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  1. Yeah, just referencing the WxTwitter viral post of "flurries" this afternoon.
  2. Cold down there for sure, but even this morning with temps in the 30s would have been tough for snow because it was "fake cold" as the like to say. The majority of the cold was in the lower levels with relatively mild temps aloft still. It was probably dry enough on the Gulf Coast to wet bulb it though.
  3. I think that's probably bogus with a 59/48 spread at the time.
  4. It wasn't me either. But I would happily welcome him for a few months. Still shaking off the cobwebs after vacation, but I wish there was a stronger signal on ensemble sensitivity. Still a little unclear even 60 hours from now. So there could be some late surprises for my backyard.
  5. Someone at AMS convinced the poor bastard to apply for the GYX summer intern...
  6. All that confluence over the Maritimes would definitely support a nice high in a favorable CAD position. It will be interesting that it all starts with a backdoor more or less.
  7. The GFS with 32 shoved back into Mass is a huge red flag. That model loves to drive a warm front to YUL.
  8. Not uncommon for winter events to all be under 10,000 ft clouds. And you're like 7,000 ft on our beam.
  9. Beautiful band of snow, it's just not sticking around.
  10. ASOS is really good with visibility, but vis is only a proxy to snow rates. I've definitely seen 1 1/2SM -SN that was 1"/hr because it was perfect aggregates. Those events are exceptions not the rule though.
  11. Google maps also allows distance measurements now too. It's funny that I remember one of the first things I learned in Ithaca was that it was a half mile from Bradfield to the Clock Tower. And if you lost sight of the American flag on Barton it was 1/4SM +SN.
  12. Trading in my ICAO Ks for Ts. I'll just pack 7 banana hammocks and be done with it.
  13. Well timed high will eff up your record highs every time. Only ice I hope to see this weekend will be in my rum drinks.
  14. Right, one run of the Euro with a snow map isn't really a forecast to follow. The EPS did have higher probabilities going back a few runs, but taking > 6" probs from 30% to 0 shouldn't be considered that wild a swing. Even a 70% chance of > 3" is a 1/3 chance you get less.