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  1. Lets inch this closer and hug the coast!! My kids want a big one (and me too).
  2. Exactly, half of the people in here would get shafted with that track...We would get some, but would be a pretty boring storm for western NJ.
  3. Ugh, don't remind me of that one. Need this west trend to continue, let it rain to the east!! Haha.
  4. That's crazy that its your 1st hard freeze. It was 15 this morning and we have had a few mornings in the teens so far.
  5. Sledding at WOP every day for weeks. We packed that down so much I thought it would last until April.
  6. We were on the baseball field when the storm hit. Got very windy and a few gusts sent all kinds of debris from a construction site across the street onto the field. We got hit with big pieces of insulation, boxes, and anything not tied down. Flipped over the metal benches too. Besides that, not much of anything.
  7. 1.54" on the day so far...almost all of it in 30 mins
  8. Just took a drive through my town and there are abandoned cars all over the place, roads washed out, and debris all over the place. All the alerts probably confused some people. Tornado warning, go to the basement...Flash Flood warning, get to higher ground...
  9. 9.37" here on the other side of town...no water in the basement, luckily my pool looks great besides a bunch of leaves in it... helping out my neighbor with a flooded basement and a buddy down the street we ripped out his carpet this morning. no cornhole tonight
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