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4 minutes ago, OceanStWx said:

Models showed that really well actually. Well defined circulation at 925, but ragged near surface.


It wasn't a difficult insight to gather, just conceptually leading this, yup - then seeing it charted ... pretty much should have K0ed enthusiast's expectations for drama LOL

..so to speak ..

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I know it isn't over yet, but I feel Cape Cod dodged this one so far.

Had some good gusts here in Cotuit, but nothing to crazy. (Upper 20's to maybe 30? I'm not great when estimating wind.)

The house we're at has a pool and the kids really wanted to go. There are no overhanging trees, so we said sure, why not.

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33 minutes ago, ORH_wxman said:

I'm thinking like 40-50mph gusts here. Best window looks like about noontime to 3ish. That's when the best combo of LLJ and weak inversion trying to break occur. Can't rule out some higher gusts if we get a good squall to mix the winds down, but I don't think 60+ would be widespread around here.

That'll  knock out power to hundreds of thousands.

Well, hundreds anyway.

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4 minutes ago, hooralph said:

Any reports from Milford, CT area? Seem to be missing the rain (and presumably wind) so far, but wondering if sound flooding is emerging as expected.

Big fat nothing here so far. Hardly a breeze. NBC had a live shot down at the beach and it looked normal. No swells or anything like that.

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