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  1. GFS not much different from 18z for eastern areas.
  2. Cue the bridge jumpers. This was probably the hiccup run, not the 12z.
  3. RAPv5 - planned implementation spring 2020 at NCEP. If it's such a bad model, why are they still using and upgrading it?
  4. 21z RAP still going strong at hr 39 after crushing everyone. Low stalled for hours just E of Cape.
  5. LOL. You probably won't see Cantore there then.
  6. Surface temps running 3-4°F colder here than progged on GFS.
  7. No model gives my hood less than a foot over 60 hours, clown maps notwithstanding.
  8. 21F here now. GFS forecast low is 23F.
  9. It didn't look bad to me for most areas south of the pike.
  10. UK is meh around these parts. We toss.
  11. 0C 850 never gets above the canal and the 700 doesn't even come close to that, but it has surface temps getting to 40F in Prov and Bos.