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  1. Holiday period has been frustrating lately. I take a couple weeks off of work each year and each year I think at least there'll be one good event to enjoy while I'm off. Nothing really good since 2017.
  2. Fog yesterday decimated most of the snow here...just some patches left in shadier areas. 40F
  3. My first real weather memory was the blizzard of '78. As a 7 year old, I remember being outside with my dad at our house in Millis MA and building a wind break in the snow. I distinctly remember how the snow was being blown so hard it hurt your face. We had to walk to the nearest convenience store at one point, somewhere over on route 109, which was probably a couple of miles. I wonder if my parents have any photos still kicking around. Someday I hope to experience another event like that. I think the nearest to that in terms of disruption was the '08 ice storm up here.
  4. Seeing as we still technically have winter until later in March, lot of time for some really good events. If I get 40.5 inches of snow for the remainder of the season, it'll be the best winter of the last 4 in terms of snow but still be below normal in that dept. Average would be a huge win.
  5. How about we get the Euro to comprise with itself and get those two lows into one over the benchmark.
  6. Picked up 2.5" last night. Trees all coated. 32/30
  7. Temp is up to 31.6 here. Wonder if it starts to cool off before getting to 32. A little snow to top it off later tonight would look nice. Merry Christmas all.
  8. GFS seems to agree with RGEM to some extent now...seems colder overall.
  9. A little frosting on the trees but now up to 33/32. Yard pack is dwindling but holding its own. Some festive flakes on Christmas eve/day would be nice but maybe we'll see a couple inches like the NAM.
  10. Shades of last winter will all these systems getting chewed up. Better than cutter city but not very interesting as depicted right now. Still lots of time.
  11. Still mid-20s at 11am...cold out there today. Too bad it's Monday and not Wednesday when we could use it.
  12. Lost out to warmth here with snow changing to rain in the afternoon. Nice temp drop around 12:30 this morning. Flipped back to snow a half hour later. Maybe got 2" total but looks nice anyway. 32/28
  13. Drove from home to Rochester and out to Concord and back. Decent snows but roads are fine. Visibility really dropped coming back south on rt.16 from Rochester. Looks mostly light-mod now. 32/30
  14. Think we're good for 3-6" SE NH...going with 5" in MBY. At least there'll actually be something to measure whatever happens.
  15. GFS is a decent hit here. Seems like that mainly snow line could be wobbling 10-20 miles north or south of the MA-NH border on models up until go time.
  16. I see you can now send a text to the MWO and get current conditions (weather) or forecast (forecast): 16033562137. Pretty neat.
  17. The weathafella 3000 supercomputer...spits out muthafukkas in milliseconds.
  18. First round of rain looks to be done with 0.65". Temp hovering between 37-38F. Like the way things may play out after next week.
  19. A very light coating this morning then it shut off. Looks like today was below freezing the entire day.
  20. Except for last winter? Flow was not progressive enough, at least up here. Everything shredded as it approached. Going to start employing a 5 day rule for model output. If it's 5+ days, 0% chance of verifying, 4 days 25%, etc. I know that's not how the weather or modeling works but thinking it will keep expectations in check.
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