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  1. Hearing some thunder, the storm looks like it passed just south of Midtown. Starting to brighten again.
  2. 81/74 here. Some sun a while ago but it's back to mostly cloudy.
  3. This is like the inverse of last summer when the models kept trying to break down the WAR past D10 only to get slapped back to reality in the mid range. I'm not going to complain.
  4. Today was fantastic, spent 10 hours on the roof with some friends. I'm glad the GFS has backed off the 90s for next week, even if it comes at the price of some more rainy days.
  5. The lack of recent years here really surprised me at first but now that I think about it I can't remember any June that felt oppressively hot. Very different story for July and August.
  6. It's incredible how 70+ DPs can make a normally comfortable temperature feel oppressive.
  7. Ithaca for a college reunion. Looks warm but at least the humidity will be low.
  8. It felt gross this morning for the first time all year, glad to be heading upstate for the weekend.
  9. Gravity Wave

    May 23rd Severe Event

    DC got whacked. Let's see what redevelopment we get.
  10. Gravity Wave

    May 23rd Severe Event

    RGEM/HRDPS aren't the first models I'd use for severe weather. Then again, the NAM and HRRR haven't exactly been killing it with the plains outbreaks recently.
  11. Gravity Wave

    May 23rd Severe Event

  12. Gravity Wave

    May 23rd Severe Event

    Clearing looks better than I expected in PA. I couldn't tell you how many severe outbreaks fizzled growing up there because the sun decided not to make an appearance.
  13. I know, it was so beautiful this morning with the clear sky and cool breeze. Too bad we get so few truly nice days every year. Now in two weeks we're going to turn into Atlanta for the rest of the summer.
  14. Gravity Wave

    MAY 20, 2019 High Risk

    The one 60% tornado risk in history spawned 47 tornadoes, which is pretty much exactly average for all high risks. I don't remember if that was considered a mini-bust or not.