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  1. That's bang on the mean for 2001-2016 and about 2 degrees cooler than last year (which were actually some of the highest November water temps in the observation period). You know if you wanted to look at the raw data instead of some map on twitter.
  2. The DGZ just stayed right in the mid to upper slope levels through most of the day, so your max low level terrain forced lift was in a perfect spot.
  3. They do some pretty solid work. It'll be nice when we absorb some of their forecasters when the consolidation starts. This was a good example of the shortwaves Will always talks about, where the flow is zipping along and the models don't see it until it is 00 hour. This wave happened to be a little more amplified than forecast. Hi-res models did whiff completely on it though. I took a look at the forecast soundings for HIE though, and saw saturated to near-saturated low levels and the DGZ was nearly to the surface. I don't care if 700 mb isn't saturated, that will produce snow showers every time with westerly flow over the terrain. Chuck in some lake enhancement, and you have a recipe for an overperformer. I think this settles it though, we're going to add Pittsburg as a verification point for snowfall. We're going to make snow forecasts great again.
  4. GYX with the old 20 PoP upslope snow showers as the whole northern half of NH and western ME gets blitzed.
  5. Diabolical. It's all fun and games now, but this time next year we'll be all "y'all got anymore of them weather.us maps?"
  6. Twice. '69-'70 through '71-'72, and '92-'93/'93-'94. They came real close to putting up five straight starting with '06-'07, 94.6", 120.2", 91.4", 96.5", and 128.4"
  7. Meteorology not modelology?
  8. I had the same thought the first time I visited Maui. I wished we had had more time to explore the Kipahulu District when we did the road to Hana, but it takes so damn long on that road we had to get moving before dark set in.
  9. The Hawaiian Islands are sneaky massive. They are just so broad they don't seem that tall. Very jealous. Considering I'm trying to decide if it's 33.8 and +DZ or 33.8 and -RA right now.
  10. Because he was all rain in this last event, he's already declared this forecast a bust.
  11. 11/21-22? Pittsburg had 11" over those two days.
  12. Trillium is a great excuse to go visit my parents. It's hard not to stop when it's right there off 95. I do need to just bite the bullet and detour to Treehouse soon though.
  13. I'm serious though, if you like sours that Sea Quench seaweed sour was really good.