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  1. Nice to have some seasonable weather for a chance but 60 degrees is in our near future and Thanksgiving looks like 55-60
  2. Still looking at 3 days later next week with highs 68-71. Lower humidity though. Summer just won't quit.
  3. Dewpoint creeping back to 60 and looks like it will be that way toward middle of next week as well. With temps in the 70s. Needless to say we won't get close to a frost as we head toward mid October.
  4. No frost on the pumpkin. The torching is just our reality.
  5. Still won't frost here, but some decent reductions in overnight lows mid to late next week from the NWS. 50-55 range now.
  6. When we can go 4 out of 7 days without the dewpoint 65 to 70 then it's Fall.
  7. 80 degrees with 67 dewpoint. Summer is leaving over its warm dead body.
  8. Got rid of the extreme heat it seems, but still too humid -67-70 dewpoints are getting tiresome as we had toward the end of september.
  9. 3 straight days of near 70 degree dews next week. Looks cool to end the month but Summer always seems to win over the long range forecasts.
  10. It's unfortunate the humidity creeps back sunday. And sticks around for the most part. Not 70 degree dewpoints most days but forecasts about a week ago had us at 60 or below for an extended period.
  11. Dewpoints in the upper 60s seem short-lived in the next few weeks. Good enough for me
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