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  1. No obs thread for today but I'm getting some flakes. Now up to 16.00001 inches on the season.
  2. At this point just some sustained cold would be nice and hope something pops. Tired of mud season in January.
  3. Lock it in. Maybe that's what the para snow accumulations is based on.
  4. 46F and 1" of rain. Beautiful January day...at least it's better than 35 and calm. Looks like even Loon NH is getting pounded.
  5. From a pure weather standpoint, it would be a tough call between the outer Cape, likely Truro/N. Truro, or somewhere up in the Whites or western Maine mountains. I've casually looked for places around the Chatham NH/Evans Notch area. From a family/lifestyle perspective, I like where I'm at in the NH seacoast.
  6. That's a nice looking event on the GFS, 18-19th.
  7. Steady light snow. Maybe .3 inches for the whole day, most of which has come this evening. 31F
  8. I think it's hard to really know which model to lean on more these days. GFSv16 looked like it was taking the reins from the old GFS and was weighed more in this event even though the old GFS was more right in the end (at least the way things look now).
  9. Not much left of the 1.25" I measured last night. 38/37
  10. Hoping for 2" base mixed with sleet to help firm things up as foundation for what comes next week.
  11. 10-12 inches over a couple days would be a great way to re-invigorate the season
  12. 98 wasn't a big deal down this way (2008 a different story), but the images of those high-tension power line towers just bent over in half up in Quebec will be remembered.
  13. Long range GFS/GFSv16 went from cutter city to miller B city. Hope that holds.