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25 minutes ago, LongBeachSurfFreak said:

It’s fairly wet currently here on the uws, so the park may struggle to the low 90s. After the very wet July foliage is very dense. As we have discussed at length unless something is done about the foliage around d the sensor the issue will only get worse moving forward. 

Zookeeper in the winter, overgrown foliage in the summer. ABSOLUTE CHAOS

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83/71 here.  Warmest day since Jun 30th in store more many.  Heat is on the next 72 hours with humidity and real steamy feel.  Savannah like continues with storm chances.  Front timing on Saturday with storms and arrival of clouds will determine how high we can go that day before the front comes through.


Next week looks warm overall - watching the remnants and to what extent come north by Tue (8/17).  Humid and onshore flow will likely limit 90s through Thu (8/19) before flow turns more SW and the next potential for heat comes with it.



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Temperatures are off to the races with Newark jumping from 85° to 90° in one hour.

12 Aug 10:51 am 90 73 58 SW 9    10.00   FEW250 29.99 1016.3 30.01                
12 Aug 9:51 am 85 72 65 W 6    10.00   CLR 29.99 1016.3 30.01            


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9 hours ago, bluewave said:

The record at JFK is 115 and 129 at Newark.



Wow that day in July 2011 was definitely the hottest in my memory.  Hit 103 here!  Interesting to see how August 20, 1983 stands out for being the only one before 1999.  That must've been JFK's hottest day in my lifetime in August- that was the only time they hit 100 since the 60s right?  They didn't get to 100 in August when NYC hit 103 in August 2001.  I see July 2019 is up there too, that was the famous weekend when JFK hit 99 on both days.

And it's interesting that aside from that day in July 1995 EWR never had a heat index higher than 119?  Was that the day that LGA had their highest heat index too?  And do you have a list for NYC too? Thanks, Chris!


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THERE ARE WARNINGS IN NW NEW JERSEY FOR THIS BEASTLY LINE.    NYSIO APPROACHING 30,000 MW @3:30PM.        I just reached 89*(67%RH) in CI at 3:30pm, with sea breeze helping hold off 90 so far.      Flash:    I spoke too soon........91*(60%RH) here at 4pm.      HI is 102*.     93*(58%RH) at 4:30pm,    HI = 106*



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1 minute ago, nycwinter said:

excessive heat warning should be dropped for the city we are not in excessive heat warning criteria


I’m outside on the uws currently and feels much cooler then it did earlier in the day. Could be the enhanced breeze. 
I am rooting so hard for those storms to make it here in tacked. The more it rains the less if have to water these gardens



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