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  1. Reached 55* here this afternoon.
  2. 45* here currently, after an overnight low of 41*
  3. 48* was the high here today, current temp now is 40*
  4. Don't recall seeing alot of snow here in NY tri-state area from 1971-1975. The only big snow of the early 70's to speak of was the Easter Sunday snowstorm back on 3/29/70, nearly 11 inches on the ground.
  5. Topped out at 39 here today. Currently 33 under clear sky.
  6. 36 here, winds out of the NW @15mph. Just had some snow flurries pass thru the area earlier.
  7. Climatology wise I would tend to hedge on a non-event here. Folks N & W will likely fare better with frozen precip.
  8. IF it stays like that, give me some early spring warmth instead. Rarely do we see any significant snow around here in December.
  9. 27 here, coldest overnite temp thus far this fall.
  10. 36 here currently after a high of 45 today.
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