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  1. There is also a difference between the visible smoke on satellite and the particulate matter that the air quality sensors are measuring. Those particles are pretty small and it may appear clear while still being poor air quality.
  2. I lived in Davenport for 2.5 years, so I believe there are worst places to be.
  3. Something started taking our seedlings a couple years ago, so I built chicken wire cages to go on top of my beds. I'm not even entirely convinced they were eating the plants either. It may have been squirrels digging up buried treasure and overturning my veggies.
  4. The one time it pays to be under the upper low.
  5. We can do gusty outflow just fine with marginal shear profiles. HRRR has been spitting out 50 knot gusts at times since yesterday.
  6. I believe the cause in Nova Scotia was human activity like @powderfreak described. The official reporting I've seen from Quebec is that most of the fire starts have been lightning (because there aren't any humans in some of these areas).
  7. MSS visibility under 2 miles in smoke. Impressive.
  8. Some gusty wind/small hailers for Wiz tomorrow? The RAP forecast soundings aren't the worst I've ever seen.
  9. First 18 of the year in the books. 2 birdies and still shot an 88.
  10. Birds got 'em last year, I built a cage. Frost takes them this year.
  11. @Damage In Tolland will be excited to hear that I switched to AC 3 weeks ago. Of course when I'm sleeping during the day on mids and the door is closed my room always sneaks up into the 73/74 degree range because we have so much southern exposure. But I shut all the other heat pumps off and switch mine to cooling.
  12. Yeah, it was a natural feature of my lawn after we built. It honestly wouldn't be my first choice, but it does keep everything green when the south part is baking. My neighbors think it's grass before they actually walk over.
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