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  1. Been dumping for a while now...already coming up on 5"
  2. Damn, new snow blower won't get here in time for this...not looking forward to cleanup Saturday.
  3. Looks good for at least 6" and probably all snow here. Early start to NH school vacation for the kids.
  4. 54 and 3/4" of rain. Gusty night...tomorrow early afternoon looks balmy.
  5. Quite the rain squall now...picked up a quick .2 in about 10 mins.
  6. 63F on the Davis today. Winds so far pretty meh and in an advisory right now...guessing those conditions have been delayed a bit.
  7. Just ordered a new snow blower last night. Winter is over.
  8. Feeling a flip for the CNE crowd in March that might get us back to the same level of futility as the past few years here but an average snowfall may be a stretch at this point. 11F
  9. Beautiful flakes falling. Not amounting to much but looks nice. 27F .
  10. Bit of a surprise waking this morning to a coating. Light snow falling now and 27F. Some of these models keep things going off and on into tomorrow morning.
  11. That's pretty crazy for up there in early Feb. 42.5 here. Mt. Washington profile is interesting.
  12. RGEM throws some snow pretty far northwest on Sunday.
  13. 50F. Definitely more of a spring-like sky as the natural skating rink in my yard turns into a pond.
  14. Maybe 18z GFS shows the big hit, followed by the Euro at 0z...I think that's how it progressed when the 1/29 blizzard was starting to come back in the models.
  15. Gotta be over 2" of sleet now. Looks like a moderate snow event but haven't seen any flakes yet. 23F
  16. Lived on Minuteman Lane for 8 years. Nice little elevated spot...miss it sometimes.
  17. As long as this doesn't become a torched rainer to flood my basement, I'll be happy. Looks like an absolute mess Friday morning as of now.
  18. About 15". Looks like radar is opening up...might be close to done here.
  19. Around 5" and should be close to 6 soon with this current band. Coming down nicely.
  20. Visibility lowering here. Will see how far that offshore band can get.
  21. Going to be hard to measure with the wind. Heavy band just starting to set up here it looks like but thinking 18" will be the high end. Probably more like 14" when all is said and done.
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