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  1. Full on summer rushing in...already 78F. Feels too hot.
  2. Beautiful 73 degree day. Took a walk out by Little Bay…
  3. Hit 70.8 for the high so far this year. Beautiful day. Dense fog advisory up. 53/51
  4. Ready for some dews as long as they don't stick around too long and mess up outdoor activity. Hands are still dried and cracked like it's mid-January. 56/26
  5. 12z GFS is Stein city here for almost the entire run. Keep mosquitoes at bay?
  6. Pretty miserable day. High of 49F with murk and rain. This spring has definitely been cooler overall vs. last year. First 70F+ last year was March 26...still waiting this year. Heat hasn't been turned off yet but hopefully we can do that starting later next week.
  7. It would be funny if our first 70+ day actually coincides with the first 90+ day.
  8. Looks like first 70F+ temp will be in May this year. Highest temp so far was actually in February at 69F on the 23rd.
  9. Sun was trying to break out earlier but now down to 50 and cloudy
  10. Cloudy and 59F. Looks like we'll get clipped by some rain pretty soon.
  11. Unless the GFS nails the long range, we'll wrap up with 44", or about the same as 2018-19. The intensity of the Jan. blizzard brings this up to a C. Pretty meh overall.
  12. They sound pretty harmless. May be beneficial against mosquitoes, which I'm all for.
  13. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/joro-spiders-trichonephila-clavata-asia-invasive-species-us-east-coast/
  14. Feels like a mid-winter night after a snowstorm. Picked up 2" from the event.
  15. Really picking up now. Measured an inch so far. 25F
  16. End of month might have something interesting but probably just model fantasy.
  17. Davis is smothered. 3 inches here in Portsmouth.
  18. 1 inch new. Just need 5 more to beat last season's total. 33F
  19. Holy snow squall...better than that one a week ago or whatever. 28F
  20. Calling 9" here. Interesting little temp spike around 1pm today. Went from high teens to 30 in about an hour and then back down again. Overall a decent event...snow was pretty light to move around so thankful for that.
  21. In a bit of a break now but looks like we'll get whacked pretty good in the next couple hours. 18F
  22. Been dumping for a while now...already coming up on 5"
  23. Damn, new snow blower won't get here in time for this...not looking forward to cleanup Saturday.
  24. Looks good for at least 6" and probably all snow here. Early start to NH school vacation for the kids.
  25. 54 and 3/4" of rain. Gusty night...tomorrow early afternoon looks balmy.
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