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  1. GFS with a pretty nice trowal signal. Really cooling the cloud tops between these two frames. All model caveats apply, but it's nice potential.
  2. I can honestly say before I got the job I had never heard of it before. I don't have a bad thing to say about it though. I loved living in a river city, and there was a sneaky good restaurant and music scene in the QCA. Lots of shortwaves but hard to get too busy when it's only stacking up a tenth at a time. A lot of spread on the northside of this system with the GEFS. Probably stuck sitting on it until late tomorrow when we get a sample of heights across Canada. Not surprisingly the ensemble is sensitive to weaker confluence, resulting in the low pressure farther north.
  3. We had a bit of disagreement with our bank and rates had dropped about a point since our original mortgage agreement, so we refinanced with another bank (later to be bought by the original bank ) and converted to a 20 year. The house appraised for 25k more in a year.
  4. The first apartment I looked at when I moved here had a view of the Whites from the living room. I opted for a view of the wharves on Commercial (the apartment was bigger). We got to take our wedding pictures on the roof of the Eastland (now Westin) and let me tell you. THAT'S a view of the Whites.
  5. PWM raked in 65.8" in 30 days but still felt like we missed out.
  6. Scooter has pictures taped to his ceiling.
  7. It looks like a tightrope. Could be a bit of a blue bomb into the foothills, but could also be 33 and rain.
  8. I think your namesake will probably be the biggest limiting factor here. Blows through south of the mountains pretty quickly.
  9. The only thing I can think of is they were either so blinded by personal agenda and got caught, or it was intentional to build a profile by being "cancelled".
  10. I've been refreshing your poop every couple of days. Because that shit literally ends up coming north eventually.
  11. In my opinion it's such a weird way to go out. As top scientists they could have steered research towards their preferred solutions. Instead they opted to push out suspect research and slap an official seal on it without approval. I can do my own research here, but I can't slap it on our website under the NWS/NOAA seal without approval first.
  12. I definitely don't take it as a criticism, and actually sometimes I come here because I can't check every P&C for accuracy and consistency. I like to say we're way more akin to a graphic designer than how these guys did things.
  13. You're mostly right. Sometimes it a broad brushed range over a larger area. But BTV does a better job than most at talking about details down to specific areas of the mountains. I'm actually trying to get better at drilling down to those finer geographical points in my discussions, but it's hard to put that kind of detail into the forecast and still have time to get it out. You could spend all day crafting a perfect forecast for Stowe, Bretton Woods, or Newfound Lake, but those are all just one grid point of thousands.
  14. Is that a request? I'm on long term, so I can give you all rain. It's actually surprisingly easy to keep snow in the forecast. Most of our weather type tools allow some snow up to 37 degrees. We're not ready for full automation yet, you have to be pretty intentional about what you're trying to put into the grids to make it to the P&C. The newer folks are still learning that.