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  1. Lol but the drastic temp swings seem more in the direction we’re heading. Yes on average the temp is going up, but 70 one week in Jan and then 20 the next is not a healthy recipe for tropical wildlife I would think
  2. Models have been trending drier recently it seems. Also look at the snow depth when available to help temper expectations as well.
  3. It’s turned Sunday from a cutter/hugger to the almost ideal track for now on most models. Hopefully the models have keyed in on tomorrow’s system properly at this point and we see no more SE shifts for Sunday’s system, but still a possibility of course
  4. Agree with you, though the UKIE I think is snow for the city as well
  5. Cuz it’s great maybe with predicting everything else but storm tracks lol? Like how many clouds will appear that day lol. I can’t figure it out either and I wonder the same thing, it’s been BM quite often this season only to cave as the event gets closer.
  6. Sure looks to be headed that way again based on seasonal and model trends
  7. 850 line is way too detailed. ‘Storm in vicinity with some snow potential’ is really all we can say this far out which is what snow88 was saying I think.
  8. PAC jet has been an absolute monster this winter. Against all logic though, I continue to hold out hope the pieces might still just fall into place.