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  1. Reed Timmer posted that he's in Bay St. Louis, also, but he's getting out because the water is already rising.
  2. A good soaker this afternoon and this evening on the CT shore. A few rumbles of thunder and some lightning but very tame compared to our friends to the west of us.
  3. Tree damage in Hamden and North Haven sure looks like it was caused by a small tornado.
  4. Montauk webcam
  5. I think that was a head fake by Josh. He's in Louisiana now.
  6. A significant percentage of shelters in the Houston metro area are already impacted by COVID-19.
  7. Yeah...18z GFS pummels Louisiana. 1-2 punch.
  8. Clouds are battering us here along CT's southeastern shore.
  9. Light rain commenced in Old Lyme (CT) about 20 minutes ago. I am SO happy to sit this ice mess out. Brought in two loads of firewood, got the recyclables to the street for tomorrow, and am settling in with dinner going and power at full on! Rainy day tomorrow but I'll have hot leftovers at the office! Good luck to those in the ice...stay safe!