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    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    I’ve been following the models closely and yea the UKIE and EURO showed more recently but not that much, and the mesos have been insisting for 2 days now that we wouldn’t see more than a few inches in the metro area before the changeover to sleet or rain.
  2. romba

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Sleet normally is a 5/10 but this year’s dry spell is like adding alcohol to the judgment- gets a 4 point boost lol
  3. I don’t recall this amount of model concensus 5 days out. 2 weeks ago there wasn’t concensus and whatever snow was shown on a model or two or three fell apart between day 7 and day 5 if I recall and the last straggler holding on to a snow storm caved around day 5 then. We’re definitely ahead of where we’ve been recently but still a ways to go.
  4. 12 z suite looks solid so far, big boys coming in soon.
  5. Don’t know verification scores, but of all the models to show it though, I might trust this one the least. It’s a beautiful sight though.
  6. Hey, at least we have something to tra.... ef that I want a blizzard!
  7. No continuity from run to run....until it locks in on a rainy torch, then it won’t budge until it verifies even warmer. Story of the winter.
  8. Lock it in, 10-20 incher incoming the first week 88 is out of town. Would be 20-30 but ‘sun angle’
  9. Story of the season. Which model hasn’t struggled?
  10. Para needs a huge upgrade and we haven’t even switched over yet
  11. Bring on 70’s for a day or two, would be beautiful! The models are finally being honest and showing zilch, nada. Only took them 3 months to get a clue past day 6.
  12. Can you, or someone else who is more knowledgeable than I answer where the cold comes from on the EPS members? The OP euro didn’t seem to have much cold available if I’m looking at it properly, thanks.
  13. CMC hugs and rain, Euro south and out, GFS ignores all together. Pleeenty of time for models to continue disagreeing though. So far right on track for the season.
  14. Uch -ao/+nao= suppression city again. Gonna need some strong help this year to get 6+ inches to the metro it seems
  15. Would an even later phase with the PV result in a further south and east LP center resulting a shift in the wind direction to more snow/sleet and less rain?