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  1. Canadian sniffed it out...at least the first one (could still be wrong)
  2. Pulling for the Canadian to liven things up a bit. GFS is just snoozeville but at least it looks fairly seasonable temp-wise.
  3. Yeah, most of the time it's April. Last time it waited until May around here was 5/21/95. Although, 2015 data is missing from the local ASOS when BOX reported 5/4 as first 70+.
  4. Maybe another shot at 70 this week but then hopefully done until May if we manage to avoid the grinch.
  5. Temps really shooting up early. Already 72. Surprised how dry this month has been compared to the previous two. Only .74 so far.
  6. May be a bit of onshore flow here. 64 but no wind so pretty nice out despite clouds. First fall fire pit tonight. Beef stew, fall beers and cider donuts for dessert...that time of year.
  7. Coldest temp of the entire month of Sept right now...just in the nick of time. 46F
  8. I publish to WU but also PWS Weather. It's not without the occasional glitch but the browser interface is pretty decent... https://www.pwsweather.com/station/pws/pwsmarjorie Nice fall-like evening
  9. 65/64, still pretty dewy after the .45 last night. Over 5" of rain for Sept.
  10. Perfect Storm redux this year? At least hoping for some legit nor'easters to get the juices flowing.
  11. 73/69 and gusty. Just a few drops earlier. Thinking we're in the low clouds and occasional drizzle regime this weekend but hope not.
  12. 76/69...feels pretty good without intense sun. Beer garden later for one last hurrah.
  13. Getting a Pease air show preview here today. Thunderbirds have buzzed my house a couple times...one of the dogs is not pleased.
  14. Climate change: Arctic warming linked to colder winters - BBC News Judah Cohen making the rounds again
  15. 3.06" here. Models seemed pretty spot on. Now 59/58 with a NE breeze...fall is here.
  16. Goodness, watching scenes out of NYC area just shocking. Stay safe.
  17. Finished JJA with 18.74" of rain and the beat goes on it would seem. But, looking forward to better fire pit weather, some real nor'easters and first frost.
  18. Lawn will stay green for a while it seems. Misery mist and showers now...65F
  19. Webcam just died...can't believe it lasted that long
  20. Outdoor concert this evening in town...should be perfect. Good riddance to the 90/75 crap.
  21. I hope to never see 90 again until next July
  22. In the murk all day with some showers earlier. Pea soup is setting back in for the third night in a row. 68/67
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