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  1. Blew away the cap while increasing lapse rates aloft. That hodograph is pretty tasty too. Sickle under 1 km, large/looping. Kind of a classic significant tornado look.
  2. https://twitter.com/growingwisdom/status/1527222628972482560
  3. I'm feeling like Sunday might be the hottest day in the Merrimack Valley. Front inching closer and southwest flow gives the compressional warming/downslope combo. I feel pretty good about upper 90s.
  4. We effed around with the ring of fire all summer and found out.
  5. powderfreak might still be rolling in it.
  6. Monday really needs to pan out for Wiz with the Bs getting dumped out of the playoffs.
  7. Looks like Wolfeboro scored a nice little banger. Small hail/gusty winds for sure. Could see the outflow even from our radar.
  8. I could've gotten away with no mow May in the backyard, but the front (that gets the sun) was too much. Plus I need the new seed to take around the new walkway and can't have it shaded out by a pasture.
  9. I did 4 wall mounted with potential to hook up a 5th in the basement when we finished it. One 55,000 btu condenser. I ended up just under 15k. Did the entire winter on those units alone, but we also have solar so the electricity we used is a wash for us. Kevin, you'll appreciate that we flipped them over to cooling today. Install complete.
  10. I'm not sleeping on tomorrow either. Looks more like a straight up and down pulse type event, but I'm interested.
  11. Not a bad place to stop and let the kids stretch their legs on the trips to RI.
  12. I finally got on a calendar for planting so I know roughly when to harvest. Last year I just eyeballed it and didn't have time for a second crop.
  13. Worms where the kids play definitely got my attention too, but from what I've read this type doesn't survive above 30C, so they die if ingested.
  14. I do love the transition seasons for Kevin.
  15. That was my plan, but in reading up on it, it sounds like I may have missed my chance to do it as they won't really target what's in the ground now. I may have to wait until later in summer to get the newly hatched grubs.
  16. I think this is a fairly typical look. EML capping deep mixing, but the boundary layer is still mixed beneath it. And I was wrong, the sonde sampled 88/79 when I launched, while the in office display was 88/80 when we headed out. For some reason 84 for temps stuck in my head.
  17. Some of those AWOSs I find a little suspect sometimes, but my first day on shift at DVN the ASOS was 84/80 when I went up to launch the balloon. So much moisture in the air that it condenses right on you when you leave the office AC.
  18. Was your hill there a really sunny section too? Mine is the south facing lawn that is stressed to begin with.
  19. I was going to try and go the natural route with the kids playing in the yard, but based on what I saw I think I might nuke it.
  20. My grub problem is pretty bad. I knew I must've had it bad because of the die off last summer, but hoo boy it's a massacre below ground. I had a patio paver walkway put in to the front door last fall and planned to level and replant the grass this spring. As I level it's at least a dozen grubs per square foot.
  21. Yeah I'm getting close to transplanting my lettuce/kale, carrot, onion, and cauliflower. Started peppers and tomatoes inside a couple days ago, give them 4-5 weeks to get going before they move outdoors too.
  22. @ORH_wxman having flashbacks of ITH porches in full ski gear bouncing ping pong balls across a table with cups filled with Blue Light.
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