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Feb 12/13 Event Quest for Blues to Envelop More Rather Than Less

North Balti Zen

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12 minutes ago, mattie g said:

Sorry you missed out on your big dog. Hope you can get over your annoyance and disappointment.

Right now I’m just steamed some town 8 miles northeast of me reported 5 and I only have 4.5!  I think I’m gonna stew over that all day!!!!


seriously though I don’t dislike these minor events. Even up here they make up the majority of my snowfalls. But it’s not what I like to track. Like @Bob Chill said, the payoff on tracking some meso scale 50 mile wide band of snow from long range is awful. You can’t pin these small scale local events down at any range. It was pure luck it ended up over me. What wasn’t pure luck was that I got 4-5” instead of 1-3” because of my elevation.  I can max out these little things.  But Imo it’s a waste of time to track them from distance. I start paying attention when they get inside 24 hours. 

Big synoptic events I’ll track at range. Both because you have a slightly better chance of pinning them down at range and the payoff is bigger. But even up here I know on average I only get a couple 8”+ storms a year. I don’t get mad when they don’t happen. I’m not complaining over small snows. Just not interested in spending hours a day tracking them. 

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I know not everyone wins with these but this is just about right!  Not enough to be an annoyance with travel and it just looks stunning out!  Yesterday's mid 50s working the (tree) line and still having doubts after dinner when it was in the upper 40s!

It's like a winter wonderland up here.  2", still snowing lightly.  29/27


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16 minutes ago, RevWarReenactor said:

Coming down now. But it’s white rain. I do see why the models printed out the 2-4 inches; it’s what it would have been say 4 degrees colder. 

If that area of strong lift had been over your area, temps would have fallen to freezing and snow would have accumulated. Maybe not the 4-5" that the Parrs folks got, but 2-3" would have been doable.

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