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  1. OceanStWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Your best bet may be today, because on Wednesday the best overlap of parameters is north and west.
  2. OceanStWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Definitely some hallmarks of http://ams.confex.com/ams/pdfpapers/115477.pdf showing up for parts of WNE Wednesday. 0-3 km CAPE in the 50-80 J/kg range, 0-3 km SRH in excess of 300 m2/s2.
  3. Right now, forecast soundings in the area have a nice dry zone around summit level with maybe some lower based Cu Friday. The moisture increases Saturday to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if the summit capped.
  4. Wildly frowned upon in the NOAA facility.
  5. I'm not sure what you're talking about, Devlin wheel routes FTW!
  6. OceanStWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Wind fields are actually really impressive. 50 knots below 1 km for a good chunk of New England north of the Pike. Turning isn't great, but there is so much speed shear that helicity is actually fairly high 0-3 km. So classic high shear/low CAPE look. Big if is the dewpoint forecast. Models want to surge 70s up into NH, which helps produce a little CAPE anyway. If that busts it could just be a strong cold front.
  7. OceanStWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    This is going to be the day 4 slight that works out, after they chucked for Friday. I was a little (lot?) at a rehearsal dinner/welcome party in PSM but I don't remember any severe there.
  8. Wouldn't shock me. The meso was decent there.
  9. Perfect case actually for producing mesos within a line. You want shear of 30+ knots in that layer to produce mesos (along with other things, like not being cold pool dominant, but shear balanced or shear dominant). This line was shear balanced, and 0-3 km shear was from the west at 30 knots right along coastal MA. So vectors being just about perpendicular to the line meant that there was 30 knots shear right along the coast. Sure enough we produced a few mesos there.
  10. BVY 0.90" in 24 minutes. Not bad.
  11. That was a legit little meso in the line that went through BOS
  12. We have a 3.48" in Greenville so far as the highest.
  13. OceanStWx

    Hurricane Florence

    Yeah, I mean we're definitely not getting into decaying TC type wind. South of the warm front may be "breezy" but not really looking like more than a 25 knot gust.
  14. OceanStWx

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Confirmed tornado. Radar confirmed in fact. Love to see NWS offices on top of that stuff.
  15. Those can sneak up on you.