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Feb 12/13 Event Quest for Blues to Envelop More Rather Than Less

North Balti Zen

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18 minutes ago, WxUSAF said:

Damn. Some spots in PA pushing 8”! Meso models definitely keyed in on a fairly narrow but potent jackpot zone, but it was farther NW in reality than any of the guidance. 

I didn't pay that much attention to all the runs, but it seems the Canadian did well with locating that area, although I don't think it had the higher amounts.

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34 minutes ago, Baltimorewx said:

Blossoming? Meh..it’s lightly snowing here in Dundalk which is some nice ambience but otherwise it’s essentially a non event around here 

Yeah definitely far different on my drive to dundalk vs bel air as soon as you get down 24 snow becomes anemic. Radar has gotten better tho!


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Paste is always beautiful to wake up to in the morning! Nice event up this way. Got lucky with some of those bands. A few solid hours of heavy snow is all it takes  

4.25” total gets me to 17.5” for the season. Certainly could be worse given the number of fringe jobs we saw up this way. I doubt winter is completely done in my neck of the woods either. Might be able to eek out another event or two if things line up just right. :arrrg:

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