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  1. Reached 55* here this afternoon.
  2. 45* here currently, after an overnight low of 41*
  3. 48* was the high here today, current temp now is 40*
  4. Don't recall seeing alot of snow here in NY tri-state area from 1971-1975. The only big snow of the early 70's to speak of was the Easter Sunday snowstorm back on 3/29/70, nearly 11 inches on the ground.
  5. Topped out at 39 here today. Currently 33 under clear sky.
  6. 36 here, winds out of the NW @15mph. Just had some snow flurries pass thru the area earlier.
  7. Climatology wise I would tend to hedge on a non-event here. Folks N & W will likely fare better with frozen precip.
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