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  1. You know it's going to be a bad storm when there are fumbles already happening in D.C.
  2. I thought this was a weather forum.
  3. Ahhh...didn't know that. Thanks.
  4. And it was the Lindsay Snowstorm in New York City
  5. Will end up over 9" in Old Lyme. We're a hair under right now.
  6. When lay people see that big bend in the cone, most will remember Hermine and figure this is a whiff, too........Columbus Day plans will not be altered, especially by those who may have interrupted their Labor Day weekends for a storm that had less local impact than a shart.
  7. Terrible timing for the Jersey folks. Getting interesting for Long Island Sound.
  8. We just had some of the strongest gusts I've experienced in Niantic over the last 12 months. It really is ripping in LI Sound and Niantic Bay.
  9. Not bad. You only bitched for 48 hours and had a nice event. Congrats and rest up so you can gnash your teeth through Wednesday's snow.
  10. 4" in Niantic. Hopefully, the heavy stuff hangs in there.
  11. Kind of chaotic in Niantic. Been heavy winter all morning and now the wind is picking up. Trains have been parked on the main line of Amtrak due to a fatality on the tracks in Old Lyme just to the southwest. Train traffic got back underway ten minutes ago and there are a lot of train horns blowing as they pass very slowly through Niantic. Visibility is quite low. May be a nice place for a WVIT remote.
  12. Just north of 2" in Niantic right now. Good event so far. Hard stuff started around 7:00 am.
  13. Those limbs damaged from the previous storm may become a problem in this winds...big gust here at 5:30.
  14. Just informed my buddies who are gathering now for the festivities. Two are private contractors with plows. They want the money but they wanted to have several pops, too.
  15. Milk and bread will go as fast as chips, dip and chicken wings in the supermarkets on the Cape tomorrow. Ryan Maue talking "blizzard conditions" there.