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  1. 43F. Off to the Cape today for a overnighter...looks like it'll be a nice weekend until late tomorrow.
  2. Good timing by mother nature to have a more normal-cool September compared to the last several years and ensure any threats get booted OTS. Oh well, maybe October will throw us a hybrid.
  3. 49 for the low with the clouds coming in last night. Still cloudy, breezy and a cool 55F. Smoke in the air soon enough.
  4. 2.34" two-day total and looks like we're probably done. Nice soaking rain and no hydro issues with the basement, which is a win in my book.
  5. Tis the season. Enjoying one of these as the steady light rains continue.
  6. 1.57" since midnight. Got a little t-storm around 2am that dropped a bunch very quickly. Nice steady light rain now. 62/60
  7. 47F for the low...coldest since June 5. Models struggling with what to do lately. A few days ago we were Steined as far as the eye can see, which seems to be the GFS' default mode before it says never mind.
  8. 75/55. Really nice out. Mowed my lawn for the first time since late June with just a trim around the edges in between.
  9. 90/75...done with this. Day 14 of >=90F here this year...one more to tie 2021.
  10. 0z Euro and 12z CMC have that over the Bahamas on Tuesday morning while GFS is much further northeast. At least something coming into view amongst most guidance.
  11. Lot of promise for today but ended up in the dry slot between lines. .02. At least we're getting some more consistent activity.
  12. Never really stayed up all night for an event but closest might have been the Halloween 2011 snow storm. Mostly because my brother was visiting us when we lived in Nottingham and he ended up staying the night because roads got pretty treacherous. Just a crazy time having that happen so early in the year. Some time after midnight power was out and we took a walk in the snow out to route 4 to check out the emergency vehicles on scene of a blown transformer. Fun times.
  13. 1.79" as the showers peel away. Rain varied in intensity today but had a period of 3"/hr at one point.
  14. Figured we'd get more rain here but only picked up .14 since yesterday. Up to 1.08 for August. Some models hint at showers tonight so northern lights viewing may be off the table...will take some pics at the coast later if it clears up. 75/61
  15. Hoping we at least get some drizzle with onshore flow later this week. Looks pretty dry for a while. Total QPF in my area through the end of the 18z GFS...hope it ends up very wrong.
  16. Same. Second heat wave of the summer now but that's enough.
  17. Just did about 10 mins of light yard work before the dews chased me back inside. 94/78 ugh
  18. Looks like 85/76 before 9am here. Stifling.
  19. Maybe another round here soon
  20. Nice drink and some wind. .64” in the Davis…another round incoming.
  21. In Wareham this morning with the wife taking care of some family business. Showing 83/75 from a local station and I can feel it sitting in the car with windows open. Can’t fathom working outside in this.
  22. Might make it to you but probably DOA here
  23. Maxed at 94.7 earlier this afternoon. Now 86/71.
  24. Beauty up at the lake today. Comfortable dews and temps after a deluge yesterday evening. Maybe one more trip next week before passing it to new owners.
  25. Will finish the month with 3.33" of rain. Felt drier but think that's a typical amount for July. One heat wave from 22nd-24th and came close to a 6 day stretch but just missed the 90 mark on the 21st (although I think the airport hit 90 that day for the official 6 day heat wave). Today almost felt like one of those back broken days of late August...very windy and felt nice when not in direct sun.
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