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  1. Dropped to 21.3 overnight...nice and frosty out
  2. For western areas it is pretty much done...No one really cares about light rain for the next 24 hours that adds up to under 1/2" For everyone else, far from over...
  3. 2.3" and counting for this crappy weekend.
  4. .92" across town with light rain
  5. I remember too well, most of my town had no power for 3 days...including Christmas!!
  6. I could use a good one...1 time!! are these little pop ups that are about to hit me going to screw anything up?
  7. Suns keeps going in and out of the clouds. Up to 85 now.
  8. .86" down the road from you, lol
  9. It's my wife's 40th party today/Balloons that won't go up... Last night they went right over our house, but I was playing softball
  10. Are the storms in western PA the ones getting us later or will something else develop? Terrible timing today...and any chance they are more isolated and could miss areas?
  11. Got. 18" from that one...came out of nowhere
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