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  1. I commute from Magnolia (small part of Gloucester) to Boston for work, and as much as i love snow, it usually makes me a bit nervous. I just happen to be off tomorrow, so hoping for some fun tonight/tomorrow AM.
  2. I'm feeling pretty good about my area (cape Ann) for tomorrow night, at least in my extremely amateur opinion.
  3. Looks like we get hit pretty good Monday night into Tuesday morning.
  4. You're right by me, I'd be happy with 3 or 4.
  5. The NWS has the range for eastern Essex at 3-12 inches in the winter storm watch lol. That is rough, what a tough call this seems to be.
  6. Channel 4 feeling bullish. Even the immediate coastline north of the south shore.
  7. Nah lol. I don't really care about amounts yet, I just have a long commute Monday morning so was curious.
  8. I am guessing that the Cape Ann area will be a slushy mess for this?
  9. Snowing very hard in Gloucester, probably just got an inch/inch and a half in the last half hour.
  10. Somewhere around 10/11 inches in Gloucester, I think 18 is doable.
  11. The radar may not look amazing up here, but its snowing hard as all hell in Gloucester. That band coming in off the ocean shortly should be epic.
  12. I hate being the guy to ask for my own area, but how does Cape Ann look for this? I'd assume it'll be a pretty damn impressive storm here.
  13. Barry Burbank is all in, has pretty much all of Worcester and points east for 12+, almost down to the canal. Harvey is starting to push 6-12+ as well.