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  1. What made the GFS take that dive east just south of us? It's not like we have any real blocking.
  2. UK seemed to consolidate the lows this run as opposed to 12z with the dual lows at 96 hr. I think it will move further NW the next run. Still was a better solution than 12z.
  3. 3k NAM looks nice for Fri night-Sat am, as does the HRRR.
  4. Of course they are. I did leave the clown range caveat, but a bit more consistency over a 12 hour period would be welcomed. If solutions can be that different, why even bother going beyond 240 hrs? What's the point?
  5. Yeah, look at the 2m temp anomaly change from 0z to 12z, lol, on 11/25 over the entire country and Canada. Up to 55F difference in southern Alberta and major differences in Eastern US. Clown range, but still...
  6. What the 12z GFS giveth, the 18z taketh away.
  7. Aren't we under a La Nina watch? Strong Atlantic hurricane season usually means a strong La Nina.
  8. Midwest and south later this week 10-20°F BN, while we bake 10-15°F AN. What's with the heat island up here?
  9. 18z GEFS maintains that ridge out west from d9-d15, and then relaxes it to more of a zonal flow near the end of the run. But 850s stay in single digits here with most days BN.
  10. EPS and GEFS @ hr 240 are almost copies of each other - far different than the Euro op.
  11. GFS remains the outlier as far as cooler temps down the road. Euro, Canadian warmer.
  12. Quite the change for us at h5 in the long range on the GFS from 12z to 18z. October looks to be coming in quite BN for at least the first few days.
  13. Can I put my order in now for a 3-4" qpf 25°F blizzard this winter?
  14. I would think that Ida should rank right up there as far as the length of time a hurricane has maintained winds of 100 mph or greater after official landfall. Ida did make landfall in the swampland and marshy areas that would help maintain the winds and storm structure, but just saying.
  15. 12z gfs has dews mostly in the 40s and 50s over the next two weeks after midweek.
  16. Looks like Ida is going to scour out the extreme dews going forward. Probably would have happened anyway as we go into September.
  17. 12 mb pressure fall in last 6 hours, yet despite that rapid deepening the winds remain at 105 mph over that 6 hour period. I know there is usually a lag between the pressure fall and increased wind speed, but this makes little sense. Is it possible that the hunter planes may be missing where the strongest winds are?
  18. The 0z 3k Nam has it bombing to 897 MB by hr 57. That is Cat 5 easily. The setup is very similar to that of Hurricane Camille in 1969, which formed near the Cayman Islands, crossed extreme W Cuba and made landfall on the LA/MS border. Lowest pressure was 900 MB, and winds were estimated at 200 mph after all instruments were blown away.
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