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  1. Pretty mild for this time of night in mid-Sept...71F.
  2. The National Weather Service reported Tuesday morning that 1,200 cloud-to-ground strikes and 5,800 in-cloud strikes hit the Bay Area Monday night. "You can see both," says Scott Rowe, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Monterey. "Both are just as dangerous." If you live in a cloud?
  3. Snowing on Mt. Washington
  4. Just uninstalled
  5. I like the prospect of that moisture riding up the coast mid-late next week regardless of Irma. Be a good drink for my parched yard.
  6. http://www.g-townsurf.com
  7. Guess I picked the wrong week for stay-cation (this week) vs. Maine camp (next week). Hoping the rains come mostly at night.
  8. Tantalizingly close on radar. It seems like storms never generate here, and those that might travel in from the west/sw, come here to die.
  9. Been a bit of a lackluster summer here in terms of storms but at least we're not dealing with this... https://youtu.be/UHF40fJ4CI0
  10. Game on (sorry)
  11. Nothing interesting here today. Would really like to have a good night-time storm that lights up the house. Been so long can't remember the last one.
  12. Congrats south coast...humid and blah here...81F
  13. Still haven't installed. I like to avoid it for as long as possible. Even one or two day incursions of 90+ won't force my hand unless there's a bunch of humidity along with it. If the air is dry enough the nights cool and we just run fans. I usually cave by late June...barring some extremes next week. Looks like that may not be as bad as it looked yesterday.
  14. Rogue gust took down the patio table and busted the sun umbrella. Not sure what the speed was but it came out of nowhere.
  15. Radar filling in as that band heads southeast. Farewell flakes for the season? 32F