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  1. Won't be able to buy 7.3 C/km 700-500 in July though.
  2. Non-uniform beam filling. It happens when the sample volume has a gradient of ptypes in it. So it could be snow to rain or in this case hail/graupel and rain.
  3. Mothballs or M&Ms (0.5"). If I had to guess.
  4. Ain't that low topped either. 50 dBZ to 20,000 ft is more than enough this time of year for lots of lightning.
  5. I'm guessing that real mild spell a couple weeks back really helped the early bloomers.
  6. OceanStWx

    Heavy heavy lawn thread 2019

    Drop it under 2 m too so you can grab the near surface moisture.
  7. OceanStWx

    March Disco

    Kevin just started tossing and turning in bed.
  8. OceanStWx

    March Disco

    Back the car right up to The Alchemist and dump the money out.
  9. OceanStWx

    The Annual Countdown to May 1st Thread ©

    Now there is a good reason to delay the model. Failed clown maps not so much.
  10. OceanStWx

    2018-19 New England Snow

    Another 1.5" overnight brings us up to 67.4" for the season.
  11. Solid B-, just above average. Maybe a B with a little extra credit.
  12. OceanStWx

    March Disco

    Me with the choice to extend winter.
  13. OceanStWx

    March Disco

    It's like one hour, but forecast soundings show lift and DGZ perfectly overlapped. That's enough to ruin your day on the roads.
  14. OceanStWx

    March Disco

    Surprise to whom? It's a pretty decent looking shortwave.
  15. OceanStWx

    March Disco

    It sort of just crept up on us. All of a sudden Sebago was frozen solid and the snow banks were getting tall. It's a noticeable jump in conditions just an hour north in WVL. The banks were really high there earlier this week. These SWFE type winters do wonders for building fairly bulletproof pack. Like 2007-2008. There is so much water in it that it's tough to melt.