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  1. Microcane Lee
  2. If the southwest shear gets any stronger it'll be a naked swirl before long...
  3. Just curious, if this turns out to be a good nor'easter and/or tropical entity, what it's effects will be after it passes. Hoping it stays strong and transitions us right into Fall weather.
  4. Time sensitive....nice bit of rotation or a mesolow with this cell coming onshore on LI now...
  5. Yes. The eye is currently contracting. Doesn't appear to be any sign of an eyewall replacement cycle yet. No current detrimental environmental factors.
  6. Red hot table saw...
  7. 46.7 at 6:30am here. Now up to 47.6. Coldest morning of the fall so far.
  8. Hit 49.4 here. First sub 50 morning since the spring.
  9. ERC complete.
  10. Agreed. Probably won't even get strong enough to give us a nice swell on the south shores.
  11. Looking NNW yesterday from Norwichtown, CT around 2:50pm.
  12. Yep, that's what I use at work...but it's just not the same as weatherTAP.
  13. Hmm....no one talking about that warned storm south of Worcester? It had a hail core and now looks to have a hook echo and is turning right. I only have crappy radar here at work so if anyone has any good radar screens of it...
  14. Yep, little tiny gypsy moth caterpillars everywhere so far. Most trees are fully leafed out down here with the exception of the Oaks. I they're struggling since they all got stripped last year. Unfortunately about to get stripped again.