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  1. Going to close out met winter with 24". Anything could happen but I'm not expecting much improvement the rest of the season so looking at another under performer in the books. My daughter is in Costa Rica with school this week and looking at the pics from there I'm mentally ready to just go full on summer.
  2. Just looking at March data for the Greenland NH coop, 2012 stands out as a glaring anomaly in the past 24 years. All 80+ days in March (3 total) occurred that year. There have been 0 80+ readings in February in the last 24 years.
  3. As much as I want to buy into these bombing solutions, mother nature seems unable to ignite anything close to what models depict even within a 4 day lead. Not sure why it's just an observation that we've seemed to lack the ability over the last several years for ingredients to come together. There's like a zone of negative interference from eastern PA to western NS where cyclogenesis is failing to develop. Maritimes are racking up this season and I kind of expect this event to go their way as well. Time will tell.
  4. 7.68" of rain and 21.5" snow for January. Not great snow-wise but could have been worse of course. Onward and upward.
  5. Drove back from Bridgewater to Burlington through the snow. Thought it was just a passing shower but it kept intensifying. Driving 128 in the snow is terrible. 14/9
  6. Just barely got first single digit low... 9.9F
  7. Finished with 3.5" before change to sleet and freezing rain. Super fluffy stuff this morning and figured we'd be good for at least 6 but the 2-4/3-5 calls were right.
  8. Dumping in round 2 as well. Probably get a half inch out of it at least
  9. Damn..this is intense. Got a thunder snow clip on video to boot.
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