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  1. My tiebreak guess was -12 I think, but given where Rosy is at I have to imagine that's where the leader probably sits tomorrow afternoon. I can't imagine an even par final round Sunday.
  2. That hurts. Two real bad approach shots on 17 and 18.
  3. If Berger can stay under the cut line I'll have two line ups going with all 6 guys playing on the weekend. I like my chances for getting my money back anyway.
  4. I can't relate. I've loved my Odyssey ever since I was in high school (I had to replace it once when it was stolen out of my car trunk). If I ever snap a club it's going to be a wedge.
  5. No coop poop around here. I've tried to set up the wildflower bed so that it's an all season bloom. Lupines through asters.
  6. Finished edging the trees, shrubs, and garden beds this morning. Amended the soil in the new blueberry patch. Getting ready to put pavers around the gardens to contain the mulch a bit. I'm also impressed with the spring growth so far. My lilies of the valley are already putting some flowers out. I also threw down a bunch of lupine seed last May, got a lot of summer green growth but no flower because it was too late in the season. This year all the green growth seems to be coming back (I have at least two dozen big patches of new leaves). Hoping for a good show of wildflowers.
  7. That Speith audio of it hitting the tree is what I hear every time I try and punch out.
  8. We're going to need to adjust our forecast to account for eclipse cooling for a couple hours.
  9. I like games like that which can keep all skill levels engaged. That's why I always liked bingo bango bongo so much when I was getting into the game. I was rarely the first to hole out, but I could certainly be first on or closest to the pin once I finally got on the green.
  10. He likes to do this. Blow up on day 1 and then claw his way back into it rounds 2-4.
  11. They just started popping at the top of the hill in my neighborhood. Seemed to happen overnight last night. Nothing on the way to work yesterday, but there today.
  12. Looking for a string of expletives in the AFD next week. Though I guess that could mean I either won or lost.
  13. The year Willett won I had picked him, but because two of my guys missed the cut I didn't even finish in the money. That was a tough one.
  14. Hmm, to win is a little different than fitting 6 guys into a salaried system where they all add up points. I typically like guys who perform well at Augusta in their careers to finish high up the leaderboard. So guys like DJ, JT, Rahm, Speith (but given that he won last week I'm actually more suspect about his chances this week). Cantlay always seems to be lurking around the top 10 too.