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  1. Pings in Brooklyn, lmao more frozen at 44 at the end of April then at 37 in February
  2. He's unfortunately right. It's inevitable this year. The 'threat' for next week is slowly whittling to white rain or plain rain as well on the GFS.
  3. I'm assuming they've already laid 2 feet of salt in anticipation of next weekend's nu-GFS blizzard? Love tasting it on breezy days, almost as much as I love having unnecessary CT scans just for fun
  4. It keeps going and going lol.....never change nu-GPS
  5. That's snow right? What's that guys formula to get his 6-8? Take whatever it says and multiply by 4??? *facepalm*
  6. Understatement of the century right there. Thanks for the breakdown as always.
  7. GFS cold bias looks to strike again. No other model's support this as far as I can tell. CMC EURO
  8. Had the Euro shown anything even close to resembling this, I'd be on it as well. But it did not, so not even looking twice (.....until 18z of course)
  9. Don't waste negative energy concerned about other ppl's hopes. Personally I would want every single snowstorm to dump 2 feet, get the day off from work/school and play with the kids in it, and then 80's right before and after it. And my hoping for that obviously has 0 impact on whether it happens, so why worry about what ppl like Anthony and myself want? Needless divisiveness in a world already fractured with it. Lastly, a couple of days of 80's and sunshine would solve that mud problem fairly quickly
  10. There’s a new algorithm to convert gfs snow totals to real world numbers- take the total and divide by 0
  11. Last night's Euro @ the tail end, take it fwiw
  12. Petition to change thread title to : Mid to Long Range (Non-Existant) Threats
  13. Give me a monster blizzard followed beautiful Spring weather, yes please.
  14. 12Z has it too fwiw (very little). Not holding my breath.