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  1. Prospect mill road if you know where thats at
  2. Wholly crap Snapchat-582283350.mp4
  3. Officially back to moderate/heavy snow Snapchat-1352348031.mp4
  4. Heavy snow sleet mix in bel air
  5. Sleet line starting to hit the wall on 70. Someone is easily going over 4 today
  6. Was 31 in bel air but 33 in middle river definitely snowing hard but seeming to not accumulate much down here except by existing snow
  7. Went from flurries to moderate very quickly
  8. 3k speeding up too snow into Bal by 10am looks heavy too
  9. The NAM has been doing terrible with this just as it did with the last "event" its slowly speeding up the progression and intensity but still not there
  10. If anyone is headed EB Bay Bridge ice is falling into cars one person hit and traffic is mega backed up
  11. Fatties and chunks of ice now
  12. Dumping Snapchat-1579089529.mp4
  13. Snapchat-1450090815.mp4