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  1. Iceland experiencing earthquakes constantly for the last week...apparently that's unusual even for them. Earth is trying to throw us off like a bull throwing a cowboy at the rodeo.
  2. Still 15-20" below normal snowfall. Currently grading it a C. Basically been very consistent with the last two seasons, both in that 15-20" below normal range. Best we could do at this point is get it up to a B with average snow but that seems like a long shot.
  3. Coating this morning and still mixing a bit. 35F
  4. Hoping for one bona fide storm to develop south of LI actually strengthen, and then curl up into the Gulf of ME with heavy snow and winds 50+ along the coast. You know, like storms of yore. Too much to ask this year...maybe we'll get it next October.
  5. Done it once in summer and also early October. The October climb was probably the latest I had climbed in the whites and had some snow showers/squalls by the time we got back to the car. Could have been a dicey descent. I was a little concerned with the couple that were up there in shorts and a wind breaker.
  6. Probably third year in a row below normal snow unless March has some surprises. I think we'll at least do better than the last two seasons but maybe not by much. Sitting at 43" now.
  7. Looks like a little more than 4" here. Nice snow globe earlier. 25F
  8. 26 -SN, barely an inch of fluff. Looks like most of what we get comes later on...nice enhancement along the coast in NE MA tonight.
  9. 27F. Had a little -SN/IP earlier. Will be interesting to see if we're raining or sleet/ice tomorrow morning. Been on the line with models but I expect we'll flip to plain rain.
  10. 2 inches of fluff. Snow piles are growing. 24F
  11. Coming up on 3 inches. Should be within 3-6 forecast range. 28F
  12. Just did some more shoveling. The sleet added on top has made the pack pretty stout...might keep it until some time in March. 32F
  13. 14.5 inches as of this morning. Still 29F
  14. Up to 10" now. Temps steady at 29F.
  15. Reggie still pimpin the Gulf of ME low tomorrow afternoon/evening.
  16. Pouring snow. Guessing about 4 so far. 29F
  17. Underway here and intensifying pretty quickly. 30F
  18. Wrapping up the month with 4 inches of snow and the coldest temp on the last day of the month (2F this morning).