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  1. No reports of a fireball/bolide in New England per this site... https://fireball.amsmeteors.org/members/imo_view/browse_reports?event=PEN NASA actually tracks these events although data only goes to 7/6: https://neo-bolide.ndc.nasa.gov/#/
  2. Woke to the sound of heavy rain around 2AM and checked radar to see a decent swirl coming in from the SE. Lawn and garden appreciate it. Morning winds and fast moving clouds were the most interesting aspect relative to our typical July weather.
  3. I wonder if the pattern we're entering persists in one form or another into the August-September time frame. Return of troughiness in the Midwest/GL like we're seeing this week could make for an interesting season. If you look at the track of Hurricane Bob, it's very similar to model output for 98L, and was also influenced by a Great Lakes trough. We'll see.
  4. Minisplit AC install next Wednesday. Looks like timing will work out although aweek earlier might have been better from the sound of it.
  5. Pretty blah out there now with clouds and 70F. Thought today would have ended up the better day this weekend.
  6. Downpours training in from the ocean for a while now...wish I had a decent rain gauge...piling up fast out there
  7. Spoke in the wheel formed to the southeast and rotated in...been pouring for about an hour now. Looks to continue but please no basement flooding.
  8. 67, breezy and cloudy. Seems like we're the pivot point of this thing...nothing of consequence since a brief downpour yesterday afternoon.
  9. Maybe not totally surprising the NNE is getting the big heat when northern Siberia is putting up 100s.
  10. 68F and looks like the ocean is trying to reassert itself with clouds starting to fill in .
  11. Things are popping up to my north .