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  1. 19.6 for the low...coldest thus far. Nov will finish at 2.81" of rain and no measurable snow save for the trace of flakes in the street light on Saturday. Never reached 70 this month.
  2. If there's anything to learn from the phantom Monday event, sell all models beyond 4 days. That said, the CMC could still be right...it has caught on to correct solutions before other models.
  3. Took a while but now have first flakes of the season. 35F
  4. 36/34...waiting for first flakes. Looks like it's changing just to the west.
  5. Watching the flakes coming down up at Back Lake, Pittsburg...looks like the lake is freezing up nicely... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23Hf5Ua5iAE
  6. Maybe low end advisory in the pike region but not much north or south of there on the GFS.
  7. A few inches to whiten the landscape would be nice. Last few winters have been mostly front end stuff before things fizzled later on in the winter. Haven't cracked 45" since at least 2017-18. If it weren't for the February snow storm this past winter would have followed suit. Rather ramp up gradually, peak mid-winter and ramp down (in April ).
  8. 5th day in a row with <32F low. Next up <40F high and first flakes.
  9. Hoping we avoid the "shredder" from last winter. Every system eaten up on approach save a couple events.
  10. GYX shared this on the socials yesterday. Not a fan of this map...I'd think we would have better resolution than 25"? Kinda funny with the mini jack zone just across the NH border from Ray's hood...
  11. 6.08" on my Davis yesterday and today.
  12. First frost this morning. Down to 33F. Looks like we'll have at least 5" of precip for Oct. after tomorrow.
  13. 56F and .6 in the Davis so far. Should be pretty nasty later.
  14. 49 and drizzle with NE breezes. Safe to say it's not summer-like any more.
  15. Not a lot of vivid memories of the storm besides being awed by the force of the wind at Little Boar's Head at N. Hampton NH, down the road from my parent's house. I don't remember this anecdote...taken from https://www.farmersalmanac.com/remembering-the-perfect-storm-3314 As if this unusual three-prong storm wasn’t bad enough, a second hurricane formed at the heart of the nor’easter, further fanning the storm’s fury. This new hurricane was never named because meteorologists feared it would create too much confusion. For this reason, many people along the East Coast refer to the nor’easter as the “No Name Storm.” Had the second hurricane been named, the next name in the rotation would have been Hurricane Henri.
  16. Canadian sniffed it out...at least the first one (could still be wrong)
  17. Pulling for the Canadian to liven things up a bit. GFS is just snoozeville but at least it looks fairly seasonable temp-wise.
  18. Yeah, most of the time it's April. Last time it waited until May around here was 5/21/95. Although, 2015 data is missing from the local ASOS when BOX reported 5/4 as first 70+.
  19. Maybe another shot at 70 this week but then hopefully done until May if we manage to avoid the grinch.
  20. Temps really shooting up early. Already 72. Surprised how dry this month has been compared to the previous two. Only .74 so far.
  21. May be a bit of onshore flow here. 64 but no wind so pretty nice out despite clouds. First fall fire pit tonight. Beef stew, fall beers and cider donuts for dessert...that time of year.
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