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Powerful Multi-regional/ multi-faceted east coastal storm now above medium confidence: Jan 29 -30th, MA to NE, with snow and mix combining high wind, and tides. Unusual early confidence ...

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Not WDrag level, but still a keeper for archives, just an excerpt... and finally dropped the "B" word:

In addition, we are increasingly concerned about blizzard or near-
blizzard conditions developing. With 925mb winds at 75 kts,
temperatures in the teens to low 20s, it is looking likely that
blowing snow would result in significantly reduced or near-zero
visibilities at times for southeastern MA. Right now, we are most
confident in blizzard conditions developing from Plymouth county
into Cape/Islands. It is not out of the question that the Providence
to Boston corridor could come into play but we need to see further
confirmation of the westward trend. The silver lining is that
because we are dealing with dry powdery fluff, there is less of a
concern for snow loading issues except for parts of the Outer Cape
and Nantucket due to the coastal front.

Do want to briefly touch on the potential for exceptional to extreme
snowfall rates. Both NAM and GFS Bufkit soundings show 80-90 units
of omega coinciding with the favorable snow growth region. Given
that a double barrel low could develop with the potential for an eye-
like feature at some point, wherever the mesoscale snow band sets up
could see 3 to even 4 inches per hour snowfall rates. With this
forecast package, we have capped the totals at 24 inches. But if we
get more confidence (especially if the GFS comes further west in
line with the international guidance), the forecast amounts for
southeastern MA could go up into the 30 to 36 inches range. And with
the winds gusting over 50 to 60 mph and temps well below freezing,
stay off the roads on Saturday if possible.
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3 minutes ago, HIPPYVALLEY said:

In MA watches cut off about 5mi W of my house actually.

Should have just issued watches for the whole forceast area and just left it at

 "the potential exists for 6" or more of snow, but exact amounts are unable to be pinpointed at this time. This is a dynamic storm with many variables still to be worked out. This watch serves as notice to the public to prepare for what may be a major snowstorm."

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1 hour ago, weatherwiz said:

THEY END UP CONSOLIDATING OH MY GOD!!!!! CRUSHER FOR CONNECTICUT!!!! May have to pull out a 30-36'' contour somewhere OMGGG


It's really too bad that nearly all of the CT peeps except you and Kevin jumped off the bandwagon. We tried to tell them to stay the course, but they didn't listen and we left them on the side of the road. Too bad for them really.

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2 minutes ago, Cyclone-68 said:

I can’t ever remember Harvey going that aggressive with snow totals 

I just watched him, to get a better idea. He’s really confident, said it’s a combo of what the models are showing, but also what he’s seen with these setups in the past.

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36 minutes ago, CT Rain said:

Exactly. There's something weird going on.

The fact that 30% of the Euro Ens members don't even give Boston 6" shows that this setup is really freaking challenging.

Well I guess they're being safe as they just posted the winter storm watches for Hartford and Litchfield County now as well no, but I'm sure you already saw that LOL

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