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  1. Monday really needs to pan out for Wiz with the Bs getting dumped out of the playoffs.
  2. Looks like Wolfeboro scored a nice little banger. Small hail/gusty winds for sure. Could see the outflow even from our radar.
  3. I could've gotten away with no mow May in the backyard, but the front (that gets the sun) was too much. Plus I need the new seed to take around the new walkway and can't have it shaded out by a pasture.
  4. I did 4 wall mounted with potential to hook up a 5th in the basement when we finished it. One 55,000 btu condenser. I ended up just under 15k. Did the entire winter on those units alone, but we also have solar so the electricity we used is a wash for us. Kevin, you'll appreciate that we flipped them over to cooling today. Install complete.
  5. I'm not sleeping on tomorrow either. Looks more like a straight up and down pulse type event, but I'm interested.
  6. Not a bad place to stop and let the kids stretch their legs on the trips to RI.
  7. I finally got on a calendar for planting so I know roughly when to harvest. Last year I just eyeballed it and didn't have time for a second crop.
  8. Worms where the kids play definitely got my attention too, but from what I've read this type doesn't survive above 30C, so they die if ingested.
  9. I do love the transition seasons for Kevin.
  10. That was my plan, but in reading up on it, it sounds like I may have missed my chance to do it as they won't really target what's in the ground now. I may have to wait until later in summer to get the newly hatched grubs.
  11. I think this is a fairly typical look. EML capping deep mixing, but the boundary layer is still mixed beneath it. And I was wrong, the sonde sampled 88/79 when I launched, while the in office display was 88/80 when we headed out. For some reason 84 for temps stuck in my head.
  12. Some of those AWOSs I find a little suspect sometimes, but my first day on shift at DVN the ASOS was 84/80 when I went up to launch the balloon. So much moisture in the air that it condenses right on you when you leave the office AC.
  13. Was your hill there a really sunny section too? Mine is the south facing lawn that is stressed to begin with.
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