.9 is the temp. Only 22.1" for snow. Guess I should have made that first sentence more clear.