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  1. "Indian summer"?
  2. Been watching models and following along here when things started looking interesting for this week/weekend. Last night I watched the WBZ winter outlook and they mentioned it as the most difficult they've had to produce because of the disparity amongst a number of indicators. The front-ended winter would be nice for a change but it seems hard to put your eggs in any one basket this year. That said, as the resident weather geek at my office, I have a pool going to guess the white Christmas chances, and I'm in for at least 6 inches on the ground at some point Christmas Day. But we'll see.
  3. Has that mid-winter feel tonight. 21F and gusty
  4. 33F and falling
  5. First flakes this morning...nice to see.
  6. 32.5F for the low
  7. I like the look of the euro in the long range.
  8. No worse for the wear here. Never lost power but fully expected to based on the way it sounded out there earlier.
  9. Almost tempted to take a drive to the beach after midnight to check things out but a little concerned about downed limbs on the roads. Anyway, a decent wind event looks likely here.
  10. Even some "mood fog" rolling in off the water this evening would be welcome.
  11. This is pretty interesting: https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/snow-and-ice/snowfall-extremes/. In NH, I was somewhat surprised to see Rockingham Cty second from bottom for 1-day record, but in 4th place for 3-day record (2015). That was a pretty amazing period.
  12. Colder here than on Mount Washington right now...40.8F
  13. 38F here this morning...first <40 of the season.
  14. Wondering if any bands make it up this far later on. Models hinted at it yesterday.