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  1. Just found a roof shingle in my yard from yesterday
  2. Best tstorm of the year this afternoon. Nice gusts and the rain went to 11"/hour briefly but only resulted in .69. Only down side was some tree damage. Hopefully the 75-80F dews are over now.
  3. Our garden is having it's best year ever. We have a small raised bed roughly 2'x5' to accommodate a mix of tomatoes and cukes, but there's plenty to pick every day. Some zucchini and summer squash but those haven't done as well. Guessing we're also picking 1/2 to 1 pint of raspberries a day...saving a little money on produce lately.
  4. Yeah, I always forget about the ENAM...
  5. Swung by the Nubble today. Plenty of surfers enjoying the waves. Some splash over at Long Sands.
  6. Another 1.01" today with 10.74 for August. Wettest month since July '21. A little respite will be nice.
  7. Speaking of swamps...75/73 here...get the swamp outa here already
  8. Looks like 2.86 total...largest single day precip of the summer here.
  9. Yeah, been pretty persistent for past 30 mins. Over 2" now. That little meso looks like it just passed Hampton Beach so may be winding down here shortly.
  10. 0.36 today brings me to 5.50 even for the first half of the month...the beat goes on. Today definitely had a fall feel with the cool breeze and steady rain. The lack of 90F days has been pretty remarkable considering the trend...just 3 so far and not much chance of getting close any time soon. I just looked back and had 25 of them in 2020.
  11. 0.84 yesterday. 4.11 for August. Quite a difference from last summer when the most we had any month was 3.33 in July..
  12. Lot of thunder the past few hours and earlier this afternoon but most of it stayed just to the north. Managed 0.48 for the day.
  13. Prime weather on Middle Sister trail near Albany NH yesterday… Daughter picked a bunch of blueberries…they are peaking now
  14. 58F this morning. First <60 since 6/23. Back broken. Thankfully, looks perfect for camping and hiking near Mt. Chocorua this week.
  15. Can we go one week without somewhere in NE getting turned into a bayou? It seems like the norm this summer. Meanwhile, avoiding the floods here with "only" 5.90 inches this month.
  16. Cam close yesterday but June 23 was last low in the 50s here. Still only 3 90+ days so far. One each in May, June and July. Camping middle of next week up north...fingers crossed the drier look on the models works out. 79/68
  17. I got rid of all my gas-powered tools last year and went with Toro's battery-powered system. Mower, string trimmer and snowblower. I don't have a big yard or driveway so it made sense and they all do the job just fine. The snowblower doesn't cut through 6 inches of paste as easily as the old Ariens but I plan on getting another battery for an extra boost in power and duration.
  18. Seems every town in New England named "Waterbury" literally is getting buried in water. Just .06 here so far under tornado watch. Afternoon looks interesting. 73/72
  19. 82/77 steam bath. Whatever we get tomorrow seems to have a lot of potential moisture to work with.
  20. One of those breeze-less evenings when nothing is moving. Meanwhile, noisy little storm to the north over Dover. 81/73
  21. Low clouds and light mist have rolled in. A comfortable 72F now. Actually love this kind of weather while sitting outside by the grill.
  22. Finished landscaping and soaked through now. 84/75. Ready to clear this out of here but I'm sure we'll be stuck in the soup for a while.
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