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  1. Nada here last night...must have been SNE special. Maybe a coating tonight to help set the mood for hopefully a real good one this weekend. Got to like the SWFE look in the longer range too.
  2. Has a couple inches here...would be nice to freshen up the landscape.
  3. Ran an errand up to my daughter's condo in Rochester this evening and forgot they still have a pack up there. Often the case where we get nothing, Dover gets a couple inches and Rochester grabs 6. If the next big one pulls that again I might have to stay up there.
  4. I'm having about as bad a season as Ray (12") but that GFS solution would flip the script dramatically. Seems like that's how things work nowadays...when things bust they bust hard, to be replaced by brief anomalies of epic proportion. Nature trying to reach equilibrium.
  5. Haha, that song sends me back every time it's even mentioned. I picked up trash as a summer job at Hampton Beach back in 87-88 and this dude that we just referred to as the drifter would have his boom box up on his shoulder blasting that song like every day we drove down the boulevard.
  6. Isles of Shoals gusted to 72 last hour...not too shabby. My house just let out a "scream" with what sounded like the strongest gust of the event.
  7. Just shy of an inch of rain with ponding in the yard. Winds roaring but still have power. 44F
  8. Didn't think we'd get below 0 but made it to -1F. Torching up to 13F now.
  9. Blizzard of 78 from my childhood in Mass would be number 1. Up here in Portsmouth I might go with the Jan 2015 blizzard...
  10. Well, I'll take ride out to the beach Monday AM...should be some nice wind and wave action. 16F and gusty tonight.
  11. Picked up a dusting this evening. 20F
  12. 12F...already beat the low from this morning.
  13. Finished with 7.5" new here. Not bad.
  14. Still coming down moderately. 28F and about 5" out there now.
  15. Be happy with 4" here...easy to clean up and nice to look at. I notice the CMC/RDPS has been showing a trough-like feature hanging back late in the day tomorrow. Maybe a little extra at the end.
  16. Euro will probably look like CMC...they've been almost identical thus far. Pope says it's coming west so no concerns about any OTS solutions.
  17. Holiday period has been frustrating lately. I take a couple weeks off of work each year and each year I think at least there'll be one good event to enjoy while I'm off. Nothing really good since 2017.
  18. Fog yesterday decimated most of the snow here...just some patches left in shadier areas. 40F
  19. My first real weather memory was the blizzard of '78. As a 7 year old, I remember being outside with my dad at our house in Millis MA and building a wind break in the snow. I distinctly remember how the snow was being blown so hard it hurt your face. We had to walk to the nearest convenience store at one point, somewhere over on route 109, which was probably a couple of miles. I wonder if my parents have any photos still kicking around. Someday I hope to experience another event like that. I think the nearest to that in terms of disruption was the '08 ice storm up here.
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