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  1. Looks warm out there until you step outside and feel the 38F chill on a northeast breeze. .
  2. Had a nice light show with small hail as well. Looks like one more line to move through in a while. 38F
  3. Ended with about 4.5"...first since 2/13 and most since 1/18.
  4. Huge flakes. Looks like full moon out there with every light bouncing off of them. Estimate about 2.5"-3" on the ground.
  5. Wish we had some better cold to the NE. Might end up a lot like the early December storm if it wasn’t March. .
  6. Just woke from the couch and Euro has a couple decent events next week...that kind of snuck up. Almost too little too late but at least it's something to distract from this Conona exile.
  7. If there's one thing that tells it's been a rat of a winter is that I have not had to use my snowblower even once. I've owned one for about 15 years and that's a first. We'll see what the next couple weeks offer. It's interesting because for most of the winter I was on pace to beat 2018-19 but that season has now surpassed this one by 5 inches. Barely more than half of normal at this point.
  8. Jealous of what VT has seen the past few days. Leaving Crotched today. Conditions pretty bad after the rain Thursday but improved yesterday. Despite that we had some fun. Just getting up high for the views makes it worthwhile... .
  9. Been holding out hope for something good to show up in models and verify so definitely a frustrating winter. Going to Crotched Mt. tomorrow for a few days with the kid and it looks really borderline between some good snows on Thursday AM or some rain. 12z NAM looks like it stays mostly frozen in the Monadnock region. Fingers crossed that the one time this winter I really need the cold and snow, it happens. We'll see. After this week any good events will be welcome but will also be ready to move on. Currently at 37.5" on the season and about half of that fell by December 3.
  10. 1.6F this morning. Hoping to keep my crusty couple of inches and trend that mid-week system further south. GFS long range would be perfect for ski vacation the week of the 24th. Please let that stay, or at least avoid a total rainer.
  11. I'd take 4" to whiten the landscape ahead of the cold blast.
  12. Going to Crotched Mt. for NH Feb. school vacation (2/25-29). Hoping things look somewhat better by then. Do not want to be skiing on ice or slogging through slush for three days.
  13. 30F and glazed over here. Wonder how long it will take before we're back above freezing. Looks like there might be a little snow clipping us later tonight as the low bombs out overhead.
  14. Would love a wire-to-wire winter but that type of season is really difficult to come by. Still some time left this year for a period of good to great outcomes for the winter lover even in SNE.