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  1. Getting some flurries here this morning....not positive but might be the latest I've seen snow here.
  2. Wow that's absolutely incredible. You must have been in a mini jackpot zone.
  3. That's crazy, I have maybe .25" a couple miles away.
  4. Looks like about another 30 minutes of sleet here. How are we looking for a possible 2nd round this evening? Is that still a thing?
  5. Asteroids mixing back in now as the heavy returns approach
  6. Nice! I was hoping to see a post like this.
  7. Hoping those heavy returns will flip us back to mostly snow.
  8. Mostly sleet here atm a couple miles away
  9. Hearing of few pingers mixing in during a little lull here
  10. Snowing to beat the band as Topper would say
  11. I've been up and watching radar since 5am. We have been in a fantastic spot for this one. Looks we may bust high for qpf here.
  12. Straight dumping right now.... it's also snowing pretty hard outside
  13. Back to smaller flakes now but visibility is definitely decreasing with the yellow returns overhead.
  14. Getting some big fatty parachutes now