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  1. Same. Second heat wave of the summer now but that's enough.
  2. Just did about 10 mins of light yard work before the dews chased me back inside. 94/78 ugh
  3. Looks like 85/76 before 9am here. Stifling.
  4. Nice drink and some wind. .64” in the Davis…another round incoming.
  5. In Wareham this morning with the wife taking care of some family business. Showing 83/75 from a local station and I can feel it sitting in the car with windows open. Can’t fathom working outside in this.
  6. Might make it to you but probably DOA here
  7. Maxed at 94.7 earlier this afternoon. Now 86/71.
  8. Beauty up at the lake today. Comfortable dews and temps after a deluge yesterday evening. Maybe one more trip next week before passing it to new owners.
  9. Will finish the month with 3.33" of rain. Felt drier but think that's a typical amount for July. One heat wave from 22nd-24th and came close to a 6 day stretch but just missed the 90 mark on the 21st (although I think the airport hit 90 that day for the official 6 day heat wave). Today almost felt like one of those back broken days of late August...very windy and felt nice when not in direct sun.
  10. Really? "A series of other category 3 heatwaves - Yago, Xenia, Wenceslao and Vega - are expected later this summer." Climate change: Will naming heatwaves save lives? - BBC News
  11. Quite a bit of sun now. 82/78...can cut the air with a knife. Got 1.14" from the storms earlier.
  12. A real t-storm day here. Pounding rain with frequent flashes. Nothing severe but maybe more in the pipeline this afternoon. 73/71
  13. 91/67 on the davis already. Lower 80s on stations a few miles away by the water.
  14. Looks like a nice cluster about to move in here. Getting dark. 85/69
  15. 1.16" since yesterday. Got a good downpour just after midnight that accounted for most of it. Now back to San Diego weather.
  16. Nice little hike to Dead Pond in Nottingham NH. Great weather with a breeze to keep the bugs at bay. .
  17. MV and Nantucket look like they're gettin' choked with rain. Meanwhile, .05 here. 74/69
  18. 83/72 on the Davis. Does not feel comfortable. Hit first 90+ of the year today (91). Need some water for the gardens.
  19. Thunder here...looks pretty quick but nice to have a night-time show. Nice cell building along the MA border.
  20. Hit 88.8 this morning for hottest day of the year so far. Sea breeze kicked and now down to 82/68. Another nice evening on tap.
  21. Turned into a nice evening by the fire pit. High of 88F...down to 71 now. Felt like the first real summer day...the short shorts were out everywhere.
  22. My Davis has me 82/66 now. Backyard lobster and steak later with guests...hoping that sea breeze that's been here for a week makes an appearance this afternoon.
  23. High of 70F in full sun today...can't remember a cooler solstice. Looking back the past several years it's typically been over 80 on this date. Would like something interesting to show up soon but Stein in control for now.
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