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  1. Nice winter night out there. High of 39 today and now 25 with crunchy snow under foot in the yard.
  2. Congrats down south. Picked up about 1/2"...nice start to the season. 35F
  3. 42F raw night. Picked up .25" today and over 4" for October. Drought level should drop down a notch by next week.
  4. Only question now is when to fire up the Zoom room.
  5. 31.7 this morning ...first below 32 this season
  6. 42F and gusty. 1.69" since yesterday
  7. Coastal Plain turning into Coastal Desert
  8. Pretty meh for severe here but the sky put on quite a show as the line had just passed...
  9. Looks like 1.11", which is pretty close to other stations nearby so the new Davis seems to be set up ok.
  10. Dry month. Measured .01 yesterday and before that nothing measurable since .67 on the 9th.
  11. Selling my snowblower this afternoon...epic season incoming.
  12. Fog is dang thick...something of interest besides drought. 66/65