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  1. Boy that convection developing in western IA looks like it could turn into a freight train down that theta-e axis
  2. It's okay to have a couple duds every summer. There will be plenty of real HHH to go around.
  3. Sweet, @dendrite, we've been locked into the "they said it would be cold and raw" forecast.
  4. Chucking warnings for near AUG and straight out our window we can see the updraft. It's kind of fun to watch the various surges correspond to volume scans on the radar.
  5. Yeah, definitely a missed downburst. Storm dumped a 65 dBZ core from just below 20 kft.
  6. Yep, because 70s and rainy is much better than 68 and rainy. The people agree.
  7. You like how he quoted your 68 and still said 66?
  8. I wouldn't be one to eff around with lightning on Winni.
  9. When thunder roars, check your phone to see how much time you have left to enjoy the outdoors.
  10. We turn on the heat and grab the sweatshirts. Good news is that LCI was added as a Bufkit site though. And GFS data now hourly on that. So when you really want to analyze how deep the ugly air mass is...
  11. Yep, that's what I was looking for.
  12. LCI +TSRA 24014G20KT, congrats @eekuasepinniW
  13. Blowing up right over The Broads. Surprise for the joy riders.
  14. See you at the storms conference.