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  1. I think some festive flakes blowing around to the tune of a 1/2 inch is the best I can hope for. But works for me. Would like to see this cold air blowing in more ENE to give us some ocean effect. Such a rare occurrence but love when that does materialize.
  2. Not much falling out there right now. Looks like just a couple inches so far. 19F Merry Christmas all.
  3. If memory serves, GFS didn't even see this happening a couple days ago while Euro has been steady. If there's any adjustments in the euro I would think they would be relatively small. But hoping the GFS makes another correction closer in.
  4. This is getting aggravating. My wife's 40th b-day is tomorrow and trying to plan dinner out with family in Kittery ME for a 4 PM start. It's either going to be glazed roads and no way I want people coming out, or no trouble at all. Seems like a tough call and will probably have to err on the side of caution.
  5. Really started to pick up here in the last half hour. Coating at 23F.
  6. The official forecast for PSM has us going to 37F tomorrow before noon on a light north wind? I have events tomorrow afternoon that I'd rather not cancel, so would welcome that change, but it seems questionable based on the feedback in this thread.
  7. Not sure about that. I was in Nottingham for the '08 ice storm. Probably had 3 white pines just snap in half whereas most other healthy trees just lost some limbs but managed to survive.
  8. The ground here is still mostly snow-covered, albeit not much depth after the past two days. With another 4 inches on top, does that play into potential of keeping it all frozen here in SE NH? It seems the cold tends to last here longer than expected despite being a little more than 3 miles to the ocean.
  9. I'll pass on power outages. 2008 was awful around here.
  10. Light snow for the past couple hours...fairly steady now. Whitening things up.
  11. Brisk, 24F. Never got that warm yesterday despite being close to coast so pack is mostly intact. Would be great to retain some of it in time for Christmas weekend refresh?
  12. Unless there's a shift south with redevelopment I'm not sure those GYX numbers will verify here. Maybe more of a northerly flow can keep it from changing to sleet and rain?
  13. Some good growth out there now. 3 inches and 31F @ PSM
  14. I'd take a middle of the road compromise between GFS and euro. Maybe some sleet/rain transitioning to snow here.
  15. Maybe too early for run-to-run changes to cause too much enthusiasm or dismay. See where things stand on Wednesday-Thursday. But looks like some good times in December for a change...will be happy with something on the ground by 12/25.
  16. Quick shower and strong gusts coming through. Temps starting to come down. 45F
  17. Been watching models and following along here when things started looking interesting for this week/weekend. Last night I watched the WBZ winter outlook and they mentioned it as the most difficult they've had to produce because of the disparity amongst a number of indicators. The front-ended winter would be nice for a change but it seems hard to put your eggs in any one basket this year. That said, as the resident weather geek at my office, I have a pool going to guess the white Christmas chances, and I'm in for at least 6 inches on the ground at some point Christmas Day. But we'll see.
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