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  1. When does this start for Sussex County? I'll be camping up there Friday night...
  2. Snow has resumed on the Somerset/Hunterdon Co border
  3. Took a while 5 minutes for the ground to be completely white here...Coming down pretty good so far.
  4. Ugh, looks like screw zone for me in Western Somerset County...grrr
  5. Can we all agree to calm down the crazy descriptions of snow this year...Getting 3-5 or 6-8 inches of snow over the course of an entire day is not getting "crushed." Its a great early season storm...People go nuts with this stuff for even a couple inches...drives me crazy when a 30 inch storm and a 3 inch storm sound exactly the same if you left out the amounts and didn't look out your window, lol.
  6. Been moderate freezing rain for probably 2 hours here. Everything is an ice rink...roads aren't treated either...could be a big mess later...slid a little on a curve near my house
  7. That's where I heard about the fire too...people still don't have power in Neshanic...52mph was the highest gust you recorded?
  8. Quick, but intense storm...power went out here and I saw reports of the fire department in Readington putting out a transformer fire down the road from me
  9. I don't know what just happened, but it was insane outside. I've never heard winds like that and rain so hard. Intense storm just heading into Somerset County.
  10. I'm in OC this week and was there for the chaos on the beach...I saw some lowering clouds looking like a funnel too...the winds were swirling and saw 2 tents flying at each other from different directions, which made me stop and think about it... awesome storm
  11. Chased the storm in Mercer County, but traffic on 202 and 31 slowed me down too much and couldn't catch the best part. Did see torrential rain and a little hail even on the edge of the good stuff.
  12. Street is just starting to get white in Branchburg. Grass that didn't have snow is all white too. Hoping for 8"
  13. 34 in Branchburg and been sticking on cars and grass for 20 mins or so...coming down pretty good
  14. About 2 inches here in Branchburg (Somerset county). Was a sleet/snow mix for the last 30 mins but back to all snow and big flakes now.
  15. Marcal paper plant off RT 80 is on fire. 7 alarm fire I just read. I know someone who works for Marcal, but he wasn't there today.