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  1. Does the WeatherNJ guy post in here? Has a website and facebook page.
  2. 20 mins west of you and everything is white, coming down hard too.
  3. Sorry, just saw this. It mixed with snow a few times yesterday, but nothing sticking.
  4. Slushy road and white mulch here in Branchburg. This is more than I expected.
  5. This was a nice surprise. Over 3" of rain in under an hour and 4.5" so far.
  6. You didn't get anything? I'm a little west of you and we got over 4" and most of it came in about an hour.
  7. Wow, your side of town only got that much? We are at 4.5" and just slowed down to a light rain...
  8. 100.9 and a heat index of 112...its hot
  9. Show off!! I only got .59"
  10. Yeah, I only got .48" and i'm not far from FPIZZ
  11. Would the .48" of rain I got last night change my area back to D0? Or need alot more than that.
  12. Where in town are you? Behind my back fence is an area thats usually wet, looks like the moon too now.
  13. just hit 101.3...make it 3 days in a row of triple digits!!
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