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Feb 12/13 Event Quest for Blues to Envelop More Rather Than Less

North Balti Zen

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11 minutes ago, baldereagle said:

2-4 inches? 100% chance, eh?

That must have been a typo.

It is bone dry in Kent County, lol, it’s barely sprinkled a few drops of rain.

Northwest trend for the win, things back to more normal. 
But the GFS suckered us lowlanders on this event. Everyone eventually  gets a turn on screwage in the mid-Atlantic. Over time  it happens way more often on the shore.

Been almost 20 here for the season and won’t complain. Carry on!


Mount Holly apparently gave a bit too much weight to the GFS, unwisely. Not sure they ever had 4" in the forecast for this area though. I saw 1-2, with some places up to 3. 

Either way, had you been paying more attention in this thread, you would have known what to expect. B)

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Nice event for the farther NW folks it seems. Guess my location just isn't far enough NW. Nothing on paved surfaces here, and I'm seeing blades of grass. Guessing mayyybe an inch? Would be an appropriate way to end winter if this is, in fact, our final snow. Bigger totals all around me this winter. A true snow hole.

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We Shoremen are blessed to live in the land of pleasant living for sure. Yesterday I worked in the garden, was hoping for a little snow to cover up the strawberries one more time. The weather was simply glorious, it even makes you (almost) miss the insect madness of the approaching warm season.

But true enough,  my weenie mind wasn’t giving much credence  to the trends. I learn alot from you guys, and was sorta paying attention, just rolled my mental dice in denial. 
Haha the pity flakes have now begun!


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Just now, losetoa6 said:

Ofc....but we've had a heater  streak up here ..but just the wrong type :D

That area was overdue for sure, and you got under the best lift associated with the right entrance region of that jet streak. It was always going to be a fairly small area that would get the heavier snow, but hard to pin down even a couple days out. It seems the Canadians did the best with getting that located correctly.

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