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  1. Two feet after the equinox to claw my way to normal snowfall. Just how you draw it up in the pre-winter meetings.
  2. As someone who has never experienced totality, I'm sure it looks the same way just before totality arrives, but seeing the eclipse shadow pass JUST to our north was pretty cool in its own right. We took the kids out of school and drove as far north as my in-laws (99.12%), but we weren't about to trap ourselves in the car with them in the traffic to the north. Dark enough to see Venus and Jupiter, the kids got a kick out of it.
  3. Who started early on happy hour near AFN?
  4. Was he just coming home from last night?
  5. I'll stick with what USGS goes with. They will revise as they get more data too.
  6. At that time WSO CON forecast for all of NH, WSO PWM had everything south of a Jackman to Danforth line, and WSO CAR had the rest.
  7. Yeah, we're down hard here. It's been the easiest morning after a snowstorm I've ever had.
  8. 1982 wasn't bad. Little lighter for BTV, much bigger for SNE.
  9. I just wasn't convinced the dry slot would saturate as well as it did. Models started getting a better handle of it 00z the night before for at least a few hours of deformation banding, but when that DGZ is dry I get worried about forecasting big totals. I think we did a really good job of keeping the QPF but knocking the ratios way down so we didn't have some obscene widespread 24+ forecast sneak out the door.
  10. The reality is that the previous observer was probably equally far from PWM, just on the cold side. I haven't been down to the peninsula today, but I'm guessing they have less snow downtown that I do.
  11. I was having a real hard time buying an additional 6" after 12z for a lot of locations yesterday, but it is looking like it is going be pretty widespread.
  12. Nah. It's a pretty common mistake that I make all the time. I think Charlie found 3 consecutive obs of blizzard conditions (if you forego the "less than" 1/4 mile bit). But 3 consecutive obs is actually only 2 hours of time. You need 3 hours, so it's really 4 consecutive obs.
  13. Just stay within 5 miles or so of the Jetport. It is amazing the difference across town. The previous observer was in North Deering (not far from where I am).
  14. We couldn't reach them at 18z, but the METAR had a 6 inch snow depth. Based on their previous report we estimated 4.4" additional snow to reach that 6" depth. It could be 5.5" depth rounded up, so maybe you could take that down to 3.9", but it's still a snowfall of 5.5" plus whatever fell after 18z.
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