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  1. Temp dropped a degree in the last hour or so and been snowing at a good clip. Everything pasted. Too wet here early on for good snow growth. Approaching 3" now. 33/31
  2. Feeling good about the largest event of the season so far, and only need 5" to do it. Currently 40/28.
  3. It was pounding at Loon Mt this morning. Probably 6 or 7 inches on the car. Conditions were a little slow though. Sleet/mixed snow grains and foggy most of the day after the snow ended.
  4. Not bad here in Lincoln NH. It looked like we’d get shadowed this morning with low rates but it picked up later in the day. Nice day of skiing in the end.
  5. Steady snow continues...over an 1" now. 22/18
  6. Some light snow now. Winter took its time establishing itself but better late than never. Let's keep it rolling through 3/15 and then move on to spring.
  7. 12z NAM looks fairly robust for this afternoon/evening. Maybe tack on a half inch. Headed to Loon tomorrow through Friday, looks good up there to maintain some nice conditions. 17/13
  8. Got another .5 of snow/sleet last night...final 4.5 here. Baby steps. 26/10
  9. These snow showers moving through now are really nice because it's actually cold out...been missing these conditions all winter.
  10. I'll be skiing next week up north for the best storm of the season in CNE/SNE. Figures. Kinda hoping this one is less of a monster and we save the energy for a bigger event when I'm back next weekend. Regardless, looks like a nice event for most of the board.
  11. Winter 2022-2023 Promises Plenty of Mid End of Season Mayhem
  12. 40/26. Always on the fringe of the good stuff but would be pleasantly surprised with 5" if we can keep the changover to hold off longer. HRRR seems like it keeps us from completely flipping to sleet even here in Gooseville.
  13. Bit of a surprise here. Nice fatties now and around .5 off the pavement. 33/30
  14. Seems there's a chance we get back to the meh results of the last four seasons, which would be fine as we're about 25% of normal. Always just south and east of the gradient this winter. I think my prediction of 50" is probably not going to play out. I do like later next week for winter to show itself again even if not snowing all the time.
  15. Keeping hope alive that the end of month flip to colder and maybe snowier materializes. Will be at Loon the week of 2/27 and there's nothing worse than skiing in slush. But timing might actually work out based on the end of the GFS.
  16. -12 was the min here. Up to -6.5 now. Cars started and no pipe issues, thankfully.
  17. -7/-19 at 8pm...brisk. Grabbed the storm door handle to let the dogs out and it was covered in a layer of ice.
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