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  1. The possibilty of SECS in the month of December is rarity around here.
  2. Currently 47 here. Fog was a real bad yesterday AM on the Hutch, reached a balmy high of 58.
  3. Bottomed out 24 here last night, reached a high yesterday of 43.
  4. Concern here is suppression. Back in December 2010 which featured a record -NAO block, but we ended up with less than 2 inches of snow. Time will tell I guess.
  5. 29 here currently. Tapped out at 41F yesterday.
  6. 32 here this AM. High of 57F yesterday before FROPA late yesterday afternoon. Had a wind gust of 48mph during the height of yesterday's storm.
  7. So basically it is not a fully phased system.
  8. 30 here currently. High temp yesterday was 44.
  9. 1 Year ago today. https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/28caafb628624aeaa344c4ec06badcfd
  10. Light drizzle now falling, currently 65F.
  11. Currently 54F here in HPN, tapped out at 64 for a high yesterday.
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