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  1. 23/16 with very light snow. Ground whitening up a bit.
  2. Hoping the expanded QPF showing on models is realized...getting a coating would be a win here. Low of 19 this morning, now 22/13.
  3. 1.34" in the Davis since yesterday. Still a 54/53 balmy December night. Let's get this crap out of the way now and bring on winter...
  4. I think the takeaway is the op runs are going to be all over the place for a while. The GFS had the low next weekend over Toronto at 0z and over NYC at 6z. Just continue watching the evolution of the pattern for clues but detailed outcomes are a little suspect on the ops beyond 5 days.
  5. Todays rain finishes the month a hair shy of 5 inches. First 15 days high temps averaged out at 63.5. Last 15 were 46.6. Nice gusts today with power flickering...46/41.
  6. Approaching .80" of rain today. Nice day earlier with sun and temps in the mid 50s. That Wednesday system looks like it would have a decent squall line as depicted on models...maybe some damage?
  7. Yeah, I know...it was initially titled 2020 instead of 2022. Thought Ray had a bit of a Freudian slip and predicting a repeat of that month. I'd take another 14" for December if it manages to stick around through Christmas at least but hoping we do a little better this year.
  8. Is this a throwback thread or did you mean December 2022 Obs/Disc
  9. Barring the summer-like warmth recently, it seems like things are progressing like a typical mid-late fall would. It's too early for big snow storms despite the model fantasies. I would actually like to see a couple decent rainy nor'easters before we start talking snow. That feels like November. If we can get into a pattern where the storms can develop despite being wet vs. white, it's a harbinger of better things later.
  10. 1.55" of liquid snow since yesterday. At least the atmosphere is starting to perk up...should get some better chances soon. 37/34
  11. Evening glow looking at Kittery me from New Castle NH
  12. 67/65, birds chirping, flowers blooming... .90 since yesterday
  13. Interesting roller coaster temp graph last night. From 60F at 230am to 66 at 4am back down to 60F at 730am. Up to 71/63 now.
  14. Looks like we'll max at 77.7...definitely gonna win the powerball. DP hit 64 as well...nice summer day.
  15. Same temp here. 71/52 off a low of 41. What a weekend coming up...get the last mow in before leaving the lawn alone until May.
  16. 29F this morning...first under 32 of the season.
  17. Past few years here have been subpar for snow in the 42-45" range. Just based on information gleaned from others in the field and perhaps a little persistence, I expect somewhat better results this winter with around 50". I realize past performance does not dictate future results...yadda yadda yadda...but we'll see.
  18. Absolute mayhem just blew through here. Hard to believe I didn’t see a tree keel over in that cell. Up to 2.5 inches of rain for the day
  19. Just finished putting up one of those resin sheds for my yard equipment, etc. It came with an "extreme weather kit", so I guess we'll test it out tonight.
  20. Still haven't been under 40 here but maybe get to 38-39 tonight. I sometimes wonder if being between Great Bay and the ocean keeps our nights warmer this time of year.
  21. Beautiful fall day in the Monadnock region
  22. Surprised we've managed to pick up over .5 today...figured Stein would win out.
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