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  1. What thread is Kevin banging the wind gusts in?
  2. This is good, get him used to the wintertime trends towards cutters.
  3. My wife (Bates '08) has different thoughts about Bowdoin.
  4. Heavy, heavy swamp maple leaf drop this morning in my neighborhood.
  5. Are you looking at the backside of the Presidentials there? Have to get my bearings for winter webcams.
  6. I can get up and down the basement stairs pretty quickly to grab a cold one.
  7. Given how deep that trough is going to be and how forcing will parallel the boundary there should be plenty of rain along it. Especially if we can get that little wave to form along the front.
  8. We definitely had some rain showers in the area last week that had actual drop of rain falling from the sky (not enough to even wet the pavement), but otherwise we've had several of these mist events that triggered a T at PWM. Otherwise we're at two weeks without measurable.
  9. I don't think we've been bad but everyone I've talked to locally that has had a test done is taking days to a week+ to get results back. And some of our better results could be because the reopening has been slow. The big caveat is precautions, if those are truly being taken there can be success. I think the Maine wedding is a really instructive example. A couple has their wedding, and whether it was intentionally blurring the lines on state guidelines or truly confusing the regs I don't know, somebody was sick and spread it. Through secondary and tertiary infections that spread to a jail, a church, a long term care facility, and likely into the York County school system. Seven people died that didn't go to the wedding.
  10. We have a 9 week rotation, where each week is a different shift. Leads rotate backwards, so we do evenings, days, midnights. It's that midnight shock that kills me. Basically pull an all nighter to start, and then just as you're getting adjusted to that sleep pattern you are shocked back into a more normal day. Though now that I have a kid at home the evenings are tough too. Don't get home until 12:30 and if I'm lucky asleep by 1, and then I have to get up with him in the morning so my wife can work.
  11. The shift itself isn't that bad, but how fast we rotate through is killer.
  12. Even so, I'm not in favor of winging it and figuring out what the long term ramifications are later. Rather than continue down the COVID rabbit hole, all I'll say is there is zero reason why we shouldn't given widespread testing and tracing a go before full scale reopening.
  13. With a quick cheek swap, you could get a test and have results while waiting for your drive thru Dunkin coffee.
  14. Interesting, because it sounds like not everyone has a fever with COVID. That's where I see widespread rapid testing being useful. Even at 80% accuracy, you grab two of those and the chances you falsely test negative twice are pretty low (like 4%).