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  1. WeatherWilly

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    About 9 inches here now, maybe more. Slowed down around lunchtime but has been pounding for last few hours. Heard a few more reports of thunder offshore which would match the radar blips.
  2. WeatherWilly

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    The storm is behaving well as far as rhode island is concerned. I wouldn't call 6 inches in newport a bust- 2-3 more inches and they are in the forecasted range.
  3. WeatherWilly

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Heard thunder here on the south coast.........snow very heavy.
  4. Still some disagreement with the Rhode Island tv mets. WPRI sticking with 6-12 for much of rhode island which seems low to me at this point. ABC6 more bullish 10-16. NBC10 splitting the difference.
  5. WeatherWilly

    The Blizzard of the Ides, 2017 ...observation time

    and death lol
  6. I can't stress how much of a bust this way for southern rhode island. 2 inches and then slush and basically rain now with 38. As of yesterday, some models still had us getting 12+ inches or 7-8 at the lower end. The weather forecasts were still way off last night predicting 6+ inches. The changeover happened much sooner than forecasted.
  7. WeatherWilly

    The Blizzard of the Ides, 2017 ...observation time

    Well it ain't pretty in sleet city. Went from getting 18 inches at one point to maybe 3-4.
  8. wow I expected it to be bad but that's ridiculous.........................could have had school for sure
  9. Disappointing but what can you do- a bonus to get any snow at all this late. All you can do is hope for a nowcast storm track miracle.
  10. Two local stations are reducing their snow forecasts lower...............
  11. I still have no idea if we are getting 7-8 inches or 14+. Forecasts here are all over the place. I am leaning toward the lower end though.
  12. Winter storm warning just issued here..............hoping for blizzard eventually
  13. this is about as good as we can get here I think since mixing possibilities were introduced...........hopefully other models follow it
  14. How many times have we seen a slow mover turn into a zippy skippy as we get closer to the event.........stall jobs are rare to say the least in this era so not surprised.