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  1. -12 was the min here. Up to -6.5 now. Cars started and no pipe issues, thankfully.
  2. -7/-19 at 8pm...brisk. Grabbed the storm door handle to let the dogs out and it was covered in a layer of ice.
  3. January ending with an even 7.00" in the tipper...sump pump has been working overtime this month. Mean temp is currently .2 degrees above December's mean so we could actually end up warmer than December overall. Going into Feb with 15.5" of snow. No idea what average is to date but we're 11" behind last winter. Hoping for a respectable ending.
  4. Still have fond memories of skiing Saddleback some time in the mid-eighties on a day that chased most people off the mountain. Wind chills were certain below zero at the base and well below up high. I loved being out in it though and then we had some nice squalls blow in later in the afternoon. At one point it was just me and a ski patrol riding up the T-bar to the summit. They were probably worried I'd get in trouble.
  5. Glad to see this event got a wider area into some snow. Grabbed an inch last night before the transition to ice and rain and then about 3.5 today. Finally got to break out the snowblower too. 31/28
  6. In a hole for a while but now coming down nicely. School cancelled today in anticipation of afternoon commute so we'll see if it starts dumping here in the next hour. 32/30
  7. A hair under 32 and light snow. Hoping for at least 4" through tomorrow.
  8. Had about 2" from the overnight stuff. Nice moderate snow now...maybe grab another couple today. 32/30
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