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  1. These are the guys you have to watch out for Brazilian wandering spiders hitching a ride on your bananas. Same symptoms as Cialis, only you may die at the end.
  2. I think my biggest summertime issue is midnight shifts. It doesn't have to be very warm: if the sun is out, the bedroom is getting too warm to sleep comfortably. In fact we probably run it more during the day for sleeping than we do at night.
  3. So as some of you may have heard, the budget got rolled out for public viewing. I'm just going to leave this right here, our relevant section is entitled FY18 NOAA CJ
  4. Utqiaġvik
  5. My aunt has a place on the backside of what was King Ridge. If you walk to the top of the street you can see the old trails still cut into the trees. (on the far side of the mountain off the King Ridge Triple in the map). http://www.nelsap.org/nh/kingridge.html
  6. GYX 44, so lava rock must've been toasty too. PWM down to 39, but HIE (29) and BML (28) threw up 20 spots.
  7. You know, I was thinking of your location specifically when I expanded the frost advisory yesterday afternoon. I thought no way does northern Franklin freeze without southern getting a frost.
  8. I mean maybe Monday based on the 12z runs. But I wouldn't be hanging my hat on anything.
  9. I think we see 20s up north, but whether there is any moisture for frost...
  10. A little too close for comfort, eh?
  11. Which one gets eaten if you pull off a 17" snow storm this winter?
  12. Okay, BOX messed up the timing on the RER. The high was at 3:27 not 2:27. So that makes sense they didn't have it yet when they dialed into BOS.
  13. I guess congrats everyone on the heat wave. Let's see if the CLI says something different in another hour or so.