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  1. MLB killing me. Despite it being on ESPN they lock me out of viewing the game on YouTube TV.
  2. That was my first thought too, right on the Airline so maybe somebody was woken up by ice cubes on their skylight.
  3. Sneaky good 7 am severe over Downeast Maine? MRMS saying nearly half dollar size hail from above the fog and stratus.
  4. I could think of worse things to do. We're watching your cam get dumped on right now.
  5. Chickens plotting revenge? If the HRRR is any indication, the thicker near surface smoke doesn't arrive until midday tomorrow.
  6. You can find them at places like IEM because of the ASOS period of record, but otherwise no. We definitely don't have a database (even paper) here at the office for instance of daily dewpoint records.
  7. Bagged 1 inch of rain at home in 15 minutes.
  8. It's taking me back to college when we had to get Fortran to calculate the W/sq m based on certain conditions. Kind of cool to see it in action.
  9. Was that that forecast? I honestly didn't look, but saw 2 m temp progs were generally low to mid 80s. I see MOS was quite warm for BDL.
  10. Honestly if anything temps are running warmer than the HRRR across New England as of 15z.
  11. It's complicated. It can cut down on heating and thus CAPE (alternatively doesn't erode CIN), but it can also warm layers of the atmosphere to cut down on lapse rates if the smoke layer is within the updraft zone. But then there is research that says that warmer temps in the updraft zone may lead to warmer RFDs and assist tornadogenesis. So like I said, complicated.
  12. It is impressive how much it cuts down on the insolation. My solar array is 72% of capacity despite no clouds.
  13. In early June I went and did a fitting for the TaylorMade P790s. First set of clubs I ever got fit for, fun experience. Since I knew what club I wanted, it was all about finding the right shaft. My spin rate was too low for a 7 iron (should run between 6500-7500 ideally) with the first, heavier shaft to we dropped the weight some. Then I started pulling my shots. Finally settled on one that gave me the right combo of higher spin rate, good launch angle, and more of a spread centered on the fairway instead of dead pulls. It was cool to see how much my ball flight changed just by switching out shafts. I also averaged 185 carry with the 7 iron, after not playing any golf in nearly a year. These clubs jump.
  14. Upper low, models are going to suck on timing things. But that said if you can pop into clearing early tomorrow then the lower heights aloft mean you can get some good bangers by midday without "full" heating.
  15. He's breaking into the Tree House kind of early for a Monday.
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