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  1. Scooter asking "you got any more of those, uh, winter storm warnings?"
  2. Those were the glory days of snow forts in the driveway. And '94 I could skate to school without falling through the crust on the snow after those Feb ice events.
  3. This is New England masquerading as OK during the warm season. If you squint hard enough those could be 7+ lapse rates.
  4. Much like the Patriots, we just play better when there is snow in the air.
  5. There are a lot of buns being tossed in this thread...
  6. Not anymore. MFL has taken over on backup within the last hour.
  7. For next week the records at CON are like 89/90 depending on the day. There's a fair chance we do it.
  8. Oh it's coming this way. We've got near record highs going for Monday.
  9. Each of those points should be 15 or 30 minutes apart, meaning that would be 30+ foot rises in time scales well under an hour. And it doesn't look like it is missing data (like CIAP4 which went from 10 AM to 5 PM without a report). So just to my eyes that looks like bad data. Something could easily be jammed in the sensor (much like ice in the winter can produce similar results).
  10. Most gauges work based on the pressure water exerts on them internally (typically pushing a gas bubble through a tube inside the gauge). That relates to water level and streamflow. The actual transmission of the data can be done from a safe distance/height from the water source, and can be done through solar energy and satellite, so the loss of electricity is not always a problem.
  11. I don't know if they are using the same IFWS that we do up here, but if that's the case it is a pretty sensitive instrument. Rogue gusts and drop outs are not uncommon.
  12. It's not really the speed that's the problem, it's power to the system.
  13. Real men read METARs raw.
  14. Coinciding with hurricane conditions. 43G74KT at the airport.