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  1. Down to 71 here, clouds are doing their job.
  2. I predicted no 80s before 4/20. Starting to get worried that my cutoff was one day too early.
  3. Let's hope this Euro monthly run is just as accurate as all the others.
  4. 69/58. Don't think 80 is gonna happen at this rate.
  5. Backdoor city for tomorrow afternoon on the NAM.
  6. If the GFS is right we should break the recent pattern of having an 80+ reading before 4/20.
  7. If it means a cool April I'm all in. Any real heat before late May is unacceptable.
  8. Gravity Wave

    March, 2019

    Seriously? 2009 was my favorite summer ever. We paid for it in spades the next few years though.
  9. This storm has been significantly less impressive than the Friday night one. My deck got more from the 30 minute squall in January.
  10. Finally reached an inch here. No mixing, and no heavy snow.
  11. All snow here still, moderate rates and good flake size but virtually no accumulation anywhere. The back edge is already in Allentown and I don't see how steady precip will last after 2:00.
  12. Non-event in Chelsea so far. Slushy coating on cold surfaces, nothing on roads or sidewalks. Radar looks great and flake size has increased but still no increase in intensity here. Honestly the snow is closer to light than moderate right now, just as it's been for the entire storm.
  13. 34/34 in Chelsea with light snow. Just starting to notice a little stickage on the deck.
  14. Down to 36/29 in Chelsea with light snow continuing. I expect accumulations will begin in the city around 7:00 PM.
  15. Steady light snow in Chelsea. 39 degrees.