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  1. So basically it is not a fully phased system.
  2. 30 here currently. High temp yesterday was 44.
  3. 1 Year ago today. https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/28caafb628624aeaa344c4ec06badcfd
  4. Light drizzle now falling, currently 65F.
  5. Currently 54F here in HPN, tapped out at 64 for a high yesterday.
  6. Looks like we missed out on the wind aspect of this storm.
  7. Alot of foilage still left on the trees here. I'm not worried so much about the wind (backup generator in place) as I am about the possible flooding.
  8. Topped out at 74 yesterday. Currently 66F here as of 6AM.
  9. 37 here currently. 52 for a high yesterday.
  10. Currently 29 in Yazoo City, MS this AM. A balmy 38 here.
  11. 1.50" in the rain bucket from yesterday. Currently 52 here.
  12. Over an inch of rain here thus far.
  13. Topped out at 68F here this afternoon.
  14. Can’t rely on 1 model. https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/how-a-trusted-weather-model-fumbled-the-forecast-for-hurricane-ian/ar-AA12IaW9
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