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  1. Currier and Ives kinda day in PSM... Untitled video (1).mp4
  2. Just barely under 32/30 now. Be nice to whiten up the landscape tomorrow at least a little. Maybe not enough to cover the grass but we'll see.
  3. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/do-canada-geese-still-fly-south-for-winter
  4. Maybe nothing exciting to look at now but at least the cutter regime may be coming to an end fairly soon. Some wintery appeal on the 18z GFS anyway.
  5. Jeez, already 55F. I still had a bit of snow left in the yard yesterday too. Feels strange but don't mind the winter hiatus despite messing up the holiday vibes.
  6. 2 inches here as well but I'm still thinking 50" IMBY. Better than recent years but not quite to normal.
  7. 1.76" since last night. Fairly impactful right along the seacoast. Drove around earlier and saw some trees down/trees on wires, etc. The tide did some damage around town this morning. Getting loud again after a lull for a couple hours. 48/41
  8. Parents and brother in N. Hampton with a water main break yesterday/last night left them without water for several hours. Now they'll lose power two days later. I would be very surprised if I lose power...have not seen that happen in 10 years here.
  9. 12z reggie brings the low basically overhead and then due north. Probably doesn't matter but not sure it's been depicted that far e/se.
  10. Yeah, seems like the last few runs have curtailed it and the initial round of rain doesn't seem as robust. Went from like 3+ inches down under 2" now. Hope it holds.
  11. Any chance of decent squalls with this as the cold front pushes through? Even just a dusting on the end would be nice.
  12. I wish Stein was there when you need him...don't need the basement puddling up again. Maybe we'll have some dry slotting to temper the flood.
  13. Drove over to Peterborough to meet my daughter for lunch. Like a winter wonderland compared to the coast...especially coming over Temple Mt. Beautiful day up there. 32/21
  14. Reminds me of this book that's been sitting on my shelf, unread, for several years. Got to pick it up some time just for giggles...
  15. The December 1-3, 2019 event is my largest snow of the last four years at 17". Nice start that went on to a sub-par winter overall. The January-Feb period that season was pretty pathetic but the other recent years haven't been too bad. Definitely 80's sized events overall.
  16. 2.54" of water since Thursday. Sump pump has been running occasionally today.
  17. Massive, persistent singal now emerges discretely in the models, 20th-23rd Is a singal a meteorological term for massive torching cutter? Nailed it. Oh well, two week vacation has commenced...time to douse the disappointment in some beer.
  18. Some mood flakes flying after getting about an inch in the wrap around. If that rubber band doesn't snap soon I'm going at it with a big pair of scissors. 35/33
  19. 1.73" of rain since yesterday. Still raining and stuck at 35/33. Looks like we might get a little white later tonight.
  20. Just hoping for a few inches on the back side. Going from snow to rain sucks but going the other way is pretty cool. I also would like to exercise the new snowblower I picked up at the end of last season. We'll see. 36/22
  21. Nice to have picked up 0.5" or so...sets the mood. 33/11
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