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  1. Pretty smoky out there to the point I could smell it, but got in a little hike at Locke Hills in Gilford NH...
  2. Same here. Did some yard work which rends to kick things up and trigger my allergies. I take an antihistamine but doesn't help the eyes. Good point on the mold/fungal blooms that must be on-going in this swampy pattern.
  3. Sump pump got stuck overnight FTL. 2.86" since yesterday and sheet drizzle this morning. Not the best way to kick off a couple weeks of vaca but hope springs eternal for later this week. On the upside, garden and lawn are pristine in their greenery.
  4. Trying to plan a camping trip and the windows of opportunity for halfway decent weather don't look promising over the next couple weeks. Think we'll shoot for end of July-beginning of August when hopefully things have changed a bit. Long range GFS painting blue pixels over N Quebec already...summer's almost over.
  5. I had pegged June for turning on the AC here but we'll get through the month without it...sitting at a nice 74/69 at the moment.
  6. 83/73 on the Davis. Planted 7 small bushes/grasses in the yard...feeling every bit of it.
  7. Stein fighting hard here. Light showers while the sun is trying to burn through the overcast.
  8. 64 and clammy...the wonderous June weather continues. Sun is trying but ultimately ineffective.
  9. Still running heat through the heat pump to keep the chill out. Doesn't look like I'll have to switch to AC mode for a while. Pretty dry despite all the murk lately. Just .82 so far this month.
  10. High of 70F here, which oddly enough came as a temp spike at 3AM. Great day to plant a tree and a couple perennials in the yard.
  11. First 90F of the season on the home station yesterday. Pleasant and 66F now. GFS and Euro look like they were trying to bring something tropical up toward Nova Scotia later in the period...guess they could use it.
  12. 2.10" as things start winding down here. Good to get the landscape a drink and wash the pollen away. 58F
  13. 70F...warmest since April 14. Yard clean-up time.
  14. An even 4.00" in the Davis since Saturday. Think we finished over 6" for April...
  15. I wanna say Barry Burbank. First rumble of thunder. Almost at .50 here.
  16. Hit 84 earlier and now slowly dropping...down to 75. Had the first 60+, 70+ and now 80+ of the season all this week on different days.
  17. High of 77.8...10 degrees cooler along the shore for lunch at the beach today. Now down to 52 and falling.
  18. 46F. Hoping to at least break 60 for the first time this year later this afternoon. Going into the doldrums, but some drying out and having open windows next week will be welcome.
  19. Will finish at 35" for the season. Probably the lowest of the past 10 years.
  20. NAM FTL...high of 48. Oh well, should expect it this time of year. Skies lighting up now at least. Looking forward to the change in seasons.
  21. Heard thunder...first of the "warm" season. 42/40 and foggy AF.
  22. 12z NAM trying for 60F here this afternoon...please let that verify. Just need a little taste of spring to start healing from winter. This 39 and rain is the worst.
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