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  1. Spent several February vacations at Saddleback back in the 80s. Will always remember that t-bar to the summit. Used to joke it was like a black diamond t-bar. I fondly recall a day the conditions were pretty rough, like heavy squalls with temps in the teens and going up that t-bar with ski patrol. Most everyone else had called it a day by that point. Looking forward to getting back up there again.
  2. First flakes this morning...nice to see Edit: Actually turned into a nice little squall
  3. Interesting. So why is Berkshire western MA but Essex isn't northeast MA?
  4. Hit 29 here for first below 30 of the season. Next weekend could be fun.
  5. Pretty tame here so far but expecting a rough night's sleep. 55/50
  6. Can probably re-use this thread for the mid-week threat. Looks more like the "big rain" than this past storm. Yesterday was the best day in terms of wind and precip here but overall very tame.
  7. Noticing quite a bit of stressed trees around here. Some appear to have already lost most of their leaves while others still mostly green.
  8. 37 for my low with a little frost on parts of the lawn
  9. Thought I heard drops outside. Little shower came through...67F
  10. https://www.forbes.com/sites/allenelizabeth/2019/09/05/another-warm-blob-is-forming-in-the-pacific-ocean/#293ed11514af September 2019 looking like September 2014? The following winter was pretty nice here.
  11. Doldrums. Would be nice to at least get a good, early season nor'easter in here to break the routine.
  12. Looks like eye is starting to form on Dorian per sat
  13. Beautiful up at the lake today Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  14. About to bang pretty good here in PSM. Nasty clouds to the west.