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  1. 72F. Second 70+ of the season.
  2. The atmosphere will not obey what human models tell it to do. Force field of weather still keeping everything away. Where's Obi Wan to take it down?
  3. It would seem like there's no change from the dominant pattern all winter...now continuing into spring. Eventually it'll break and probably at the worst possible time to leave us wondering what happened to summer.
  4. Getting a little snow shower now. 38F
  5. 1.45" of rain. Some house-cracking gusts today but no power issues.
  6. Nice cloud structure and rain shafts offshore from Jenness Beach, RyeNH .
  7. Hit 59 today. Sea fog rolling in now. Don't think we hit 70 here for a while.
  8. About 3 miles in from the Atlantic. Also, not sure if a fan-aspirated radiation shield might have had me staying in the high 50s but I think it's still pretty accurate.
  9. At least things looks to get more active. Been a flaccid month so far. Beautiful day at 63F before the sea breeze knocked it back.
  10. March looks to fail in the snow dept. so will be giving a final grade of C- here. Feels nice out there today...ready for spring.
  11. Warm evening. Still just under 58F. Sea breeze season kicking in earlier...
  12. Meat grinder to cutter pattern...rinse and repeat