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  1. Best rates of the storm now. Dumping. 23/21
  2. In a hole here for a while. Looks like it's filling back in but lost some potential. 24/22
  3. Measured about 8" a little while ago. Still snowing lightly before part 2. 24/23
  4. Getting some better accumulation now. Maybe a quarter inch down and visibility dropping. 32/30
  5. GFS shaping up for another good thump on the 10th.
  6. I'm more concerned about a miss to the south but would rather see it giving us a scraping at this point and get some ticks north as we get closer.
  7. Maybe a trace but I don't really count those if it disappears in an hour and I'm not able get out there to measure accurately in time. Had a 1/2" in November.
  8. December ending with 7.51" of precip for the month, second only to August. Year will finish at 67.18".
  9. Agreed. I occasionally check out the Levi ski resort web cams over there to look at what a real winter wonderland looks like.
  10. Six days in a row with measurable precip. Maybe we can trade the mist for a little snow in the air tomorrow afternoon per 18z NAM.
  11. 1.00" since Sunday and 7.25" for the month. Taking two weeks off for the holidays each year and it's usually the same period we get into these funks. Maybe next year will be different. Just got to shrug your shoulders at this point and look for a break on the horizon.
  12. No white Christmas but maybe white New Year's. Will take it. Nice foggy morning...36/36.
  13. 17F for the low. Too bad we lost middle of next week but hopeful there'll at least be some flakes in the air next weekend and maybe have something to track by then.
  14. Not worth much but Canadian has been insisting on basically no event...everything suppressed. Maybe a compromise would work.
  15. I think most would just take one of these at this point...
  16. Getting loud again. Already recorded highest gust of year today...let's see if we can beat it with that line. Looks like Isles of Shoals stopped reporting earlier...too bad. 56/56
  17. Potent looking line coming ashore in RI. Bit of a lull here now. 1.78", 54/54
  18. I know it's a good wind event when our dog that has no fear starts cowering under my desk...wind is the only thing she hates. 1.42" so far and starting to gust over 30mph at ground level. No power issues and fortunately staying out of the significant downpours so far.
  19. Winter is happening just in other parts of the world, like Norway... https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/norge/northern-norway/nordkapp/honningsvag.html We'll get our chances. Beautiful morning...51/36.
  20. 2.35" of rain from the event. Pretty pedestrian overall.
  21. GFS has some nice eye candy in the LR. Maybe a nice sou'easter to set the stage.
  22. That is actually the biggest snow storm of the last 5 years here...picked up 17".
  23. 3.51" of precip for the month. Picked up a 1/2-3/4" inches of snow on 11/9 but nary a flake otherwise. Temp averaged 39F, about 6F cooler than last November...felt more typical of November majority of the time.
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