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  1. Wasn't home to see it, but our pergola was ripped right out of the concrete on the patio and thrown on the lawn. Glass everywhere from the lights we had hanging from it.
  2. 100 for the last hour or so. Saw a couple 101's popping up. Frank, is that your station at 99?
  3. Just hit 90 already. There is a station near me saying 94 with an 80 dewpoint, but I think that one is a little off.
  4. 83 degrees at 11pm. Tomorrow is going to easily hit 100⁰ My pool is at 89⁰
  5. .09 here, Neshanic special, lol
  6. Very cool tonight...1.88" of heavy rain after a near miss early
  7. Looks very meh right now... Had to drain a few inches out of the pool this morning after adding water earlier in the week, lol
  8. Stuck at 87 for a while now...sun trying to come out
  9. 2.1" and looks like we are finally done
  10. Here comes more...1.6" and counting
  11. 1.44" in a break between storms
  12. Closing in on an inch from these cells. It's absolutely pouring
  13. Blew up after me. Only .13" not much wind or thunder either...no lightning
  14. We got it, mediocre though Just about over
  15. Dodging storms all over...sun back out for now
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