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  1. Nice looking line heading for the area.
  2. Puking rain in Chelsea. Visibility at 500 feet or so.
  3. This looks bad but I'd need to know what the anomaly map for last winter looked like.
  4. It would be really nice to get some record breaking heights over British Columbia in, say, mid-January. The Pac jet slowing down would be a welcome change as well.
  5. It's been a surprisingly pleasant month so far. Looks like the WAR is making a comeback this weekend but for now the models are keeping the highest departures to the north.
  6. Several LOUD claps of thunder, probably the loudest I've heard since moving here.
  7. It isn't called the dewsaster for nothing.
  8. GFS has a storm on Wednesday with more rain for everyone and follows it up with a long stretch of really nice weather. Dews in the 40s and 50s.
  9. Looks like it's just starting now. Should get the heavy stuff in within half an hour.
  10. Still dry in Midtown. Looks like the line is finally starting to come up now.
  11. Honestly third time in the last 2 weeks I saw dark clouds with a developing storm that is right across the Kill Van Kull over Carteret. I was about to say I feel like I've seen this radar 5 times this summer. Must be what it feels like to live in Miami.
  12. CAPE and LI are already quite high.
  13. Torrential downpour in midtown from that little cell that just fired.
  14. The number of pseudo GLCs on the long range GFS is giving me anxiety.
  15. 12z GFS, GEFS, CMC and Euro are all calling for a big cool shot next Friday.